{reese turns 2}





it’s a rainy day here in the north. and the clouds are low and thick.
it would probably seem more dreary out were it not for the bright patch work quilt of colored trees spattered everywhere~
i can see them lining the field behind our house. all yellows and oranges and reds.
they seem lit from within and stand out especially bold against the grey october sky.

my pumpkin pie candle is burning in the kitchen..
and a comfy sweater all wrapped around me while i sit with my feet tucked up under me on the couch.
the house is finally quiet. with only the hum of the dryer turning in the background. little bits now asleep.
i keep looking out my window from where i sit watching these two squirrels~
they’re darting all over the place. busy collecting nuts it seems.
i’m sure they must be females. i can just tell by their frantic running about.
as females we kinda do that don’t we? race about trying to get everything done.

i told myself i was going to sit down and write this post when i first got home this morning after taking emma to school.
but. then it was going to be after i unloaded the dishwasher. then after i took the garbage out.
then. after i just put another load in the washer. folded the ones in the dryer.
cleaned out the sink. windexed the glass vase thingy’s on my kitchen table. organized the kids toys in the basement…!!
ha. every room i walk in seems to scream something at me to do.
i think it’s better to do than to sit. but it’s also needed, every now and then, to stop doing and just sit.
or, instead of being like the squirrels out there collecting their nuts. we become the nuts! ;)

but i wanted to take a little time to record about our sweet reesey turning two!


hard to believe that two years have passed so quickly.
and then again. there are days i feel they can’t pass soon enough.

when i look at my oldest though, who turns 15 next week, i tell myself, oh, they will!
and that helps me slow down a bit more. to grab a book to read to her instead of thinking that one more thing must be cleaned!

to say, i love you. and more often. to give more kisses. and longer hugs.
to not get too uptight over not being as free to run and do all the things mommy’s who don’t have little ones still at home can do.
to not lose my temper over things that don’t deserve draining my energy..
like finding her just a bit ago, before nap time, sitting on the floor in the hall, sticking her finger into her dirty diaper and wiping it all over the carpet!
and yes! one more thing to do before i could sit and write my blog post. ;)

but. sitting days will come.
and the day when she’ll poop in a real toilet. and wipe her own bum.
these tired legs from chasing younger, faster ones will one day move alot slower.
and then. then i’ll sit and write blog after blog about missing these days. when those days finally come.
but missing them. and missing out on them are two different things. and i want to not live wishing them away..
only to realize when it’s too late, i never really lived them!


our reese is by far the most strong willed of the kids.
though.. actually, i probably said that about each of them at one point.
but she’s certainly the most independent.
never met a stranger. loves saying hi to everyone. will pretty much go to anyone.
she likes to high five. and give big hugs.
she likes taking walks and holding books upside down while she pretends to read.
she calls benny, “buddy”. and her most favorite thing to eat is any kind of fruit.

when i put her to bed she holds up her little hand and says, “pay, mommy.”
and at the end always smiles with a, “men.”

and each time, how my heart echoes another prayer, that she’ll come to know the God we’re praying to. ~


the day of her birthday i put on my facebook~
thinking today about another day, when i laid on a table in a doctor’s office and was told my little baby was gone!
BUT GOD had another story.. and today that precious life turns TWO!! happy birthday Reesey~ ♥

and most of you know that story. if you don’t you can read about it here.
and it seems i’m always saying the same thing each year on her birthday..
though i think about it much more often than just that.
but, to me, it’s more than just part of her life. it IS her life. but God had another story…

and it’s my heart cry for her, that this will always be her theme.

that no matter what may ever happen. when things seem darkest and without hope.
when she is hurting and misunderstood. when she doesn’t understand herself.
when she doubts all she was raised to believe. when she doubts His love.
when those days come when it’s hard just to put one foot in front of the other.
when the endings might not go as she had planned. or thought they would.
when maybe, babies do die. and marriages break apart. when people disappoint. and jobs are lost.
when money is tight and everything crumbling…

in it all. may she always know, “but God had another story.”

and may she cling to Him. and find the richness of His mercy. the rest of His Sovereignty.
and the confidence that everything that touches the pages of our lives, are written in His love.

and i just feel compelled to whisper out that encouragement to you as well, there on the other side of this computer screen.
with whatever you’re facing right now remember the, “but God” part. :)

Never underestimate my Jesus.

