Thursday December 11, 2008

Eight inches lighter.

Finally went in on Tuesday and got my hair done. I was really undecided what I was doing. But had thought if there was eight inches back there to donate to Locks of Love, without it being buzzed above my ears, I’d go for it!

And there was! So… here’s the process ~ .

(Gone, Baby, Gone!)

(when the martians take over, this is how we’ll all look!) :)

(anxious to see the end result)

(Ta- da!)

(With my amazing stylist, Kelly. I’ve gone to her for almost 15 years!! I was one of her very first customers… feels like we’ve grown up together in many ways –  we’ve certainly been through alot of hair trauma together, and it’s only because of her i’m not completely bald!! ;) She has a disease that is effecting her eye sight. Almost blind in one eye, and just found out her other one is now weakening.  She is not a believer, and my heart is so burdened for her to know the Source of true peace! It’s sobering watching someone you care about walk through life and go through trials and yet refuse to turn to Jesus for answers… I just pray that God would take the seeds planted in her heart and bring them to fruition. And she’s SO SWEET – isn’t it kinda “funny” when someone who isn’t a Christian can be a whole lot nicer than alot of Christians around ya (?) hmmm….).


It’s taken a bit getting used to the last few days… kinda like getting a leg amputated (though i know that’s permanent, and this temporary). Still, habits you didn’t realize you had… like pulling your hair around one shoulder and braiding it! Now, your hands reach the end before it even makes it halfway around! Still, it’s been forever since I’ve had it cut – and this short at that. So, I think I’ll like the change. Shayne does. and Ben told me today, “mom, your new hair makes you look better!” ha! ;) (makes ya wonder what you looked like before)

——– ~ ~ ——–

Can’t believe another weekend is upon us. I have not even put one Christmas decoration up yet! Well, the tree is – w/ the lights on it. It’s starting to grow on me and I think I might just leave it so. ;) Been too busy decorating for other people I haven’t got it done here, or when I do have time don’t feel like it. :/ I know, I know… sad. I think tonight though I’m going to make every effort to put myself in the holiday spirit and go to town on turning this place into a winter wonderland… uh, well.. sorta!

——– ~ ~ ———

Lots of you have messaged/ facebooked lately and asked what editing program I use for the headers here and such… I use a super easy, free program on line called Picnik. I first heard about it from my friend Cara back in the summer. I’ve had alot of fun with it. And if you’re still working on Christmas pics or that special one for grandparents you might give it a try. I just got mine back the first of the week and some shots that I thought weren’t so great turned out cuter than I thought. :) Thank the Lord for editing, eh? ;)  Love their fonts especially! so enjoy.

——– ~ ~ ———-

My hubs just called and said he’s on his way home. Which means I better go get the pasta cookin. It’s Fettucine Alfredo tonight! I’m not Italian, but I could eat pasta every day of the week!! :)


wishing you a Fabulous weekend filled with all the very best kinds of BleSsinGs!!!!!



42 thoughts on “Thursday December 11, 2008

  1. cherylyn_p

    What a beautiful color! AND . . . you are so pretty, you’d look good no matter what length or style you wore your hair!

    I like the new look.

    (funny . . . I thought *we* WERE Italian . . .)

  2. Elizabethmarie_1

    Very cute!  It looks healthier, and bouncier!  I like the color a lot!  It always feels good to have something new done with hair, doesn’t it? (as long as it turns out good of course:)) I’m sure locks of love will appreciate that thick ponytail too!

  3. Mommaof6

    Your hair looks great!  It gives you a boost!  Whenever I get mine cute, it just puts a “spring” in my step!  All the dead ends gone and all that new growth, just makes you feel younger, don’t ya think????  Have a wonderful Christmas A~  Love, Mrs. B

  4. mamajoyjoy

    Love the cut! I’m donating again…probably one last time before baby #2 arrives, and that’s it. I’m super low maintanence, so growing it (which takes me over 2 years) for the 3rd time around is testing my patience a bit. I could eat pasta every night too. Yum!

