Wednesday September 17, 2008

hello Ike ~ !

we heard that we could be feeling some of the effects of Ike up our way…

Sunday morning i noticed it seemed unusually gusty…



by afternoon those gusts had turned into 80 miles an hour winds in some parts around here.

we lost our power early Sunday – and still… have none!

(i think this tree hanging on one of the power lines in front of our house has something to do w/ our lack of power)

i came in to our church today, about 35 minutes away, to do some work and jumped on here to stick up a quick post…

life without power is… um… surprisingly relaxing! :) and very. very quiet.

i’m amazed at JUST.HOW.QUIET.

didn’t realize how many of our modern conveniences were so noisy – – also, didn’t realize how many clocks i have in my house – – as i can now hear every single one ticking!!!! :)

been up earlier than normal in the mornings since the kids are waking up exceptionally early… you hear EVERYthing!! (besides just the clocks ticking!) 

yesterday morning emma was on the patio, when all of a sudden i heard her holler, “tum here, mommy. hurry. tum twick!!!”

i went out to see what the commotion was about…. she was sitting on her bike with her legs up on the handlebars. “det it!! det it!”

“what baby…?”

“dere’s a wong fadder!!!” (which interpreted is Long Father! which means.. a daddy long legs spider!)

here’s the Long Father!

i asked if she wanted to go on a walk with me to find more Long Fathers…. :) it was still early, and the fog had not yet lifted…

we didn’t find anymore spiders, but lots of spiders webs.

and just some other pretties around the yard…

we’ve tried to keep some structure going… the kids school is on- line, so that knocks that out! which they haven’t complained too much! :)  

i’m grateful my parents were in the 10% of those who still have power! mom has been great about letting us come for dinner (insisting we come, more like it!) letting us shower/ bathe. do laundry… and just hang out! :)

it’s great to have a grill to cook on – – though breakfast hasn’t worked that well.

YES.. i burnt the bacon. and the eggs pretty much evaporated because the heat was up too high! : / the only restaurants open by us for days were McDonald’s and Arby’s… just typing those names makes me feel sick! even the healthy food you get from those places looks like it’s been run over by a truck or some other something that i probably don’t even want to know about !!

the first few days were especially eerie… you could feel the panic in people! stations were running out of gas. ice. batteries. flashlights. generators were sold within hours on Sunday… and no one seemed to know the proper procedure for going through an intersection where the traffic lights were off~! : /

shayne and i were saying how that so much is about what you’re used to… and when it’s gone we often don’t really know how to function! now.. after days – – you see people learning to cope! the power is back on in most of the city. and for those of us still without (probably till the weekend or so they’re saying) well… we’ll just keep learning to cope MORE!! :)

still, when i think of what some further south are coping with because of the devastation of Ike – – what we are going through is NOTHING!

yesterday as the kids and i were cleaning up the yard together, everyone was a little hot.tired. and grumpy! we stopped at one point to pray… each of us taking turns.

kate said, “Jesus – i think about the people who lost their homes and everything they had. thank you that we have a yard to clean up, and a home to sleep in!”

yes. life is perspective! it’s not about what you DON’T have – but what you DO!!

we’ve been MORE THAN blessed…

all week as a family we keep talking about just how incredibly awesome God is! witnessing the fierceness of the storm that came through…. the huge mighty tress that split like toothpicks. the electric lines down within inches of our home…. we can’t help but to .stop. and just stand in awe at the POWER of the God we serve ~ the Master of the wind. the rain. and the storms! yet, this same God holds us ever so tenderly in the palm of HIS hand.. and NOTHING can come near or harm us without His permission!!!

