Thursday December 7, 2006

Four Men and a Baby.

It was around 9:00. Our evening was coming to a close. I waved my arms in time to the music as 100 some kids and teens sang, “My Jesus is Real.” I kept my eyes mostly down, not that familiar yet with this song. I thought it had been a good night. Our first “dress rehearsal” for the Christmas Program at church. I had been nervous. As I always am on these nights. It had certainly been bathed in prayer. I felt it. And felt God had answered with the “smoothness” of the night – all considering. :)

With my focus on the music. My thoughts absorbed with details of changes, announcement, reminders, I didn’t notice the commotion on the left side of the stage. Karla Crise went whizzing by. I stepped back. “Must be some kids that need repositioning,” I thought as I saw her hurry over. She knelt down. Suddenly I saw the white (I think it was white… ish?) glob on the floor. Did someone? Oh no! I watched her and continued waving my arms.

I turned to the girls behind me on the front pew. “Was someone sick?” They nodded. I turned back around and continued leading. I thought it must have been one of Karla’s boys, since she was cleaning it up.”Who was it?,” I turned back to ask. “Ben.” I immediately stopped waving my arms. “MY Ben?” They nodded.

What? Where? I felt horrible. He was right in the front. Why hadn’t I seen him?  That’s one of those moments you feel your heart sink as a mommy… my baby needed me and I wasn’t there! I quickly handed over the direction to Emily, and raced back to where Ben was.

Lucky I have four brothers! Which means the kids have four very doting, caring uncles. Later to find out, Uncle Scott and Uncle Jeff had seen it all and hurriedly went, picked him up, and whisked him away. I was touched with how these big, strong guys were gently soothing him. Not minding about the puke or germs. That meant the world to me – I’m very blessed!

A few minutes later they walked us out to the car. I felt like a celebrity being attacked by the paparazzi… only not with pictures, with questions. “Miss. Amber what about….” “Miss. Amber can I….” Scott and Jeff guided me through the kids and got us safely in the car. Which was lined with black trash bags – thanks Lizzie! :)

On the way home I asked Ben…

“When did you start feeling sick?”

“When we went up for the last song. I told Jacob Tolle my belly was hurting really bad…”

“And what did he say?”

“He said, ‘That’s a bummer!’ Then I felt something coming up my throat. I tried to make it go back down, but it just came out! Then I heard a boy behind me say, ‘Whoa!’ “

“Whoa,” is right!  The stomach flu has officially settled in at the Hutchins house. Yes. Katie too.

But I had went to bed prepared. Putting on my warmest pajama pants and long sleeve t-shirt, so when I jumped up I was ready – and warm! Lining the floor beside their beds with towels. The hall way too. The Lysol sat on the dresser. Like a gun ready to shoot at the impostrous germs! Purell in every room! :)

It was WAR! The battle of the bug! And I wasn’t giving up without fight. :)  It was a long night. Why is it that kids always seem to get sick at night? Things seem so much better during the day. Although the living room looks like an infirmary now. Pans. Towels. Cups of Sprite. Piles of DVD’s. Blankets. Wash cloths.

Well, for now sick kiddos are sleeping kiddos. So all is quiet. I hope the worse is behind us .

Which speaking of behind…  :) Here’s a story from earlier in the week….


Emma actually is the one who started this in our home, (which she probably got from her little friend Grace. But, that’s okay. It’s a small price to pay for such a sweet friend :) And what comes from Emma taking Gracie’s cracker away from her and eating it!) So, Monday night she was sick. The next morning she seemed better. I had an appointment that I was just going to cancel but ended up going at the last minute. Mom went with me. Dad assured me it was fine. He and the boys could handle it. A few hours later I got a call from Nate….

Emma had blown her diaper out. Guess it was coming out the other end now! And in the rush to leave that morning I hadn’t packed extra clothes. I couldn’t get away just then. So, I told them to throw her clothes in the wash and stick something on her.

When I got back to their house this was the outfit they had chose. They said they thought she looked like an angel. I kind of agreed….