You’re telling me that there’s no hope, I’m telling you you’re wrong.
Never underestimate my Jesus.
When the world around you crumbles, He will be strong, He will be strong!” -summer fitter

happy, happy birthday to our dear Megan Reese!
two years of teaching me more of His faithfulness~
love you so much.



24 thoughts on “{reese turns 2}

  1. Bumblypick

    Never underestimate my Jesus!  That’s what I’m talking about! :) Wonderful post about life, real, beauty and embracing the moments we have….my house is quiet now and so hard to believe that season is over….thank you for your beautiful reflections…..and pictures….and the light that shines so brightly in your life.

  2. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    I remember this from years ago. And I remember praying for you guys. We don’t always get to see or know about the results of things we pray for but I’m so happy and blessed to see that God did indeed answer prayers, and had HIS own story to tell through your sweet Reese.

    Also, I can’t wait to trade weekends with you babysitting our grandchildren. ;) Just an FYI, I’ll be making them pancakes.

  3. chambray7

    amen and amen!  p.s. when you finally have that extra time to sit a little more, you need to compile a devotional book with all your good writtings! ;)

  4. brokenmiracle

    i just read the story on your old blog…wow!!! i can’t imagine the joy that must have flooded your heart that day…what an awesome God we serve :) happy 2nd bday beautiful reese!

  5. oldfatgramma

    I too just read the story on your old blog…..our God is an awesome God.  Another beautiful blonde girl turns 2……..I had 2 grands turn 2 this week, both beautiful blonde girls as well.  Happy Birhday, Reese!

  6. inanorchard

    As always my friend, the photos are just perfect! So lovely! But how could they not be since they are of Reese. What dolly she is :) I always forget that her first name is Megan… she just seems like a Reece to me. You know, funny, sweet but spirited. Your such a good mamma Amber, you are certainly cherishing these young years.

    PS~ I so identify with the busy, always moving thing :) I think the biggest thing that keeps me from putting up a new blog is the whole “I’ll just do one more thing” syndrome!

  7. DawneElla

    Happy Birthday to your precious Megan Reese. I remember praying for her to come in to being…and here she is! That still amazes me and keeps in me awe of God’s goodness. The world just wouldn’t be the same without her!

  8. betheelou

    Happy Birthday to a sweet girl!

    Isaiah 55:8-9 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”

  9. Cluesy

    Happy Happy Birthday to your beautiful baby Reese! Can’t believe its been 2 years already.
    Such a beautiful story and what a miracle girl! Adorable adorable pictures of her!
    You can definitely see her adventurous spirit in the pics! Such a cutie!

  10. ABAHM

    Again, Happy Birthday to beautiful Reese. I have a feeling of being a part of her life, praying along with you So precious, and wise to savor these years. Glowing lovely photos of that sweet face.

  11. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    two years old?! seems like you had her just yesterday Amber! she’s such a beautiful little child. and, you, such an inspiring mother. i love your heart for His ways.
    the pictures are all so awesome; did you get a new camera?! and, if so, what?!
    what you say about doing ‘one more thing’ and then i’ll post..yes, story of my life. it’s naptime here for the kiddos and that’s when i often take the time to hop on here, but even now, there are 5 million things staring me in the face that need done. sigh. a mother’s work is truly never done!
    happy thursday, and almost the weekend!

  12. clearlyhis

    awe, how did I miss this post? I just found it this morning and have to say “happy birthday” to your little miracle Reese!! Amber, she’s a doll! I love your thoughts on treasuring these days of “stay at home mom”! I’m seeing how fast it’s going and am trying hard to grab the opportunities that I see to read, play, hug, sing, kiss and look into the big beautiful pools of 4 sets of eyes we have running around here…our 4 little miracles!

  13. thebaybunch

    Always a joy to be here….I feel as though I immersed myself in a visit with you and traces of pumpkin pie scent are lingering in my mind after this post. Love and hugs to you dear one.

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