Wednesday November 17, 2010

{Megan Reese~ the first month}

Reese times~ 206Reese times~ 384

I thought since baby girl was nearly TWO months old now, which I can hardly believe, I should share her FIRST month… :)

I never meant to wait this long, it just sorta happened.

But I did and DO want to tell you some about her debut, and show a few of the pictures from those first precious days and weeks~

I really feel that so many of you were instrumental in praying me through those times in the beginning when it looked like she wasn’t going to make it. I don’t say it often enough but I am truly grateful for the group of sweet Christian women God has surrounded me with through this blog. Who would have thought that something like a BLOG for crying out loud would afford such encouragement and inspiration.

I think I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – I have no ulterior motive to be some kind of famous blogger woman here. I don’t blog for anyone else, or with anyone else in mind. I blog for me. And I keep doing it for two reasons, and two reasons only – because I like writing and because I like you! :)

And for those thinking there’s more to it than that … well, knock yourself out trying to be the Holy Spirit and discern my motives.
When you grow tired of that I’ll give ya some other suggestions on how better you could spend your time. ;) 
{And yes there’s a reason i said that, but i’m not going to go into it today}

I’m sitting here feeding Reese her bottle and she just now totally blew out her pants!
Which was perfect timing to coincide with that last point, don’t ya think? hee hee. 

Let me go take care of little miss farty pants and I’ll be back…

okay. all better. :)

I must say I’ve gotten pretty quick at this diaper changing stuff, cause this girl sure goes often enough!
It’s funny to us because in the first week she wasn’t going, and the Pediatrician wanted to hospitalize her until she went..
so we started praying and now…  now it’s like it won’t stop. :)

 Shayne and I have laughed about God having a great sense of humor~

“You want poop? I’ll give ya some poop!” 


So far, the cost of diapers is the only thing I have to “complain” about with her though…
She has been a little dream of a baby. In more ways than one, and we’re all still so smitten.

Megan Reese came into the world very much as her personality seems it’ll be…
calm.laid back.a restful sort of soul.

It was my easiest, quickest delivery to date.
September 20, 2010.
I had a midwives appointment that morning, and after checking me she said she could break my water and get things moving, if I wanted…

And yes. I wanted! :)

So we scooted on across the street to the hospital.

hospital visit~ 027

hospital visit~ 024

I had to be hooked up to an iv for the first few hours because of StrepB they found early in my pregnancy,
but once that was complete, my water was broke, and things moved fast….
starting around 6:15, and having sweet baby girl in my arms by 7:09.

All 7 pounds, 8 ounces, and 21 inches of her.

And let me just say that I lovelove my midwives!
Having the first two with doctors and the last two with midwives –
I’d choose midwives any day!!
So much of a better experience.
Atleast in my experience. :)

hospital visit~ 028hospital visit~ 037hospital visit~ 055

Reese Baby~ 016

hospital visit~ 166

Of course that first night was rough… that’s when they discovered my heart jumping around and I kept feeling I was going to pass out. So I wasn’t confident taking care of Reese. I was so afraid of dropping her. Shayne was such a rock for me! Staying with me at the hospital that night.. getting up all hours taking care of the baby and checking on me…

I still chuckle to myself picturing him sleeping on the green chair in the corner of the room – one of those kinds that opens up into a bed of sorts. But we didn’t realize that there was an extra cushion you attached to make it longer! So Shayne’s legs were hanging off the end, and he just looked so awkward and uncomfortable. The next day when I mentioned it to the nurse she told us about the extra piece we’d been missing and said,

“I saw him in the night and thought he must be a really tall guy for his legs to hang over like that.”

Which of course, he’s not. :)

I had to stay in the hospital a day and a half longer because of my heart and all the tests they were running.
I hated that! I started feeling very much the same way I felt trying to get over the border last week,

“I’m an American citizen.. you can’t keep me here!!” ;)

hospital visit~ 129Reese Baby~ 043Reese Baby~ 011Reese Baby~ 051

Reese Baby~ 022hospital visit~ 072Reese Baby~ 063hospital visit~ 074

hospital visit~ 152s217121379pumpkin farm 238Reese times~ 078

grams & gramps visit 035

In those first weeks that followed I just did a lot of holding and staring.