IMG_0011  … our stinky little angel!

Emma started saying her first words last week, beside “Da-Da” and “Ma-Ma.”

Guess what they were?

Nate, Jeff, and Danny.

Which sounds more like, “Na, Ef, Anny.”

When she was sick Monday night she would lay her head on my shoulder and just say their names over and over. It was pitiful. But so sweet. Like she was calling them to come rescue her. And if they had been there they certainly would have. :)

Well, that’s all from this house at the moment. Time to head out for more Sprite. Now everyone go and wash your hands really, really good. 

Wishing you a bug-free Holiday Season….


20 thoughts on “Thursday December 7, 2006

  1. acelloman2005

    ROFLOL!!! I can just imagine Jake Tolle saying that. lol I hope Ben feels better. give him a hug for me!! And everyone else to!! And yeah, don’t ever leave a baby with boys without diapers, lol. Thanks for keeping everything running Wednesday, couldn’t do it without you. :-)

  2. mrsbiddlebugs

    Cute pictures…and I’m really sorry everyone is sick. I hope it passes soon… and if Emma did get it from Grace I apologize… You know I’d never bring her to church if I thought she was contagious. :)But I’m still sorry… Grace kept asking for her all last night…

  3. trulytaken

    How aweful!! That’s my worst nightmare!! I hate the stomach bug! I honestly am not bothered in the least by anything else but 5 kiddos throwing up is the worst!! And yikes we have done it several times…. Your brothers sound wonderful, though. My bothers-in-law are not all that into being helpful… just the fun stuff like getting our kids so wild they act like monsters!!! Oh, well…..

  4. Quietlittlelife

    Emma’s uncles are sweet all the way around.  When Judith threw up in church (nothing about the sermon!!) Jeffrey picked her up, cradled her (! – I certainly would have pointed her the other way) and helped me get her to the car.  Benny looked SO pale and sad last night…poor guy!  And Emma is an angel :).

  5. Hutch5

    Tracey – I know you didn’t bring Gracie to church contagious! Who knows where these germs come from! They’re like the little unseen “aliens” that are always trying to invade and take over our bodies!! :)

    Guess the two of them are already off to being best friends.. sharing everything. :) Except food of course. Emma needs to learn to be less greedy with the munchies!

  6. Z_Beth

    …I felt so bad last night! I looked over at him while we were singing and he was looking kinda funny and then I look over the next second and he was  bending over!!

    Tell him I said hi and I hope he feels better soon!! :)

  7. Playitjoe

    ha ha! The diaper story reminds me of my dad when I was little and mom was gone…

    He would wear a bandana around his face, wear a clothespin on his nose and wear leather gloves to change Ivan then have me help him.  Poor kid had to have counseling it was sooo bad! j/k!  Whenever I had to change him when mom AND dad were gone, (I was 10 when he came) I soon learned it was easier if I  just plopped him in the bathtub. However he soon learned he got a bath whenever he was dirty-which didn’t help potty training…  oh well. 

    I can’t believe she’s talking already!!

    Hope you all are feeling better soon! And I hope the whole church doesn’t come down with the pukes!!


  8. NYVogue

    Elise had it here last week, and I started feeling weak all over and kinda feverish a few days later – but I made sure to nearly OD on the meds so it never fully hit me – couldn’t afford to be sick and take care of three little ones. Seems the house never looks or smells right when everyone is sick – good job preparing for the battle, though! Hope everyone is better soon!

    Hope to see your play, too! Hearing great things about the story line already!

  9. Momcurry

    LOL….my poor dh had to do a whole lot of cleaning up (I hurled every time I changed a dirty diaper for the first 3 kids!)…well, almost allthe time, then it gradually got better.  Now I can usually stomach it, but still gag sometimes and I’m OLD!!  Thankfully, most of the kids are like Papa :D

  10. thejbub

    Yes! Those are THE cookies!!!!!! I was making them and I took a big hunk of dough and said to Andy, “I should make a big cookie for Amber -since she likes these so much!!!” 


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