you know you’re a mom when..


the other night when i was out at a fancy place..
desperately needing some lipstick and realizing i had forgotten mine at home.
i began digging in my bottomless, mary poppins bag. sure i’d find something that could work!
baby powder. crayons {that was a possibility}. candy wrappers. little drawings on church bulletins.
then, finally.. there in the furthest corner under piles of dirty kleenex and starbucks napkins-
a tiny bright blue tube of dora the explorer lip gloss! perfect.

so in the crowded bathroom of about half a dozen other women waiting or already primping in front of the mirror
i tried to act as nonchalant and natural about it as i could..
leaning in close and smearing the blueberry tasting stickiness on my lips.
the lady next to me, putting the lid back on her shiny gold tube of expensive looking fire engine red, looked over and laughed.

“you know you’re a mom when…”

and i laughed back.
oh, so true.


you know you’re a mom when lancome has been replaced with dora the explorer!
and when you have more kids stuff in your purse than grown up stuff.
or that time the training underwear fell out with your wallet in american eagle.
the young college age guy just looking up at you with this weird look

and you know you’re a mom when college age kids look like they’re only about 10.

when your coffee’s always cold {i have a cup next to me now!}
when you forget what sleep is.
and yoga pants replace designer jeans.

when buying new soccer cleats take precedent over touching up your dark roots.
and listening to new readers sound out endless chapters finds you humming holy holy holy over in your mind.
when you drive a mini van.
that you never seem to get out of.
and somehow it always smells like mcdonald’s fries.
and there’s sweet and sour sauce spilled and hardened on the floor, but no one knows how it happened. {hmmmm….}


you know you’re a mom when going to the grocery store alone is exciting to you.
when watching them take their foul shots at the basketball game makes your heart stop.
when you find yourself staring at them across the room wondering when they got so big.
when old pictures make you teary eyed.
and teenagers make you feel old.

when sleepless nights of pacing with a fussy baby turn to sleepless nights of praying for a wayward heart.
when you forgo a shower just to lay in bed and snuggle with them a bit longer.
when you hear someone in the store call out, “mom?” and you look around to answer.
when a baby makes your heart burst.
and a teenage son makes you crazy.

when you think that little one will never learn to walk.
and when you watch them walk into high school and wonder when exactly they did.

when the days can seem so long.
but suddenly, the years left are so short.
18 summers.
and here we are at 2 maybe 3 only left with the first ones.


when you feel so proud one minute.
so humbled the next.
when you carry their hurts as if they were your own.
when cleaning up throw up and poop no longer bothers you.
and you’re forever baffled by how in the world pee got THERE!!

when you sit at the dinner table just smiling as you listen.
when you watch them sleep at night.
when you see them struggling. know you can’t rescue.
when you realize there’s no such thing as a super mom –
only one great big super God.

yeah. you know you’re a mom when …
you forever have your heart walking around outside your body!
and it’s tragic and triumphant. and messy and magical. and sacred and spectacular.
and always – so very fiercely worthwhile!



this coming weekend is mother’s day –
so we’re going to make it all about mom’s this week on the blog!

i love moms.
love mine.
love being one.
love this community.
the comradery.

so join me in the celebration.

yay moms!!
yay YOU!!

happy monday, friends.



what would you add to the list.
you know you’re a mom when……
would love to hear.


p.s. stay tuned for a fun giveaway from the vintage chalk shop this week ~ gonna be good!!!

18 thoughts on “you know you’re a mom when..

  1. Jackie

    You look at your children raising their children and a smile as big as a mile spreads across your face!!!!!

  2. laura

    when you are in the tub and the kids yell in about something. anything. …when you use their spiderman soap in the tub. when you can’t use the bathroom with out someone being with you or a non-emergency meeting called.

  3. wilma

    when someone says they have a stomach ache and you ask if they pooped today! ;) I’m guilty of this..hehe

    or when you divide the sprinkles even on each cupcake so the kids can’t fight over who got more! truth be told :)

  4. Lori-Anne

    you know you are a mom when you cheer the loudest and jump up and down hooting and hollering with the first goal of the ‘career’ of your son ! who cares if he is embarrassed. I was SO proud\

  5. Shannon

    when you can discuss poopy diapers while eating! when you sweep up 1000 crumbs from under the table every night. when you go on a date and all you talk about are the kids. when they were naughty all day but you stand and just watch them sleep because they look so sweet. when there are days that you just want to run away but you know you may as well not because you would just come back to them!

  6. aleassa

    When reading a post about moms makes you cry.

    When you say things like “Take that dirty shoestring out of your mouth!” and “No! We don’t play with Sissy’s toothbrush in the toilet!”

    When all you want for Mother’s Day is a few days of solitary confinement!
    (But you know you’d miss your kids’ too much anyway, especially since they’re sooo excited to give you the little cards and gifts they’ve made and hidden for you.)

  7. chambray7

    I found myself agreeing over and over with your list, guess that means I’m a mom?? :) You know you’re a mom when you have to hide your stash of chocolate.

  8. Clarita - Skies of Parchment

    This is THE best post. Big old lump in my chest!
    Sometimes thing mommy thing strings me out and I feel like I’m hanging by a thread. Other times I feel so blessed to be a mommy to three little kids that I feel like I’m walking on air! I love this community and friendship here ~ this supporting each other through tears and triumphs! I’m excited about the rest of this week on your blog. :)

    I know I’m a mom when… my kids look like angels while they’re sleeping, even after a really hard day, and I’m still so glad they’re mine.


  9. LifeNotes

    you know you are a mom, when everything you just said makes perfect sense!! :) Great post! I just scrolled over your blog looking at all the pictures. They are so cheerful and soft, you have a amazing gift Amber, not only in sharing with words, but capturing beauty with your eyes and then sharing them with us….in pictures. ~di

  10. Shanda

    You know you’re a mom when you spend the majority of your evenings driving back and forth to school and sporting events!! LOL

  11. anonymous

    You know you’re a mom when you still cry everyday, even though it was a year ago that your daughter angrily walked out on the family..

  12. shellynissley

    Laughing and crying over here in my corner . . . because it’s all so true. Love, love these posts you’re doing. Oh, and the part about 18 summers and then they’re gone (give or take a few) . . . I think I should remember that in my most frustrating moments!! What a short time we have to love and influence them in this way (although hopefully there will be plenty adult years ahead as well!!) Thanks for your words.

  13. downonthefarm2Cindy

    i have a lump in my throat… this is so truly beautiful. i understood every word. :) i was wondering as i was addressing graduation announcements today how i got HeRe so fast.i CanNoT believe it. nine to nineteen and i am still startled by it all.

    now to answer your question, “you know you’re a mom…”
    when you say thankyouJesus and pleasehelpmeJesus in the same sentence on a regular basis.

  14. Tina Miller

    when you drive to the auto parts store and then the dealership WITHOUT your husband so that your 16 year-old can replace the back light he busted on the van with a soccer ball before Dad gets home; when the next errands on the agenda after that stop are the party store to buy plates and napkins for your daughter’s wedding.


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