Thursday December 31, 2009


This month has been the busiest one ever~
Packed full of fun..
a few tears..
and lots of sugar!! 

Here’s some of the HigHliGhTs…

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =


{for the record.. I don’t particularly “like” this story. I hate to see things die~ but it’s rather fascinating.. and some of you had heard about us getting a deer w/out actually killing it – so here’s what really happened – – – contrary to the humors that I had taken up deer hunting!} : p

A few weeks before Christmas I came downstairs one morning to Kate jabbering away about a deer,
prison guys on the road, a call from daddy, and something to do with my camera…

It was one of those times where you’re half listening to your kids, doing the absent minded nodding, “mm.. hmm.”
but finally, the weirdness of the story struck me and I asked,
“Is this a dream you had, sweetie?”

“No!” she said a bit exasperated. “This happened right here at our very own house!!!”

What had happened right there at our very own house I later found out was –
as Shayne was pulling out of the driveway for work he looked over in the field next to our house and saw two bucks fighting.
We later learned that this is such a rare sight for people to actually see…
my brothers and all our hunter friends couldn’t believe it.
And funny, that of all people to witness it – Shayne!
Who is so NOT a hunter! :)
As he watched… he realized that their antlers were locked together and they couldn’t get free.
Not sure what to do, he called 911.
Who then called the game warden~

While waiting for the warden to come, he ran back up to the house to grab my camera!  {see, there’s times he’s glad I have it!} ;)

However, after a few shots the battery died…
so he called to ask the kids to run the extra one down~
but when they started up the road to find him…
{shayne had followed the bucks across the field to a little stream}
they saw the prison van that brings the inmates out to clean up garbage and got spooked…
and went back to the house instead.
So, that’s where the “prison people” fit into the story. :)

In the end, one deer died.

The game warden had to shoot the antler off of the other to get it free from the dead one…

Quite the early morning event round here~ bringing out friends, neighbors, and even inmates to watch!!

…. all while I slept away! : )

Shayne always tells me I miss half the day’s happenings by not getting up early – –

on that particular day he was right.

But most early mornings aren’t so eventful ; )  – thankfully!

the antler the warden had to shoot off –

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

Our church has a Ladies Christmas Tea each year…
it’s fun to help decorate, and get all dressed up to go!



It seems the popular accessory of choice these days is a Starbucks cup in hand!
And try as I may to be a coffee drinker – – I’ve finally decided to no longer kid myself.
After all, my true coffee drinker friends only make fun of my attempts…
I end up adding so much cream and sugar that it turns into some type of milkshake concoction by the time I’m done.

But TEA!
Now that is my true love~ yes, with a bit of cream and sugar, or even honey.
And it has to be in a real tea cup.. it just doesn’t taste the same in something styrofoam!
Perhaps it’s the hidden Victorian in me..
but… well, there it is. : ) 

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =


I always feel a strange mixture of humor and emotion whenever I watch my kids “performing.”
Like Kate biting on her lip during her whole entire ballet dance~ without even knowing it, but knowing she does it because, guess what – so do I!
Or Emma stopping to look into the video camera and wave during her routine.. and telling all her little friends to do the same – “wave to dat wady…”
When Kate put her music on the piano upside down.. but still played brilliantly without a mistake – knowing that playing by heart was her worst fear…
Or Emma slipping and falling down on a move.. sitting for a moment about to cry.. then, jumping up and carrying on…

yes – – a hidden laugh and misty tears always seem to accompany me watching my kiddos~


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

This Christmas was a bit unusual from ones in the past…
I was able to have a little stash of my “own money” from a few jobs I had done in the fall.

There were several things I thought of spending the money on~
but in the end, I knew I’d enjoy it much more if I shared! :)

So, as one of the kids gifts.. and my parents too..
I took the family to a water park resort here in our area.
It was great to relax for a few days… :)

We all agreed we liked running around in our swimsuits in December~


On our first night, when we headed out to get dinner..
upon walking through the lobby doors and being greeted with the frigid wind – one of my brothers said,
“I forgot it was so cold out.. it felt like we were in Florida or something!”
Which is exactly how I wanted everyone to feel. : )

I hope it becomes a yearly tradition for us to do~

and, um.. that THIS would not become a tradition – drinking water from public places! eww. ;)

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

Emma sang, “Happy Birthday Jesus” with two of her little friends~ the video won’t post for some reason.. but if I can I’ll add it in here later.