I knew of the change that was coming and felt in many ways that the arrival of Reese was the calm before the storm~ somehow in looking into her tiny face I found peace and courage. My heart was roused by her LIFE, remembering that God was a God that could be trusted and depended on. And that I could REST in the reality that was evident in my arms that He makes no mistakes, and gives beauty for ashes.

Oh, the pain that the ashes of loss and disappointment and dreams unrealized can bring.
But the beauty! The beauty of surrender to His will and His timing far outweighs it.

And though you never forget the ashes, the beauty on the other side tips the scale with such a joy and contentment..
The type of joy and contentment you couldn’t possibly conjure up on your own.
It’s the kind of beauty only God can bring about…  

morning 003

morning 021morning 031

morning 024

Picking a name was the same it’s been picking a name for all our children – difficult.
It’s one of the few things Shayne and I just don’t share the same taste in.
And for being so nonchalant about most of life, when it comes to naming our babies, whoa doggy.. Shayne has an opinion! ;)
I made up my usual list of favorites and he made his usual x through most of them.

I started getting frustrated and wanted us both to agree, and not merely one of us giving in to the other… which had happened in the past. ;) Which is why Kate’s birth certificate says Kathleen Alysia, and not Elizabeth. So one night after talking about it we decided to simply let it be. We would both pray individually and see what God gave.

And we literally just stopped talking about it.
Every now and then we’d look at each other with a, “we better decide this…”
But finally, in the end, it was pretty cool that God ended up giving us both the same name.
Now deciding on the spelling of Megan was a different story..
thankfully, we were able to settle it without months of prayer. :) 

Megan means – child of light. Which so spoke to me because the weekend they told us she was dead was such a dark time spiritually in my life. Not understanding why God would give us another baby only to take it away… yet, even among the questions and doubt to see God’s truth illuminate that darkness!

Reese means – one with an enthusiasm for life!! Which is my favorite meaning of any name, ever! And I felt that enthusiasm from her.. I really did. Even while in my womb, and especially now. You can tell, here is a little soul that loves LIFE! At times when I look at her and she smiles and squeals I swear it’s as if she knows her life is a gift and she’s just waiting for the day she can yell at the top of her lungs –

“I’m so glad I’m here!!” :)

Thank you Jesus. 

oneweek 92010

Reese times~ 277

Reese times~ 443Reese times~ 402Reese times~ 377

Reese times~ 459

Reese 3wks~ 213

Reese 3wks~ 098Reese 3wks~ 064

reese wk.4 047-mirrorreese wk.4 053

                     Reese 3wks~ 260  


¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥ amber

49 thoughts on “Wednesday November 17, 2010

  1. SpazzyMommy

    She is adorable!!! I love it when people pick names because of the meaning of the name. What a fitting name for her and you!!! :) She’s adorable. I know I already said that- but I really, really mean it. :)

  2. CurrySparks

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first black and white picture of you and her together.  Took my breath away.  She is such a beautiful baby (but who expected less with parents that look like you two).  Hope you are doing well my friend.

  3. Mymom1

    Thanks for sharing. . . thanks for the photos. . . still all missing you like crazy :( My sadest moment was the first  Sunday when Gracie said. . “Nana will you help me find someone to play with because Emma is gone now. . . .simply broke my heart)

  4. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    loved hearing this story…each child is such a miracle, and it’s especially neat to hear more on her because i feel like (even tho’ i’ve never met her) i’ve ‘known’ her for so long because of how you have let us be a part of your journey and her journey here….such an awesome gift she is to you all, and what great things God must have in store for her!!
    name meanings are HUGE to me…love her name(s)!!
    i so know why you blog…and i so love you for it!!! =)
    happy wednesday!

  5. DawneElla

    The pictures are beautiful…now that I’m getting older I so wish I had more pictures with me in them when the kids were younger…of course we didn’t have the digital camera’s back then (in the old days) and when I see these beautiful pictures of you in the prime of your life with your kids…I think what a treasure they are!

    Little Megan Reese is so much a light in the darkness and following you through this passage and having the priveledge to pray and watch in amazement and awe at what God has done has helped renew an enthusiasm for life in me!

