Tuesday April 8, 2008

Spring Cleaning…

produces hidden treasures.

don’t know what it is, but I’m one of those that when warm weather hits I have this feverish urge to clean. scrub. wash. dig. plant. organize. de-clutter. rearrange.

I don’t really plan it – – just sort of jump in when the impulse strikes. hee. hee. :)

last night was organizing some things in our room when I decided to clean out from under the bed – – instead of getting a whole lot done. found myself sitting on the floor looking through the big huge rubbermaid of pictures. cards. keepsakes. for someone who is not a “saver” I was surprised at the amount I’ve accumulated – – and that doesn’t count the 3 other ones in the garage!!

had fun strolling back memory lane.

when they say a picture is worth a thousand words isn’t that so true – – every picture i look at immediately takes me back to that time. place.  and what times and places they’ve been too~

this was the very first time shayne came to visit – i think jeffrey (10 at the time) was taking the picture. he kept telling us to get closer he couldn’t see us all – and as you see S. face is pretty much laying on my shoulder!! i paid Jeffrey the money later – ;)
first visit

this picture was taken while S. was with his good friend Joel Robbins. praying about God’s direction. didn’t know those prayers included ME~
my man

here’s his first visit to church after we were courting. yep, my hair is red. i’d used this rinse out stuff that.. well, didn’t rinse out too well. :) and check out those eyebrows i’ve got going on!! yikes.

found my Scrapbook (from the days of our courtship/ dating. engagement). the only Scrapbook I’ve ever completed! it was before kids obviously~ :)

_MG_2686 this was one of the first times i ever saw Shayne. I think about 3 yrs. before anything between us. we were playing volleyball. i remember thinking he was cuTe! ;)

_MG_2683 was at a friends house in Louisiana – anyone remember Amber & Roxanne Olsen? well, her bridal shower was at this great old plantation. in the barn hung this sign~. if you can’t read it it says, “Wanted – Able Bodied Man.”

and of course, the day I got that Able Bodied Man~ ;) i just like this pic. because it shows my dress… went through a time where i wish i had chosen something different. sure we all change, right. mine wasn’t a “real” wedding dress. just something i found somewhere in a store – but, actually i loved it/ and still do. and, anyway.. this shot reminded me why i did.. :)  

on our honeymoon~

this was what we walked out of our little bungalow to each day~gorgeous

for 2 wks. we had this beach all to ourselves – literally. it was glorious!

getting cornrows put in – that eventually turned to dread locks. i didn’t know you shouldn’t leave them a long time! :)

wow. we look young! guess we were~ : p
honeymoon beach


headed home~ looks like those pants start at my armpits just about!
going home

inside our first home – Huntsville, Ontario. Canada~

Jeff Collins gave us that Bible. I know we still have it – somewhere. :)
family bible

our first tree. how do you like that bow! by Christmas day though there were like a total of 5 needles on it.. see the wood stove in the fireplace? uh-huh.. wood stoves and live trees don’t mix well. also, don’t know if you can tell from this photo. but the wreath above the mantel was made up of all the flowers S. had ever given me. when we moved and lifted the wreath down – the flowers pretty much fell off in a dust heap! apparently they didn’t like the wood stove either – – and since then, I still have issues when it comes to wood stoves – i think that first one planted some seeds of bitterness in my heart. ha! :)
first tree

the piano Shayne bought for me on my first b-day as a married lady! ~ :)

and the kitchen~ if you look by the sink i kept a picture of my mom & i there.. i missed her so much. and also called her so much when i was in the kitchen preparing something – – wondering how long. how much. and what to do w/ burnt pot roast!!!

Shanda, here’s my fiestaware.. i WISH i still had!

the little bathroom upstairs~ 

and the one downstairs – my mother in law helped me hang the wallpaper. it was the first time i had ever hung wallpaper.and the first time i had done anything with my mother in law alone. both were a bit scary for me~! :)

looking through these pictures reminds me of something i read the other day –


and i’ve lived in several homes in my lifetime.. but, the day i found this one i have to say is the day i knew i was home for good. forever!
_MG_2710 hug

ah, so break out the brooms. mops. buckets. and squeegees… you never know what your cleaning will help you discover. it could be a whole lot more than just dust bunnies!!!

here’s to remembering the “good old days” – and the goodness of the Lord that has led us every step of the way.