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

We spent Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s house…


Dad read a little book called, “What God wants for Christmas.”


There was a manger set that came with it…
and 7 small boxes.
Inside each box was a character from the Christmas story.
And the last box answered the question of the book~ {see end of post to find out what was inside} :)


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

We spent it with Grams and Gramps…

Gramps is now in a nursing home – where he’s to stay for the next 6 weeks.
He’s doing well though.. getting stronger.
They did find that the top half of his heart isn’t working as it should~
right now it’s not life threatening.. but could mean more surgery in the future.

We’re praying about that.
and hopeful~

I wish I had a picture of us all gathering around as my Grams says, “Let’s form our family circle, children…”

We hold hands.. 
and pray.
When Gramps prayed his voiced cracked…
he paused.
You could hear the tears.
He thanked God for each of us.
and for giving him LIFE!

And even though I don’t have a picture ~ and my eyes weren’t even open ~ it’s a image I’ll never forget!  

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

We didn’t make our Christmas cookies till AFTER Christmas! : )

this cookie cracks me up – –
doesn’t it look like it’s trying to run away?
It was Emma’s cookie… so I imagine it was! ; )

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

Shayne gave me a “spa package” this year~

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to get done…
I debated on a new hair cut and color~ but after going to the same stylist for like 15 years, I was a bit nervous about that.
And when I saw, “False Eyelashes” as one of the options, that rather intrigued me…
Or, “Instant Youth Booster Facial”… almost did that – but then realized there’s no such thing as “Instant Youth.” Der! ;)

So I went with two things I had done once before – but swore I never would again, because my experiences had not been good~
Full body massage – – the lady talked my head off the whole entire time. NOT the most relaxing way to spend an hour wrapped in a towel, face down, with your head stuck in a circle thing!
And Acrylic nails – – ended up with a skin eating disease that I had to get a shot and medication for! Scaaaaaary!!!

But I’m so glad I set aside the past and tried again. :)
This time around both were great – {well, I won’t know on the nails for awhile, I guess.. but so far no skin appears to be missing!}


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =


Shayne went to get ONE a few nights before Christmas .. but came home with TWO!
The kids were so thrilled~ they’ve been wanting another dog since Skyler died.

Meet Jack & Cooper.
Jack is the fat one…
and Cooper, the smaller one. :)


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

emma’s tattoo she doesn’t want to wash off… and when told it had to come off eventually she asked, “tan I dit one dat won’t eber tum off?”

how we entertain ourselves at restaurants while waiting on our food.

how I would look with rabbit ears.

how Shayne would look as Santa.

how my kids usually act while I’m trying to take their picture.

and how in the world we’ll ever know why they act that way is beyond us! ;)

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =


= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =
Family + new additions.

= = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = = * = =

I just can’t even believe another year has (almost) passed..

It’s a year I’ll not soon forget.
…probably the best of my life…
…and the worst.

A year of alot of soul searching…
discovering more of who I am.
Who I want to be.
Who I DON’T.

Learned things about God too that I never knew before…
or atleast not like this. 

And  probably the biggest thing I learned (again) was that you never STOP learning… :)

I hope to post about some of those lessons in more detail.
But for now, I think the little book my Dad shared on Christmas Eve sums it up well~ 

“What God wants for Christmas? Now here’s the surprise
In box number seven, where it’s been disguised.
Peek in the box, for so long you have waited.
What God wants is YOU – the one He created!

“Me?” you ask. “Why is this so?”
“I cannot wrap me and put on a bow!”
No, you cannot; but what you can give
Are the choices you make in the life that you live.

God wants you to know Him and love Him within,
And this is called worship, an offering to Him.”


that’s what it comes back to every time, isn’t it?

hmph. if only there were an easier way. ;)

Happy last day of 2000 and 9!