    As for the party poopers who seem to find it necessary to judge your reasons for blogging I send out a big fat raspberry. I don’t get what the motivation for being critical is. Blogging is what it is…an online journal and I am so glad you do it!

    I hope you’re starting to settle in a bit…you’ve had so much happen in such a short period of time that it’s no wonder this post is a little after the fact…as far as I’m concerned you are doing incredible!

    Love Dawne

  6. mamaof3bugs

    Your photos are just gorgeous!!! I wish I had your photography talents!!! Your baby is perfect too! What a blessing!!

    I have to say, I LOVED this quote you said
    “And for those thinking there’s more to it than that … well, knock yourself out trying to be the Holy Spirit and discern my motives.
    When you grow tired of that I’ll give ya some other suggestions on how better you could spend your time. ;)
    {And yes there’s a reason i said that, but i’m not going to go into it today}”

    I am sure there is more to that story, but I love that you blog for YOU and I hate it women (and it’s always a woman…ugh) judge/criticize/etc etc, on each other’s blogs!

  7. lifeisadance

    Oh, I LOVED hearing Reece’s birth story! And my mouth almost hung to the floor when I saw you looking so gorgeous in that hospital picture mere minutes before labor started! LOVE the pictures of you and the baby together, black and white… And I can identify with the choosing of names. With our two children, we’ve gone down to the last few weeks deciding a name. Good thing I always went late, I’d say, or the child might have been born nameless. :) We both have very different tastes in names as well, but it’s been really neat how we’ve come to a place of complete agreement with each set of names… Love hearing your story about that!

    And I’m glad you blog. For you. For us. That you receive your identity enough from God that you don’t stop when someone who is jealous/insecure criticizes you or misunderstands you. That is one of the hardest things I’ve ever dealt with in blogging and in life. Other Christians that deliberately hurt each other. It nearly knocked me off my feet. Pretty much did for a while, actually. Taught me so much more about identity and security, which were really good lessons to learn, but very hard ways to learn them… All that to say, I’m glad you blog. :) And I do hope you keep on.

    You are a truly beautiful women! On the outside, yes, but inside as well… ♥

  8. lifeisadance

    Oh dear, my comment somehow got deleted… I’ll try again…

    I LOVED hearing about Reese’s birth! That is quite the amazing labor story. Seriously, what a gift from God!! And my mouth nearly hung to the floor when I saw the pictures of you entering the hospital mere minutes before labor beginning. Okay, just HOW are you so gorgeous at all moments? :)) No really, I just LIKE seeing a radiant pregnant women, because so many of them spend most of their 10 months complaining about how difficult it is. And yes, carrying a child for that long IS hard work, I’ll give that to any expectant mother. But they’re carrying a treasure. And if only they could remember that and be grateful, they would be so much happier-looking and attractive! So, cheers to making pregnancy look amazing – up to the very end! :))

    And I could identify with the name crisis… It was the same way for us – very very different tastes in names! I always said it was a good thing I went WAY late with both of the girls, or else they might have been born nameless. :) But it was really neat how God brought us both to a place of agreement and excitement about both of the names we chose, without one or the other of us feeling like we were neglected. :) BEAUTIFUL meaning of Reese’s name! Meanings are such a big deal to me, the main reason we’ve chosen our girls’ names.

    And I’m glad you blog. For you. For us. That you are secure in God even when other people deliberately criticize out of insecurity/jealousy, or out of misunderstanding. That is one of the most painful things I’ve ever faced – that Christians deliberately hurt other Christians. I expect non-Christians to be critical, not understanding, etc, but Christians? Very hurtful… It knocked me out of commission for a while, truly. One of the best lessons I’ve ever learned about security and identity, but also one of the most painful…

    You are a beautiful woman. Physically, yes but inside as well… ♥


  9. bakersdozen2

    Wow! I just love the black and whites of you two! She is a little wonder.
    I think i mentioned this to you before but your kids really look so much like my nieces and nephews (on Jeff’s side) especially little Megan Reese and Katie.

    As far as blogging motives go, I’m just happy that you do blog. It makes Canada seem a whole lot closer. :)

  10. ABAHM

    This is such a special post. So wonderful to be drawn in and get to experience Megan and learn about her birth. I love all the sweet family pics holding her…meeting her. So glad you have her. I know she will be a blessing!! Precious pics of her looking all sweet and new, and love the ones of the two of you.

