Sunday September 3, 2006


I was playing the piano tonight when Ben came up and sat beside me on the bench…

“Mom, do you know Trust and Obey? That’s my favorite.”

So I found the page in a hymn book close by and started playing. It was sweet to hear him begin to sing the words. I found my eyes filling up with tears at the conviction in his voice. Each time the chorus grew louder and more “sermon- like”.

Before long we were all around the piano, singing away.

Now anyone who knows me well knows I love music of all genre… but I must admit it’s hard to beat alot of those old hymns. You hear the faith, the doctrine, the trials, the LIVES of the people who wrote them coming through the words.

like this~

Not a shadow can rise, not a cloud in the skies, but His smile quickly drives it away; Not a doubt nor a fear, not a sigh nor a tear can abide while we Trust and Obey.

Trust and Obey for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus… 

If you ever want an instant pick-me-up, take a hymn book and just read some of those words. Or better yet start singing them… at the top of your lungs… I guarantee your heart will feel lighter and you’ll have a smile on your face when you’re done.

And perhaps a smile on the faces of those who might hear you…

but sing away!

It does wonders.


7 thoughts on “Sunday September 3, 2006

  1. mrsbiddlebugs

    That’s true… one of my favorite CDs is one where a choir just sings straight through the old familiar hymns. I guess you could say it just ministers to the soul to use an often used phrase… :)

  2. missions_on_mind

    So true! I love the hymns and I love that song! Although not so much when I was younger… lol You see it’s my mom’s favorite song too and we used to sing it all the time. For the longest time my brother’s and I thought she would make us sing it when we were bad to remember to OBEY… lol Only to discover a few ago that she just loved that song. lol I guess it was just a coincidence that we happened to be bad around the time we sang that song or maybe God was reminding us to obey… lol We all laugh about it now… And I now love that song too. :-D

  3. trulytaken

    Still can’t get the look I’m after but thanks for the encouragement! Your site is gorgeous!! I just love the design! It is so nicely personalized!

    Good to meet you!


  4. Anonymous

    My husband grew up knowing/singing just about every hymn written — so blessed I’ve been by this as he has taught the boys these since they were tiny – and taught me lots too. There is something about hymns that have such foundation in them – depth. Thanks for the reminder to take a look at them once again, the words, the meaning behind them — it’s easy to move past them, sing through them and not think through them…

    have a good one!


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