Sunday January 14, 2007

They won’t always feel this way.

Standing in the back of the auditorium was the usual little gang of 7, 8, and 9 year olds. Most of their conversation centering on one thing. Football cards. Which rested safely, (under strict instruction of their parents until after the service), in the albums they held protectively in their grasp. Shirts a bit untucked by now. Hair disheveled. They anticipated one thing. Church over. Trading begun.

All at once one of the boys uncharacteristically changed the subject. What else do little boys have to talk about? Well, listen in…

“Hey, have you seen the picture of Natalie and Daniel in the bulletin?”

“Why are they in there?”

“Don’t you know? They’re engaged! They’re going to get married.”

Silence for a moment.

Then one of the younger ones pipes up. “Oh, I hate when that happens. It ruins everything.”

About that time they look up and see Daniel walking up the aisle towards them.

“There he is!”

and another adds in a very sad tone, shaking his head from side to side…

“Things will never be the same again.”


Do you think one day their perspective of love will be different?


13 thoughts on “Sunday January 14, 2007

  1. missions_on_mind

    hehe!!! That’s so cute! I’m so excited for them! :-D Yes… Never the same… sniff sniff sniff… Ok well things will change now, but not too drastically for a while. lol :-) I can’t wait to get home to see her!!! My sis is courting! I can’t believe it! Actually I can… but anyhoos… lol Love ya and miss ya lots Amber dearest!

  2. Quietlittlelife

    It is bittersweet and a bit bewildering when time marches by your window and waves!!  I know there will come a time when I’m ready to let go, but right now I’m not looking forward to it one bit.

  3. resolved2worship

    savoring the days my little boys feel the same way. ~

    having an ice storm today! a piece of northern winter for us down here! Everyone stops life and Robert was told to stay home from work — no body goes anywhere or drives or anything — funny! at 29 degrees you’d think the world stopped turning down here!

    have a good one!

  4. Hutch5

    Ah, Lys… that’s NUTS! It’s warmer here than there. I can just see all those Texans not knowing what to do w/ ice!! :)

    Stay warm. I think that cold weather is headed our way though… 

  5. Playitjoe

    yeah, time marches by your window and waves.  CONGRATS guys!!!!   Scott announced it at Bethel North yesterday.  I was SHOCKED!!!!  I really need a visit. cries….

  6. theBESTESTmommyEVER

    Little boys!!!!  We were at a wedding and Jerry was probably around 10 or 11 and Nichole made a comment on how beautiful the bride looked.  Jerry…”Who?” , Nichole, “The BRIDE!!!”  Jerry….”never saw her, but that was the best wedding we’ve been to in a long time!”  MOM…”What, you didn’t see the bride???, what were you doing??”  Jerry….”reading”  (He used to sneek books to church and every where we went, just in case he would say)  Exasperated MOM….”So you didn’t see the bride, don’t know who actually got married????  how is this the best wedding we’ve been to in a long time???”  Jerry..” It was real fast and the food was awesome!”  Yes, little boys will change their perspective eventually. 

  7. citygirlyank

    ROFL. This is hillarious, but I must confess to feeling somewhat the same way when it happens to one of my friends. LOL. They end up busy with their courtship, and then their new families, and we poor single friends get left behind…*sigh* However, I do love to see how God brings two people together, and who He brings together…So glad for them both!


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