  11. fruitloops115

    i have to echo what Clarita said, i thought the same thing when I saw you all chipper in front of the hospital sign. You do not look ready to give birth at all. SO gorgeous and sparky! And as a victim of a 30+ hr labor+c-section, any labor story such as yours just makes me a little more then envious. Okay. Very envious.
    Anyway, thx for sharing a few of the gory details. We all love hearing them, i think.
    Reese is just so beautiful… are not making this baby itch go away here. There’s something so sweet about new little girls! I want another

    one more thing. Great hospital shots. They are so crispy and perfect, and capture your family’s love for that little baby.

  12. mlt10202002

    did you REALLY both pray about her name and come up with the same one? i know you and i completely believe you…but i guess i am such a skeptic i would not even think of doing that.or hoping for such amazing results! this story planted a mustard seed of faith in my soul.
    she is beautiful. beautiful.beautiful.

  13. grace_to_be

    @mlt10202002 – 

    haha. i hear ya, lisa. well we had talked about the options, remember.. so it’s not like we were starting with a blank. i think this was one he had put an x through, so i was surprised when it was the one he went with. =)

    but seriously, this pregnancy did more to deepen my belief in prayer. God really CAN bring life when others say there isn’t and He really CAN bring unity on a decision b’tween a couple when it seems there’s none to be had~

  14. Elizabethmarie_1

    Oh how PRECIOUS she is! She is just adorable. Thank you for sharing her cute little pictures with us.
    You Amber, are gorgeous! Right before, and right after the delivery you look like the same pretty Amber!
    I love hearing baby stories, so I’m so glad you shared it with us. =)

  15. pettybunch

    I feel just like Jenny (ABAHM) said:  “So wonderful to be drawn in and get to experience Megan and learn about her birth.”  I feel privilaged to be a part!  Reese’s birth also increased my faith as I prayed with others that the Lord would have mercy!

    Your photos are beautiful.  She is so beautiful (as is her Mama!)

  16. DanishDoll

    Thanks for sharing more about the arrival of your sweet babe. She is so precious. I also had to read down to the post before that one. What good advice! Kinda reminds me of the verse that says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

  17. Byers7

    Beautiful post…of a beautiful family! I think that I started reading your blog around the time that you were first pregnant with Reese. So, of course, I feel
    like i already know her! Loved seeing the pictures of the precious “miracle” that the Lord gave to you!! Isn’t God Awesome?!! Hope you are getting all
    settled. Praying that you will have a special time of Thanksgiving in your new home!

  18. kaylouann

    Staring and holding those first few weeks away… been there done that!!! :) The wonder of a newborn. Speaking of staring, I could stare at these pictures for hours! They’re beautiful, Amber! All of them. But the one that made me gasp out loud is the first b&w one of you and Reese. Oh my, you are absolutely gorgeous on there! I did not know that Megan means child of light! I like that! I love your photo shoots of Reese… cuteness!

  19. redladybug18

    Loved reading the whole story and love the names and their meanings. Just one thing, when she’s in the terrible twos and the baby powder or whatever is spilled for the 100th time…..-she’s having fun and has enthusiasm for life :P

  20. JsSteph7

    I could just look at those pictures all day, they are all so beautiful. : ) Reese is such a beautiful baby! Thanks for sharing her story with us. Once your a mom you never get tired of hearing or sharing it. ; )

    I am glad you share your heart with us without worrying what others think. I’m sure there will always be a skeptic but you’re a blessing to so many people.

  21. appalolly

    Loved hearing more about your birth story, etc.  And I love how you put so much thought into the meanings of your daughter’s name.

    Beautiful pictures!!  My fav is the one of her with the red hat that says “1 week old” on it.  Love her expression.

  22. ToLiveLoved

    Just beautiful! Doesn’t the time just fly by?? It’s crazy but you turn around and they’re 10 months old.
    You look amazing…..even in the hospital! I can’t remember, but I think I pretty much ban cameras pointed anywhere near me in the hospital. NOT a pretty site. hehe
    Hope Canadia is not too freezing cold yet…..but I’m guessing it is.