.wow. just…. so WOW!!!!! :)

I will lift my eyes to the Maker
Of the mountains I can’t climb
I will lift my eyes to the Calmer
Of the oceans raging wild
I will lift my eyes to the Healer
Of the hurt I hold inside
I will lift my eyes, lift my eyes to You

God, my God, let Mercy sing
Her melody over me
God, right here all I bring
Is all of me

Cause You are and You were and You will be forever
The Lover I need to save me
Cause You fashioned the earth and You hold it together, God
So hold me now

I will lift my eyes to the Maker
Of the mountains I can’t climb
I will lift my eyes to the Calmer
Of the oceans raging wild
I will lift my eyes to the Healer
Of the hurt I hold inside
I will lift my eyes, lift my eyes to You

time to head back out to the frontier…. :) gotta catch dinner and get it on before my man comes home from his long day of work!

look forward to life returning to normal (hopefully) soon, and catching up on what’s happening in your corner of the world!

until then,


30 thoughts on “Wednesday September 17, 2008

  1. angiearmour

    Oh goodness, this post brings back memories of Hurricane Katrina for me – our family was without power for nearly three weeks! Fortunately, we had two neighbors with wells; one had a shower connected to his, and that is how everyone in the neighborhood bathed! My parents’ yard used to be filled with beautiful old oaks and pines everywhere, and right before our eyes, as we watched out the window, the trees snapped like toothpicks – most of them uprooted – one by one and left most of the yard bare. It was very, very hot and humid during those weeks without power, and we as a family all camped out at night in the coolest part of the house – the basement.

    But as Kate said, at least we HAD a house still standing!

    Hoping your power is on again soon! Praying for your family ~<3

  2. redladybug18

    wow still without power?! that’s gotta be hard! Funny I live right in Texas and didn’t have any damage and yet you live so far away and still have your electricity off. I think it does make us more grateful for all the perks of life though!
    That last picture of Emma is adorable. It looks like she’s worried but still willing to look up to God to have Him take care of her.
    Happy Wed. to you and I hope you get power soon!

  3. cricket79

    I love those pictures of your little girl! Your post brought back memories of Katrina for me, we were only out of power for three days but I thought it was horrible since it was so hot and humid but I liked the way your daughter prayed, thanking God for a house to sleep in, such a good reminder to always be thankful for what we do have.

  4. ABAHM

    Oh, blessings to you! So glad in perspective everything is alright.  Hard to go without electicity…yet I know some of our boys favorite times were those that it temporarily went off and we had lanterns and candlelight…like camping.  We have a shadow puppet table top theater that would come out then   Love the pictures and your daughters prayer.  So good to remember to be thankful.  Jenny

  5. grammyham

    Awww. If you lived closer I’d loan you our camp stove! You can cook a mean breakfast on it! At least my honey sure can! (o; Hope you’re back “on line” and up and running soon! In the meantime, your attitude about it is very admirable! Hope you didn’t lose too much in the fridge. )o; Hugs and prayers. ch

  6. peggywells

    what’s weird is that we are only 4 hours from the coast and we got nothing! we had fabulous weather the day Ike was passing through Texas. hope you’re back to normal soon!

  7. kellsabells

    Oh, I just love the song you wrote out…. it’s one of my all time favs right now!

    What an adventure you’re in these days…. it’s exactly the stuff amazing family memories are made of – so have fun making some good ones!

  8. Elegantimages

    Great photos of the kids. Spider always give me the willy’s. I do miss seeing those kind of webs even though i don’t like them. We don’t get those kind of webs out here in CO.

  9. chambray7

    The things we take for granted, until we have to do without.  What a nice way to look at it, Kate.

    Funny, i was thinking about the same thing as peggywells.  we live about 4 hours from the coast too, and really didn’t see much of Ike…amazing that it was still that strong by the time it got up your way.  

  10. maryhurlbut

    because of Xanga, my heart and prayers have bben with the many people I know in Texas this past week!
    I haddn’t realized you were in Ike’s path too. Texas may be a big state but I sure know a lot of people now who live in the south east part!
    I’m so glad to hear your family and home is safe.
    As for online schooling, that will come back soon enough, right now your children are getting a real life education.

