Sunday November 1, 2009

{Celebrating #13}


It was thirteen years ago today, on a Friday, at just about 6 something in the evening my name forever changed

and along with it~ my life.

What a life it’s been!

Certainly far from perfect~
but one I wouldn’t trade for anything in this world.

Here’s some things I’ve learned along the way..
grow more grateful for everyday..
and just plain downright love.


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13 Things I love about my Husband~

1. his humor
2. his practicality
3. his easy going manner
4. his positive outlook
5. his hands
6. his touch
7. his smell
8. his kindness
9. his prayers
10. his smartness :)
11. his fathering
12. his friendship
13. his tenderness

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13 Things I Love About My Marriage~

1. raising a family together
2. learning together
3. hanging out together
4. being silent together
5. praying together
6. making love together
7. figuring life out together
8. being ourselves together
9. laughing together
10. looking to God together
11. growing up together
12. growing old together
13. all the togetherness of it. :)

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13 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage from My Marriage~

1. That I don’t know as much as I thought I knew about marriage before I was married.
2. That men aren’t women and we shouldn’t expect them to act like one.
3. That, “I was wrong. Will you forgive me?” holds some powerful healing.
4. That there is absolutely no room for selfishness in a marriage.
5. That the instant I begin to think of “me first” is the instant my marriage begins to weaken –  I guess Proverbs 13 :10 is right!
6. That communicating is vital.
7. That communicating does not mean I do all the talking.
8. That the times it seems we’re from different planets are the times to remember every planet is needed!
9. That kissing and often does wonders.
10. That we need to nurture our friendship as well as our love.
11. That praise is crucial.
12. That our marriage is worth the fight.
13. That it’s a fight we cannot fight alone –
                                                             that we so need Christ!. 

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Shayne is preaching at our church today.. which I can’t remember the last time he did. But it seems fitting that it’s today, of all days that he does. Brings back so many memories of those first months of marriage… sitting in a little senior center building in Northern Ontario… surrounded by a congregation that probably thought I was as strange and different as I thought they were. There were times of loneliness and homesickness and tears during those days… but somehow I really didn’t mind. There in the first row, 2nd chair in.. week after week.. I was reminded over and over why I had said “yes.” Moved 900 miles from family and country and everything I had ever known.. it was all for the guy up front! ;)
And though these thirteen years have held things I never would have expected or chosen… one things for certain…

I’d do it all again! In a heartbeat.




73 thoughts on “Sunday November 1, 2009

  1. PaytonFamily

    Happy anniversary! I loved your “things you learned about marriage from your marriage” section. I could really relate to a lot of those & others I need to learn from. :)

  2. Ariadone

    Beautiful couple,  Heel Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met Uw 13e huwelijksdag. Happy congratulations on your 13th weddingday anniversary. I can proudly comment that after our own 33 years of marriage I agree to all that you have summed up here, because each word is heartfelt…..well done ! Wishing for you to have a great and deepening happy 14th year of marriage as a blessing to what you alraidy share.

    Godeliva van Airadone

  3. fwren

    Happy anniversary, you two ~ love that first picture of you, Amber ~ behind the grasses ~ the softness of it ~ lovely.  Have a blessed day in the Lord ~

  4. WasabiBek

    aw!! loved this post! couldn’t agree more with what you had to say!!!!!! happy anniversary! we are married 4 years now and it just keeps on getting better and better.

  5. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    Happy Anniversary to you guys! What a testimony your life, your love is….some day when I have lots of time, I’m going to come back and read your story…it intrigues me to know you were in Northern Ontario; that’s where it all began for us 11 years ago! Love how you list things you love about your husband, your marriage, and the things you have learned from it. I pray that you have a good day together, and many, many more years together. Beautiful pictures of you guys…


  6. seekinHISwisdom

     Lovely lists for a married women to remember how blessed we actually are! It’s all about giving….