“and you should remember all the way which the Lord your God has led you… to humble you. to prove you. to know what was in your heart. whether you would walk in obedience or not.” Deut. 8: 2


17 thoughts on “Tuesday April 8, 2008

  1. chix0rgirl

    Y’all seem to embody the quintessential “American cheerleader/football star couple” – such good lookers! =] You’re both so cute – I see why you thought Shayne was cute, and I’m sure he fell for you just as hard! Oh, the good old days of scrapbooks and high-waisted pants… I really like your honeymoon pics – what a NICE beach!

    I think your Ben looks just like his daddy. :)

  2. angiearmour

    Aaah, love it all! Your little detour down memory lane took me on one of my own! Familiar names ~ Joel Robbins; I never knew him or Melissa personally, but I remember it was a big deal when they got married, and I think I still have that little booklet they came out with! Now this is too funny: they married around the time my sister Kristi and I were young girls, and we were so mesmerized by their courtship story and all, we actually played it out with our paperdolls, acting like we met them at “headquarters” and everything! LOL!

    Roxanne Olsen was our family coordinator back in the day and stayed overnight at our house. I’ve seen her, Amber, and other Olsens a number of times since then ~ such sweet and LOVELY girls!

    Oh, and those seeds of bitterness…I DO hope you worked through the steps in the DIAGRAM to overcome those…

  3. shutterspeed

    the pics are awesome!  lol!  don’tcha just love finding old pics and going thru them and remembering?  i do!  you guys look great…better now if that’s even possible! 

  4. mrsbiddlebugs

    Yeah, I’ve been feeling the same urge to clean… but it’s all I can do to FIND my bed… let alone look at things under it! :) Hope you make good progress!

  5. purpleamethyst76

    Oh I really loved this post!  It’s so sweet, Amber! 

    But. . . .I am going to have to hit you for getting rid of that fiestaware. LOL  Especially considering the fact that they don’t even produce that shade of yellow anymore.  I only have 1 plate in yellow. . .the color they make now is darker and called “sunflower”.  I love that little disc pitcher in yellow that I see on the shelf.  I have one just like it only in the cobalt blue. 

    You and your husband were cute then and cute now!  Thanks for sharing some of your memories with us!

  6. life_by_grace

    Y’all are so adorable…..love all the old pics, too! Soooooo loving that honeymoon spot. Two weeks, you say? Mmmmmm…..sounds wonderful. Corn rows, not so much! My hair would probably have fallen out after that. Ha!

  7. kellsabells

    OH I just love love love this post.  So sweet!!!  I just love trips down memory lane, and your’s is so sweet. Thanks for sharing as it makes me want to go do some “under the bed” cleaning myself.

  8. resolved2worship

    amber and Roxanne Olsen~ ! absolutely! ~ meet them when I was about 14 or 15 — in fact I might have been at one of the showers along the way… who knows, maybe we have met after all ;)

    neat to see these pics from the ‘old days~ very sweet memories I’m sure! i remember seeing you guys in some family coordinator pics back when I was younger, way before I knew Robert — those early pics are so neat — so glad to have I’m sure – as you are right, it takes you back to the moments and everything about them.

    Thanks for sharing! And good for you for spring cleaning. I use to do that I think. ;)


  9. resolved2worship

    oh yeah, Joel Robbins. Was in our wedding right after yours — He lived with my family for some time along the way ~ crazy, you would think with all the “connections” we’d have met somewhere?

  10. holysmoke4

    These pictures are so sweet! It’s so fun to see how couples started out and change throughout the years. I need to start spring cleaning, but it’s a little difficult to get motivated as it’s only about 55 degrees here

  11. missions_on_mind

    I understand the cleaning urge. I’ve been having it for a while, just been to tired(and HOT) to do anything about it. I think this weekend I shall really clean my room!!! YAY! lol Pray the air conditioner holds out. It will randomly pour water out(happened at 2am yesterday and I’m nearest to it, so I take care of it), so then we have to turn it off for a while. Right now it’s hot like summer back home and summer is JUST beginning!!! woohoo!!!
    You’ve made me a bit homesick. Longing for home… I only have a few months left here and in some ways I am sad about leaving, but I cannot wait to be home! I really love traveling, but as much as I love it I am SO a homebody!!! And it’s nice to have your mom within close talking range. However I’ve also been reminded that I need to be content exactly where God places me. And to live for right now, not tomorrow. It’ll come soon enough and right now will pass quicker than I think.
    Love ya!!! ~n


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