  5. goddreamer

    LOVE IT…LOVE IT..LOVE IT!!!  you look gorgeous! so stylish, amber! what a great change! frames your face, and brings out your features more…your eyes, cheek bones…etc. And to think you helped someone in the process. I love “Locks of Love”…what a great ministry. Oh…and I love your heading   ((hugs)) jen

  6. DawneElla

    Bravo!! You look super–and some young person is going to love your locks–how wonderful. I bet you really notice a difference when washing your hair and the dry time is probably cut in half!

    I’ve said a prayer for your friend Kelly. ~Dawne

  7. ABAHM

    Love your cut…and to think you could also donate to locks of love…how great! I have been busy with making costumes and planning the homeschool party, so I am behind on decorating, presents, all of it! Trying to rest and enjoy! Keep loving on Kelly, I’m praying, Jenny

  8. onehappymomma

    My opinion on the new ‘do is that it makes your hair look healthier.  It looks so silky and smooth.  I bet even a little shorter would look awesome (like just above the shoulders).  Maybe next time.  I’m glad you and your family like it!

  9. maryjunemiller

    Wow – I love it!!! Those last pictures of you with the blue scarf are gorgeous – your eyes are amazing!!! Hope you ‘grow’ to love your new style – it really looks great.
    The header is so fun! Your home is beautiful. Mj

  10. bakersdozen2

    It really really looks great! Healthy, shiny, youthful!! ~You made the right decision and your leg… er- uh HAIR will grow back in no time ;)
    Erin said the other day after hearing that you were donating your hair , “Man if I ever had cancer; I’d want her hair” ** And look, you’ve done it and still have tons left**

    Ohhh, after Susie’s visit last weekend, I wanted another visit from you again! I love the relationship between you two … very real & transparent. ~She thinks so much of your whole family!
    Anyway, One more day until the weekend. Blessings to you, friend!

  11. Hutch5

    @purpleamethyst76 – 

    it was funny how nervous i got when i realized i was getting it cut… i think i thought there wouldn’t be enough, so i was probably more prepared for just a good trim! :) the last time i had my hair cut to my shoulders i hated it!! i think this time i was more ready for it to be gone – which really means older and lazier. lol :)

  12. MaranathaAcres

    lookin good!  I just got home from a hair disaster…I just wanted a little trim….my daughters first comment when I got home….”mom you got a boy haircut”…NOT something I wanted to hear!

  13. tildystar

    it’s gorgeous!!! completely you. love it.

    my favorite part is that sensation of baldness while in the shower. seriously, it’s like, “uh oh, where’d it go?!?!?”


  14. Izzysgal

    Hey, the hair looks great. I always love reaching around while washing mine, and wow, where is it all. And then the drying and everything is so much easier. Don’t think of it as old and lazy, it’s more maturity and responsibility :) You know we’re just not quite as selfish, we’ve got more people to make look good than ourselves. Like I go to take family pictures, and you get everyone else lookin’ good and then we’re done taking pictures and I’m like, oh my goodness I forgot to even gloss my lips, oh well, not very many hours to sit in front of the mirror anymore. Have fun decorating for Christmas!

  15. thejbub

    Aawwwwwww!!! soooooooo pretty! -course you always look pretty, sis! I love the new look!!! —no more floppy top-knots! hehe!! Love ya!


    Ps…if something weird comes up on this comment…its cause i am writing on my iPod touch…

  16. CurrySparks

    look at you pretty lady!  Love it.  In that last pic – you remind me of Heather Locklear – but less blond.  Maybe it is the facial expression – and that is a compliment, just in case there are any HL haters out there!  Have a fab weekend!

  17. redladybug18

    you took the plunge too?! awesome! love it! Looks like you and I got almost the same cut except I have shorter bangs. I think you look younger and so cute :) People always tell me when I get my hair shorter that I look older? :/ Eventually I’ll post pictures of mine. I’ve been gone and busy.

  18. Momcurry

    amen on the “baldess” in the shower!   I got mine really short (sort of by accident)…but everyone LOVES it!  Yours still has plenty of length and looks Oh so fresh and healthy.  YAY for you! 


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