Tuesday April 22, 2008

hApPy biRtHdAy to mY mAn.


34 yrs ago today the most wonderful man in the entire world was born! yeah, I hear those arguments being made by all you other women out there.. :)  that’s okay – you don’t have to think he’s the most wonderful man in the world…(I probably would worry if you did!)

but HE IS!

I could gush forever about him. and I love doing it… (eh, boys?  my brothers make fun of me all the time for carrying on like i do!)

SO – to shorten the gush…:) if i had to pick one. just one one one thing that I love about my man it would probably have to be his consistency!! there’s like this aura of peace that envelopes him. he amazes me. truly. i’ve never known any one like him.

(i like these shots cause they’re typical shayne faces)

       so serious  cuteguy  

good illustration: things have been so completely crazy with his work right now. he’s been putting in way, way long hours. dealing with umpteen irons in the fire. broke equipment. short staffed. finicky costumers… yesterday i heard something had happened at one of the jobs. i called him up – expecting to offer encouragement – instead i’m greeted with an upbeat voice. a cheerful attitude. and a chuckle about something funny that had just happened to him…

i always shake my head and laugh, “How do you do it? What’s the secret?”

which I know is no secret at all – – it stems from having a life rooted and grounded in Christ. plain and simple. things are less complicated when you believe so completely and deeply in the Sovereign working of God. knowing everything that happens comes from His hand – with a purpose. with a plan.  and because of that, being able to look past a person. a problem. a situation. a trial. and praise Him no matter what. Storm or calm – He’s still on the throne. He’s still Lord! when your life is anchored in such a Rock as this, how can you waver?

sooooo….THAT’S just one of the things i love about him –!! atleast one of the things i can type here (just kidding!!)

at the river

I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you
It just keeps getting better
I want to spend the rest of my life
With you by my side
Forever and ever
Every little thing that you do
Baby, I’m amazed by you

so blessed to be on this journey WITH YOU~

Happy day to ME you were birthed!!! I love you Shayne Joseph.



18 thoughts on “Tuesday April 22, 2008

  1. thejbub

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPPYYYYY Birthday to you! *cha cha cha* Happy Birthday to you! *cha cha cha* Happy Birthday Dear SHAYNE(r) !!! *cha cha cha* Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!! *cha cha cha*   –And many moooooore!!!!

  2. Zylki24

    And no camera yet…I’ve been watching though…everyone is getting rid of nikon’s not canons…which is good, cuz it tells you how good they are, but not if you want to buy one from someone cheap. =p

  3. tildystar

    happy birthday, shayne!!

    amber~*, when are we going to see each other? … just as a head’s up, marks. and i will be taking a trip to chicago, hopefully, before we move… i don’t know how close that is to you or not?


  4. HutchKids

    dear dad,i like going turkey hunting and fishing with you.you have taught me everything about everything.now i can make godly discens in my life.thanks for being my DAD.ben

  5. life_by_grace

    With all due respect, can I just say…super hottie! :) But of course, more precious and powerful than the outward appearance is the HEART, and you did a good thing by sharing what a man of GOD he is. Hope y’all have fun celebrating his birthday!!!

  6. angiearmour

    What a blessing beyond words to be married to a man who is rooted in Christ! And I know he cherishes you, Amber. (“Behind every good man is a good woman…” I remember the words he wrote for YOUR birthday! ) Hope you all had a wonderful celebration together and some yummy cake to commemorate it!

  7. Hutch5

    @angiearmour – 

    hey Ang~ nope. no cake! he was working late – trying to finish up this refurb house that’s been a nightmare! i took him out a steak dinner and we sat on the front porch and ate together. jumped in, helped him w/ a few projects – headed home around 10! = ) not the most festive, or romantic evening – but still got to be w/ him!

    as we were headed home we were talking about how these kinds of things make for great memories. not particularly at the moment! HA! :) but in years to come we’ll look back and say, “remember when…”

    thanks for the sweet comment. you are SONshine to my soul. :)

  8. missions_on_mind

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAYNE!!!!! Hope ya had a great day!!!

    We celebrated a birthday today, too! Although the actual birthday isn’t till Friday. And on the said day we are flying to this tiny little island that is near China, but still part of Taiwan. There is a team of teachers there and as we have a 5 day weekend we are going to visit them. BEACH DAYS! lol

  9. inhislight07

    Aww you are so sweet to him.  You all are so adorable….Your eyes are so pretty Amber.  I always wanted blue eyes, but I think I would have been to vain with them.  You carry them much better than I would have so I guess it’s only right.  Well, glad he had a good birthday.  He’s a blessed man


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