56 thoughts on “Thursday December 31, 2009

  1. ABAHM

    OK, this is more what I expected with that title…so MUCH more though! wow. The whole deer thing was amazing. I sleep through stuff too, but that beats it all. I would have thought that story was a dream too.
    I like tea and coffee…but nothing out of Styrofoam Bob always offers to give me a tea party when I am sick to help me get well.
    Your grandpa being alive is such a gift. I will be praying for that recovery. Thank you for sharing that sweet,touching, meaningful part of your life. It makes me value family and love so much!
    David and I are frankly envious of your puppies…we are still hoping for one someday. Daddy seems to be softening up some.
    Neat book, and your Dad reading it…so great.
    Yes, surrender is almost,moment by moment,what it is all about.
    blessings to you friend, and Happy New Year! Jenny

  2. reformed_pariah

    If Ben doesn’t look like your Dad, no one does!!! It’s amazing!
    Tell Shayne not to worry though, the girls do favor him in the eyes.

    The warden shot the antler off? Really?
    That’s a funny mental picture.
    They must have been fighting over a lady deer. :D

    I love the pictures. All of them really, but you look so beautiful in every one! I especially like that blue shirt on you.
    And the picture of Emma in her ballet outfit. She’s so precious.
    Btw, tell her that there are many people who get the permanent tattoo and after awhile wish it would wash off in the bath.
    (At least that’s what I’ve heard)

    Anyway, shutting up now. ;)

  3. chix0rgirl

    Amberrrrrr! You’re looking great! WOW, you’re really glowing. And I think you look skinnier, although you shouldn’t – you’re already so svelte! Shayne looks great as Santa. He should just go around with a red sleigh all the time. ;) The deer story is sort of surreal. Katie grew even taller – she looks so cute in those recital pictures. And wow Emma’s hair… big girl! I like the earrings ;) and wow, piercings and tats – my kinda girl, huh? ;) That water park idea was so genius – how sweet and fun of you!! I’m glad you did that. The family pictures are perfect. I LOVE JACK AND COOPER! But they both look small and fat to me. ;) Where did you get them?! What are they? Golden labs or retrievers? Did they cost a fortune? They look like a million bucks! I’m going to comment and then leave this page open to show Michael. Love you – happy new year!

  4. Daisy_6

    Your profile picture is just gorgeous! I LOVE your coat!    Those puppies are adorable, looking forward to watching them grow up on xanga!=)    Water parks are sooo much fun, we have gone many times and always have a ton of fun.   I’m jealous of your visit to the spa! Hope it was relaxing and a bit quieter this time. =)   

    Have a  Happy New Year!!!

    ~* Blessings –  Stephanie *~

  5. DawneElla

    Well I just feel all warm and fuzzy after reading this. What a wonderful way to end 2009. I know there’s been some truly rough spots for you this year yet you’ve come through it a shining light, reflecting His love, pointing others to Him as you surrender to Him. As God works in you…He works through you!

  6. gypsyatheart

    I loved this post!!!!!!! Especially the END………with the surprise of the puppies……….OH MY GOSH they are simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous little balls of FLUFF!!!!!!!!!!  I love puppies

    Bet the kids are thrilled!! Y’all are gonna have so much FUN WITH THOSE NEW ADDITIONS to your family!


    and happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ostara

    I don’t think I every read a post of yours without ending in a smile.   Your photography and family are beauitful.  Your photos capture the spirit/personality of everyone.    Oh my the puppies are so cute!   I can’t wait to see more picture of them with the kids.   You are so correct about continuing to learn each day.  

    Wishing you and your family a New Year filled with much learning and happiness. 

    Jen C

  8. betheelou

    What a great post! I love how you reflected back on the year, and added pictures! Beautiful. I love the family pics at the end with the pups and without! How blessed you are with wonderful family!

    May YOU be especially blessed in the new year!

  9. mellibella

    My brother hunts, he said there is a deer that walks around on a lease they hunt, with another deers antlers stuck in his (not the whole body, just the antlers).  None of the ppl who have seen it will kill it because it’s such a rare thing.  Sad to think of what happened to the other deer, but i guess they do get locked together sometimes, and if they can’t get free, normally they would both die if there wasn’t someone there to help them get free.

    love everything you write & your photos as always.  long or short versions ;0 

  10. ToLiveLoved

    Deer story….CRAZIEST thing I’ve ever heard. Can’t wait to get Brad to read it.
    Such a beautiful family you have, lady! :) The pictures are so great. The puppies are adorable. I know the kids were excited to see them!
    I barely took a single picture this Christmas. But that’s okay…..just where I am. So nice to see yours, though!:)
    Happy New Year!

