Sunday November 19, 2006


Some of you asked to see the pictures Shayne and I took a few Sunday’s ago for our 10th anniversary. So, here’s a few…

Learned a lot about shadows, sun, wind, and positioning. Still captured lots of sweet moments that will help commemorate this milestone in our lives.

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I’m reminded when I look at these of how much I really, really like this guy! :) 

He’s my best friend and I LOVE every minute of him, and with him.

So… that was our little Sunday of pictures.

Hope you all have a great week ~


18 thoughts on “Sunday November 19, 2006

  1. resolved2worship

    good go at it!

    # 2, 6, and the last one stand out over the others to me — some good creativity and fun back grounds — I like the grays too – both of you look great :) The last two would be cute in black and white – as well as #2 since it has a modern romantic feel to it… maybe cropping it in just a tad.

    Glad you got some fun shots for your 10th! Good sport Shayne is as well. Pics don’t normally come fun or easy for most guys! Robert likes at least a full weeks notice to prepare his mind for such patience ;)



  2. MollyDraga

    Sheesh! How do you get Shayne to go along with all this? And I want to know who takes them too! And do you take changes of clothes for these photo shoots? And what place IS this (I guess I don’t get out much)? And are you going to be the freeby photographer for Theresa’s wedding? hehe. Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple! Happy big 10 :-)

  3. NYVogue

    Love the pics! My favorite is the one of you in the foreground and Shayne in the background (you are gorgeous!), and #2 and 6 (had to pick some where you can see both of you, too)!

    Glad you had a good time! Those special times away together are vital!!!

  4. thejbub

    …..and……. Good JOB, Shayne!!!! *Gives a big “thumbs up”*   Way to SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laugh*  You did great!!!!!  ….considering that you’re not a big fan of havin’ your picture taken! lol  :-D

  5. tildystar

    these pictures makemehappy~*

    found you thru you comments on alyssa welch’s blog… w/ the desire to surround myself w/ insightful, wise women, i have subscribed to you!

    love in Christ,

    katy king~*

  6. missions_on_mind

    Cute pics!!! And I’m sorry but no transfering! Sorry just can’t do it! Well, not really sorry, but I thought it sounded nice… lol :-D GO BLUE!!!!!!!!! MICHIGAN ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!!! lol And I still love you even though you are a Ohio fan! lol ;-)

  7. trulytaken

    Amber, love these!!! My husband pitches a fit and a half if I try to take his picture but if we are together it’s a little better. Just as long as we only take a few…  But these are great! You guyes look so good! Even better after 10 years. The years have been so good to you both! You’re a gorgeous girl!! Hope we get to meet you in person one day!


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