  11. goddreamer

    saying prayers of protection around you all as you feel the affects of Ike. love your perspectives…YES…praising God that you still have a house and eachother. (loved Kate’s prayer)  love and hugs…jen  p.s. emma is too cute…”long father”…oh the things kids say…i LOVE it!!

  12. Mommaof6

    Your pictures of Emma are so precious ( I always think she looks just like you when I first met your family).  You need to write down all her cute sayings… day, she will learn the correct way and you will really miss all her cute little sayings.    Our Tom (now 18)  and our “baby” use to say “wolf-es” when refering to the wolves in the woods~ when he would here them make their howling sound…. I told all the other kids they were not allowed to correct him~~ever!  “Those wolf-es are scaring me mommy!”  I loved it!                                                                                                Have fun enjoying the solitude of a less convenient time….makes you wonder if the trade was/is worth it!  We were without power for 10 days once during a bad blizzard in S.E. Ohio years ago when the kids were small, I thought it would be just fine, cooking on the heating stove/grill, and using the candles saved for such times~  I had at least 20 oil lamps that I could finally justify having!  By day 4 I was realizing that my Amish friends could do it and I just didn’t have what it took!  I was sooooo grateful when the power finally came back on!  Makes for GREAT memories though!  Hope it comes back on soon for you.  We didn’t lose power here either.  Sounds like your mom to be so helpful, truly a blessing of living close by…….                  Blessings to your sweet family! Mrs. B…

  13. qix_nurse5

    Hi Amber – what an adventure! My sister lives in Ohio and she lost her power Sunday evening but I don’t think it was off very long or at least not for days. Btw what part of Ohio do you live in? Amen on life being perspective, its not about what we don’t have but what we do with what we have. I can relate to the hurricane thing only mine is in my heart! :) But my God is bigger and He is faithful! I pray that your life will be back to normal soon! Blessings ranee

  14. Anonymous

    Oh, bless your dear hearts! Being without power with small children can be a challenge. I laughed about the bacon and eggs on the grill! Good for you for trying. Just savor the time for not having to cook. Emma and the Long Father had me laughing too. I love all the pictures of her. What a precious doll! The spider’s web and nature shots are wonderful. Glad you all are safe. Praying for your power to return soon. HUGS.

  15. jfhos4

    So glad ya’ll are ok. as cricket79 said it does bring back memories of katrina. we are blessed beyond what we deserve. Kates prayer puts it all into perspective! From the mouth of babe’s!

  16. Anonymous

    omg *gosh* so glad ya’ll are okay!! those kind of things are so scary. katrina knocked our power out for like a week and a half. not fun times! love how you document everything. you’d make a good journalist! hope that very soon you’ll see the LIGHT! lol. sorry, couldn’t resist! thinking of you. ttfn. <><

  17. Anonymous

    We’re in Indiana and we got what looks to be the same thing! Lots of trees and power lines down. No electricity. And no school!!! I think it’s all rather fun! As your daughter said, Life IS perspective. Make the most of it!

    I love looking at your pictures.

  18. Momcurry

    There are tons of Ike refugees in town here, but we didn’t get much…more on the “back side” of it..when it turned North it spun a lot of cooler northern air our way…it was extremely HOT and windy the day it washing ashore a few hours from here.  Then about a day and a half later we got some MUCH NEEDED RAIN!!  Maybe an inch or two is all.  Had some evacuees from Victoria but they only got wind, too; not much damage right there.  Our “neighbors” who live about an hour inland still didn’t have power yesterday and some friends from Galveston are still stuck out…can’t imagine the MUCK after our floods in 98 and 02…YUCKY!! 

    Happy Camping!  (what an adventure!)  :D  Bless you!

  19. Anonymous

    i cant hardley make it a day without power!!!! glad nothing came this way. ha-ha. god knows what we can handle, right. hope your not without it too long. awesome pics. your little girl is to cute!


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