  11. ToLiveLoved

    Oh! I’m doing the acrylic thing too! My nails are HORRIFIC and I think Brad was done hearing me complain so he got me a gift certificate to have them done. Can’t wait. Will be on the lookout for skin eating bacteria! Yikes.

  12. graceful_mom

    Sweet and Fun times.So sorry about the deer.And the spa would feel so awesome…..And yes it comes down to surrender every time doesn’t it.How we are reminded of this over and over in our walk of life.It’s something we never stop learning.happy new years.carol

  13. HisHolyPresence

    Wow.  Busy girl… I’m sure you’re looking forward to life slowing down just a bit :o)
    And I have to agree with a couple others ~ your new profile pic is gorgeous ~ and the jacket?  Too cute!!!!
    Pictures were over the top as well!  My girls LoVe the new additions to your family – in our home we call puppies that look like that “flufferbuddies” ~ retrievers, right?  So adorable!

  14. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    where to start….first of all, when my son was peering over my shoulder as I was reading, he said ‘cool! look at the deer! you HAVE to show daddy that when he comes home!’ I was much relieved that the prison guard/inmate thing was no more than it was!:O) have to ask, did you all butcher the deer, or did the gw take it away?  kinda crazy to see that in your neighborhood, but makes for some pretty cool pictures! kuddos to Shayne! you must be rubbing off on him!;O)

    the tea…oh my goodness! the table looks fabulous! you must have had something to do with the decor, eh? quite nice!

    the presents; awesomeness! glad you could get away and treat yourself like that, and here’s hoping no ill side affects come of it!

    your gramps…makes me teary just thinking of it. you know….I’m so glad for you that you still have him, and I really pray that he continues to get stronger. Beautiful memories you have had with him in this last month. love it.

    the puppies; I’m not a huge dog person, but good grief, those things are TOO cuTE! my kids would love to have one of those. maybe someday.

    and your profile picture… it’s gorgeous, and I love, love, love that jacket you are wearing! i have such a thing for jackets….if you find yourself wanting to donate it to a good cause, I’m sure I could help you out with that one!:O)

    and, finally… a very happy New Year’s to you and may the work of the Lord continue to make you more like Himself; you are truly an inspiration!

    love ya~


  15. Elizabethmarie_1

    Happy Last Day of 2009 to you!  I don’t know where to start commenting, I have to scroll back up to remember! =)

    I love all your pictures, especially the cookies, they are so colorful, makes me want to eat one!  So glad you had your grandpa this Christmas, what a blessing!  My kids peeked over my shoulder and saw your new puppies, they are ooooing and awwwing over them.   They are adorable little fluff balls! I really like all the new family pictures out by the tree.  We have so much snow on our ground here!!!  I have that yellow tea cup…TJMaxx???  I like what you wrote at the bottom from your dad’s book, how true!  Hope you have a wonderful New Year!!!!  {{{HUGS to You}}} =)

  16. resolved2worship

    family pics are the best – love the additions! ! ! adorable ! and your vest too. ~
    looks like a busy busy, fun time for all – water and swimsuits in Dec. are the way to go all the way.
    I would love to say the deer stuff is rare here too – but well, we are run out in our area by bucks and deer and see crazy stuff all the time! I’ve heard though in the north deer and buck fights aren’t an everyday thing! I have to say though, NEVER heard of shooting off an antler! haha, that is so funny. go Shayne for taking those shots!

  17. rugbana

    Loved this mega post. As always, excellent pictures!! I have enjoyed getting to know you a bit these last few months. I love how you savor things big and small and capture moments some miss. One of our friends who is a game warden type guy had that happen too a couple of bucks also. I can’t remember how it turned out but I remember it being very difficult to get them apart and I think like in this case one of them may have died. Not sure.

    Your puppy pictures were amazing and cute and cuddly. I so want to hold one of those roly poly fur balls. We need to get a new dog. We keep looking but just haven’t committed to it.

    Happy New Year and may your 2010 be blessed

  18. down_onthefarm

    I shouldn’t even be here…I need to be doing my mountains of laundry, getting ready for tonight…and tomorrow…showering forcryingoutloud…but I just had to read about your “busy” and leave my two cents about it all!!!

