Thursday March 27, 2008

.colds. sweets. and a little Dating time.

Little Bits has had a cold this week. horrible runny nose. she’s been miserable. and I feel miserable for her.. and miserable too from lack of sleep at night, and crankiness in the day.

since getting sick she’s hardly taken this hat off – not sure why…

little bitslittle sickie

well, maybe this is why! I feel pretty much the same way when I’m sick.

keep out!


I’m not much of a sweet eater.. I’m more of a starchy girl. but there’s one thing i’ll indulge in when in the house ~


but, I only like the brown ones.

notice there are fewer of those than colored –


my husband thinks I’m nuts.  but I hold to my theory that is this –

Amber’s Theory on Why Brown M&Ms taste better than the Rest:
Chocolate is already brown. Meaning the brown M&Ms contain less artificial coloring.
 THEREFORE, making them taste better!


yep, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it!


Shayne’s coming home early today and we’re headed out for the next day and a half for some US time! it’s actually supposed to be my birthday present.  I’m super excited about one place in particular he’s taking me tonight… but just excited all together to be able to have this time. the past few wks. have been so crazy busy. those times where he walks in. I walk out. or there’s so much paper work to get done w/ the business each night, he pretty much comes in, eats, and disappears to the office. Ever have those times?

we’ve been talking alot lately about the importance of keeping the main thing the MAIN thing. bottom line, there’s no easy way around it… there will always be the normal, every day realities tugging and pulling at our focus. Life is about hard work – in every area. I think half the battle is just being AWARE of what’s truly important.

okay, no time for a long post ~  I’ve got to pack. and get the kiddos and little miss. sickie ready to go to mamaw’s house. they’re so excited to be sleeping over.. even Emma among her coughs and sniffles keeps walking around w/ her little bag of toys & of course pink hat saying, “I doe too.. I doe too.”

I think it’s funny that the town we’re going to tonight is called Dayton ~ sounds like a great place for a little dating time, eh?   


fuN. fUn.


20 thoughts on “Thursday March 27, 2008

  1. chix0rgirl

    I don’t know how you do it but I LOVE your kids; even sick they are cute as BUTTONS! I wanna squeeze that little one in a few months. ;) I’ll bring presents! Hahaha.

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC time… I know it’s nothing like, but when Oliver gets busy I get bummed out too – I’m so glad you get some recharge time! Love you. And you guys are so cute… no wonder the kiddoes are cute. But have a good birthday, love!

  2. shutterspeed

    haha that 3rd pic down of your daughter is too cute!  you only eat the brown ones?  nah see i avoid the brown ones.  actually i have an order to which i eat them…if i have brown ones i’ll eat those first then the orange, followed by red, yellow, green & blue.  don’t know why but i’m weird like that.  i remember … it was like 12 yrs ago or something when they had the vote on the new color M&M…such exciting times!  love the last pic of you guys!

  3. holysmoke4

    I hope your little girly feels better soon! Poor thing. Have you ever seen “The Wedding Planner”? In that movie Jennifer Lopez says the exact same thing that you did about brown M&Ms, thought that was funnny! Have a wonderful time with your husband!

  4. inhislight07

    I hope you have a great time.  It is so fun to sometimes just be alone.  I am happy for you that you get to go.  I hope you will get to do lots of shopping and eat lots of chocolate.  Her hat is so sweet. I will pray she gets better quickly and that your ma has an easy time of it. 

  5. aliveandoutloud

    Only the brown ones, eh? Lol. That’s funny. I’ll pretty much eat any of them.

    Have fun with Shayne. What an awesome birthday gift… a day and a half “off”. Yay! Happy for you, friend.

    Hope the little ones feel better soon. We’ve been sick here all week too. Isn’t it the saddest when their eyes are all red and their little noses are all “pluggy” (as my kids call it)?

  6. fwren

    The brown ones are my least favorite ~ I like the red ones best, then the blue ~ probably the ones with the MOST junk in them!  LOL!

  7. kellsabells

    This is an awesome post, Amber!!! So real and down-with-life!

    I’m absolutely ESTATIC that you and your man get some dating time in Dayton??? =)  Steve and I are headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks, and I can hardly wait.  You asked if others ever feel times of busyness such as you described, and YES.  Yes. YES.    You’re so right – the marriage must be maintained with romance, dating, and investment in one another.  Your marriage is the foundation – built on the Lord – upon which all else in your lives is built…. even children must come second to one’s spouse – for the children’s very best to be sought!

    Anyway – have a fabulous time – you’re already on it – will pray for you guys, and can’t wait to hear about when you return!

  8. maryjunemiller

    I hope you have fun fun fun! Sounds like this is some well deserved time.

    We are dealing with a cold around here too – and I feel so badly for their little noses!

    Well – have a good one – and then come back and tell us all about it!

  9. Z_Beth

    Awww….poor Emmy! Hope she starts feeling better soon!

    …and do you have a theory for the little Easter Peeps “heads” ?

    Have a great weekend. Love you ~

  10. theBESTESTmommyEVER

    So sorry Emma is not feeling well! Hats are great for sick children, keeps them warm and occupied! Though I’m not sure about your theory on the m&m’s, i believe there are others that do the same thing!!! Have a great time out!!!!

  11. angiearmour

    Datin’ in Dayton, huh? I’m so very happy for you!!

    Man, those M&M’s are really getting to me…I LOVE anything chocolate, and unlike you, my taste for sweets is stronger than for starches (I could live without bread). My specific M&M weakness is the peanut butter variety. If I buy one of those big bags in a weak moment, I’m done for: I’ll consume the whole thing in just two or three days, and then display the evidence on my face within a week! My husband is aware of that last fact now and can always tell if I’ve secretly binged! So, due to my lack of self-control with things like that in the house, except for VERY special occasions I must refrain at the store.

  12. skinny_tree

    Yes, I know what it’s like to have husband very busy and to need that time for the two of you to get away, that will be us this coming weekend. Hope you had a refreshing time!


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