  23. Anonymous

    Pretty pretty baby. Pretty momma and family too! Glad you got around to posting all about it and boy, do I understand the lag time there. I’m having to convince myself that I ever should sit at a keyboard again. wow, noodles for brains these days. I promise that I would be a better friend than I am a commenter. Just know, that I see and I smile to myself and I comment away in my head. Love you. Canada now has some redeeming qualities to me eh?
    Keep us posted Friend!

  24. hananielsgirl

    Love her! And you ;)
    Looking back at her early pictures, she really has changed so much!
    I think about you lots…call me when you are home for Thanksgiving…maybe we could meet up.

  25. Richgem

    Oh yay! I was hoping to see photos of that little princess! She has THE cutest, most perfect little mouth! I love the meaning of her name! So, Dear girl, it looks like we’ll still be reading your blogging, hopefully as often as possible! I know you write for you, and that is fabulous. But I also believe that God wants you to write for us (I’m not trying to BE the Holy Spirit) because He definately has spoken through you to me. I am very grateful you’re on here!

  26. singingrachel

    beautiful. beautiful. you and baby both.  i was reduced to a puddle on the floor when i got done reading this post with all my awe’s.

    I so got what you were saying about the pain, the disappointment… but the flip side of that is the beauty and Joy you discover along the way.  ah. no words.

    and my i say again how happy and thrilled i am that God delivered such a beautiful pkg. of life right into your arms, your home and heart…. what a very personal delivery.  tears.

    i also loved the pictures of your brothers lovin’ on her… in my opinion, that makes extra special men.  :)

    yeah for you to not let fear of men and the pain people can bring, get you to stumble and to run you down.  i’m always rootin’ for YOU.  i know the Jesus  you serve and the big girl pants you wear.  :) and that together makes a great team.  :)

  27. homefire

    I love the pic with the grandparents.  And the one with the “every once in a while” quote is purely gorgeous.

    And I am so with you on midwives vs. doctors.  I had my first two with drs. too, and the last two were SO much better.  Instead of feeling like another item on the schedule, I felt loved and surrounded by other women who were as passionate about the birth as I was.  And now my oldest daughter is a midwife…funny how life happens. 

  28. Angeleyes_sw16

    This made my heart beat soo fast!!! She is beautiful and I am so happy that God blessed you two with a another lovely baby girl! I am also thrilled with this post because I am expecting now as well… frightened, and overwhelmed by it all sometimes but so very excited as well! My first baby and I am caught up in the preparations and unsure of the future but hoping that she has all of the fulfillment and joy life can offer! My mind is just blown away thinking of it and seeing your little one…
    I can’t wait to meet my first little girl/boy! <3 Though I def feel the same about choosing names, lol! I am researching and making lists and taking them to Will for his scutiny only to have him not like over half of them! :D We have different tastes in names too apparently, lol! I like Lynaya and Azriel.. he likes Sky and Gavin, lol! We have found some we both love but I want to say that I think Megan Reese is an adorable name and she IS lovely! :)I wish you all of the best and hope to read more about her in the future… Thank you for sharing this with us! A new born daughter is a wonderful thing to share! <3

  29. down_onthefarm

    i’ve been wanting to tell you…
    everytime i wear my new fav scarf ~ gray with purple stripes ~ i think of you.
    why? cuz it was supposed to be yours! ;) yes! i bought it for YOU…
    and somehow. goodness. i didn’t mean too really. it just happened. honest.
    i tried it on…and it really worked! i’ll get ya another one! :)

  30. down_onthefarm

    love hearing/reading about birth stories. each one so precious, a miracle, because life is.
    i tell jacob that i waited 35 years to hold him. and now to read this chapter about Reese and you and everyone…
    i waited 40 something years to celebrate this new little person with you!!!!

    the pictures, you. so much gorgeousness. sure. your pretty face (gasp. and your skin!) but gorgeousness too because
    they captured …hmmm…a reflective mommy. a thinking deeply grateful mommy. and i caught a whif of baby magic too.

    you mentioned Is 61…love those words about beauty from ashes.
    and…”The Year of The Lord’s Favor”…


thanks for stopping by! <3