    ‘cuz I love this post and you…there is so much, the cRaZy deer thing, go fast cookies, your Grandpa and grandma, puppies! ( I cannot tell or show Sarah, she’ll want you to be her mom), and I love your outfits and all that God is doing IN you and Thru you even when it’s not in a way that you would have picked… and well, gotta go…

    Happy New Year!!!

  19. redladybug18

    lots of things to comment on :)
    that’s too crazy about the deer. I thought usually if that happened one of the antlers would break off. Yay for free venison :)
    You don’t like coffee either?! A kindred spirit too. The only way I drink it, is if it’s mostly sugar with a tablespoon of coffee :) I’m totally a tea drinker though!
    The puppies are way too cute! Take lots of pictures while their this age, before you know it, they’ll be chewing down the house from the bottom up :)

  20. coolmomofeight

    I met with Doris this morning and she told me your deer story so I had to come check it out. Very sad but like you said fascinating. I always enjoy stopping by your blog and catching glimpses of your world. Praying 2010 will be your best year yet, my Xanga friend.

  21. portiajules

    Amber…huge favor..I want you to go pick up one of the puppies and BREATHE in the smell of their Breath for me…it is my FAVORITE smell on earth!!  Loved your update….here is to an amazing 2010 for you and your beautiful family!

  22. chulya

    WOW!  i wish you were here with me, as i scrolled down this post, to hear the thoughts running thru my head.  what a treasure it was!  now as i try to write, i forget it all.     i just enjoyed the pics so very much!  your girls, in dance, are a picture perfection of grace and beauty!    LOVE the idea of a water park Christmas tradition!  the deer story was crazy!  :-O  …but i gotta tell you, gramp’s prayer got me!  (guess i can relate…in my season of life right now.) 

    oh!  BLESSINGS to you, dear amber!  THANKS for sharing your beautiful life with us!  i treasure you!!!    

  23. Mrs_LeFevour

    two. puppies. oh child! honey, honey child! May I make a suggestion? Crate train them puppies! And get Ceasar Milan’s book. When we got our Aprilla, we were concerned about raising a rottie with their not so nice reputations. We crate trained and followed (for the most part) The Dog Whisper’s book and she is a DOLL! Tell her off, she gets down – tell her plotz, she is laying down – tell her on her bed, boom there she is. She is not perfect and can be a spazz, but she is a joy to have around even though she is probably smarter than me. :)

    btw – that fake – o tree was down on DEC 26! Next year I need to have a new attitude about it. Well, at least I have a year to pray about it. happy new year, friend.

  24. LifesStrides

    Wow for the deer story.  Sad thing.  But amazing too.

    One day, if we don’t schedule a meeting, we’re going to bump into one another.  We went to the Conservatory too, one day last week, I think!  One of these days!! LOL

    Love Jack and Cooper.  Too cute! 

    Great photo’s!!  Looking forward to more this year!  I’m so excited about this year too.  Not just for photo’s of course, but everything!!!

    Happy New Year!! 

  25. DanishDoll

    I enjoyed reading (and seeing!) what’s new with your family. So, you got to keep the deer? TWO puppies! WOW! They are adorable! I probably would have grabbed three! I hope they are smart and catch on fast to the whole potty training thing. Or… I hope you have lots of coupons for paper towels! LOL! I especially liked the family shots at the end. I can’t even pick a favorite, because there are things I like about all of them. We had a great time with our daughter and her husband in N. Ireland. It was a special Christmas, and we made some good memories. Blessings to you and your dear ones in this exciting new year! HUGS!

  26. life_by_grace

    Happy Happy Happy New Year to you and the family!!!!! Loved your Christmas card. :) Thank you bunches! Congratulations on the new puppies – you know how that just warms my heart, of course, dog-girl that I am. Great family photos….and the blessing of many generations coming together to celebrate. We have that, too. Huge blessings. Huge. And I cannot believe your story of the bucks. Good grief, girl! How cool is that?? ((hugs)) in this fresh new year. To God be the glory, great things He has done and WILL DO.

  27. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    had to come back and tell ya….my hubs LOVED the deer story and pictures. Your husband is practically a legend in our house now, having actually WITNESSED this amazing scene of two bucks fighting. My dear hubs had a whole theory of how and why this all happened, and what each deer was thinkin…he loved it so much he sent the link to his brother in VA whom also loved the story. Seriously, Shayne may want to sell rights to his story…maybe ‘Outdoor Life’ or some other such hunting enthusiast magazine would publish it for him! :D

    happy weekend to you!