     The pictures are sooo cute!! I love the fun, serious, loving, crazy, beautiful expressions, they all go right along with a marriage! :) Have a wonderful day together!

  7. BookMark61

    Happy Anniversary. What a lovely testimony and gift to your husband. Despite what many say about us guys, verbal affirmations like this is just the sort of gift we treasure. May your marriage be forever blessed and Spirit filled.

  8. Richgem

    Happy, happy, happy anniversary to you and Shayne! You are blessed to be able to list the positives the way you have! I was wondering if I would be able to do 30 things about my hubby! (Ours is in May). What I can say is, I SO love my man in every way! And marriage CAN get better every year! LOve, GAil

  9. mrsbiddlebugs

    Aww… I thought it was a youtube of your wedding or an old video clip… :( I don’t want to hear some guy sing! :) Oh yeah… Happy Anniversary! 13 years ago… I sat upon an organ bench… and sat and sat… ;) :)

  10. grams53

    Congratulations to the both of you.  What a fine couple!  Keep learning, growing, and loving.  It’s worth every minute of the effort it takes!

    Blessings to you!

  11. mytoesareblue

    happy anniversary. 13 years…wow, what a blessing. i loved reading about what you’ve learned and what you love about your hubby. where did you guys meet? is Shayne Candian and what part of Ontario were you in? i’m from London in Ontario…so i might now of it. what beautiful pictures to remember this awesome day.

  12. Momcurry

    one more thing about you all…two beautifully BLUE eyed parents have all gorgeous blue eyed children!! Love you and may you have 13 X 7 more years together!!

  13. portiajules

    Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!  I am so happy you have a wonderful and Blessed relationship…you are so deserving of it my beautiful friend!!!  Much love from Minnesota!

  14. quest4god

    Many, many happy years ahead with the foundation that has been laid – Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone and the Head.  Thanks for sharing your happiness with us!

  15. Hutch5

    @mytoesareblue – 

    in Huntsville… we actually go through London on our way there! and I’m always so glad to see those London signs!!- – it’s like the only place w/ food and restrooms between Windsor and Toronto!! :)

  16. chulya

    you two are just adorably precious, cute, beautiful, sweet….and made for each other!  LOVE your attitude and what you’ve learned.  marriage is the hardest work i’ve ever done!  BUT…SO WORTH IT!   

    HAPPY 13TH!  AND SO MANY, MANY MORE!!!!   <3

  17. Abbiegirl

    Congratulationans! That was a beautiful post! Nov 1st is also my birthday i’ve never heard of anyone being married that day too! Thats so Cool! I hope you had a Wonderful Day!

  18. mellibella

    Awww this is so sweet the words and the pics!  Who was the photographer?  kate???? if so, she may have inherited some of mama’s talent.  Good job whoever did them. 

  19. Anonymous

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left on my blog! I enjoy hearing from you. I check your blog all the time, and so enjoy reading your posts! Hope you are having a great day!

    Much Love,

    ~Lydia Caroline~

    P.S Feel free to visit my blog again…

  20. down_onthefarm

    My wishes are late…but just as sincere! :) I hope that you both had a very special day and a fabulous time celebrating…
    I enjoyed this post, your photos are just so very beautiful, love your lists and your hair…and I went back and read your old related posts that you had linked. Precious. I didn’t even know ya way back then a year or two ago! :)

    Love you.

  21. Hutch5

    @i_was_there_and_back_again – 

    we’re kinda old fuddy duddies.. we do pretty much the same thing year after year – go to a favorite park. walk around. talk. eat dinner. see a movie {if one’s playing that we want to see}.. but it’s just always nice to have a space of time out to ourselves. I like hanging out with him, even if it’s doing nothing. ;)

  22. homefire

    Oh, this is beautiful, Amber!  Love your lists.    Marriage can be such a beautiful thing.  Lately I have been mourning for some marriages that are sinking, and it’s wonderful to come here and see a joyous celebration of marriage as it should be! 


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