  28. Hutch5

    @foreveranoatneygirl – 

    I just read your comment to Shayne and he’s laughing… I’m laughing too cause I suddenly have the theme song from Walt Disney’s Davy Crockett going off in my head. :) We’d have to change the words though.. something like, “Born in Canada which is lovely to see… But the coldest place you ever could be… He never went hunting in the maple trees.. Cause he started playing hockey when he was only three…”

    lol. have a great weekend you guys!! :)

  29. Hutch5

    @chix0rgirl – 

    yeah, i guess we should call them “fat” and “fatter.” and they’ve even gotten more so – – i think we’re feeding them too much or something. they’re hysterical to watch walk…

    we found them on Craigslist~ we had looked and looked for wks. and literally 2 days b’fore christmas found these, only 20 min away. they’re golden retrievers.. full blooded, but no papers.. so much cheaper than had they had papers. but that stuff doesn’t matter to us. they were asking 100 each, but shayne got them to give him two for 120. :)

    love you too, doll. miss you. hope you’re doing good.. rested from your trip? Happy New Year!

  30. Hutch5

    @foreveranoatneygirl – 

    no. actually shayne text a friend what was going on and he came over to see… :) he ended up taking it to be processed. and i think he was going to have the head mounted – it was pretty big. a 12 pointer, i think. which.. i’m sure as you could guess – i have no interest in something like that hanging in my house – – staring me down every day! :) he promised us some jerky.. i LOVE deer jerky!! it’s the best.

  31. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    good grief! a 12 pointer! wait til my husband hears that! :O) ah yeah, deer jerky is some kinda wonderful!
    and, i’m the one laughing now at the theme song changes. maybe someday you guys could make a movie of your life and that could fit in! teehee! ;D
    happy Sunday!
    luv ya,

  32. M_Squad4

    Loved your post!  Your ladies tea pictures inspired me to do something for the ladies of our Sunday School class.  The deer story was intriguing and the puppies are so adorable!

  33. Cluesy

    my what a fun and busy December.
    Gorgeous pictures, gorgeous family, gorgeous blog and gorgeous You!
    adorable I’m wanting one awfully bad :)
    how fun for your kids!

    Happy New Year!

  34. threejoys

    I truly don’t know where to start, Amber….loved your entries but decided to comment first on the book your Dad shared at Christmas! Wow! Now is that “meaty” or what! Your Christmas sounds very, very special as you made wonderful memories that you’ve allowed us to enjoy!

    Can’t leave here without mentioning the deer! Tell Shayne I appreciate having the privilege of seeing this. I’ve heard of this happening but certainly never saw it. And – I love those puppies! What a fun surprise! I grew up with puppies but after Nevin and I were married, only had cats! :)) Sad substitute!

    Blessings in this New Year as you live out your heart’s desires. ~Cordy

    P.S. It was fun catching up in your life again….I have really missed being on here but have been trying to find “balance!”  I have a peace and joy interacting with all my friends but balance is my prayer and a  sincere goal I have for this year.  Aren’t you glad our Father knows our hearts when we can’t always even explain how we feel!!

  35. homefire

    Wow, what a post!  How can I possibly remember all the comments I had while reading it? 

    The deer–what an amazing thing to actually witness!  I would have been mad if dh hadn’t woke me up to see that one!  Though I guess it was also pretty sad. 

    looks like you’ve been having an absolutely wonderful time!  The ballet pics are sweet, the puppies are adorable, the family pics are fun, and that book sounds like a very neat one. 

    Thanks for sharing your life with us. 

  36. mymeanderings

    My father and brothers would have loved to have seen the buck fight.  It’s sad that one died.

    The family shots are great the colors in the outfits all work together so well!

    I thought about doing the very same thing for Christmas (indoor waterpark), isn’t fun to have a little spending money of your own!?

  37. cricket79

    I just now was able to see this post and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The puppies are too cute!! Your Christmas looked like you had a wonderful time with family and the waterpark……that had to be so nice to get away from the cold for awhile! Oh and I got totally tickled at Emma’s cookie that looked like it was running away. =]


thanks for stopping by! <3