those little random blessings.

MOMS (The Rescuers)

Tonight at dinner Ben was, well… not so thrilled about the choice. Hence, after every bite he took a drink. Which meant he was already on his second glass, and his food was barely touched. His daddy informed him he needed to eat a bunch more before any more drink could be had.

After trying so hard to eat as best he could, I got up to get him some more water… After all, we were having chili. And what kid likes to eats kidney beans and chopped tomatoes, mixed with ground beef, tomato soup, and spicy chili powder? Sounds rather gross just typing it out!

As I was filling his glass, Shayne smiled and said, “Ah, once again rescued by your mom!”

Ben answered, “I like when mom rescues me!”

Shayne raised his eyebrows… I knew what he was thinking. ;)

“I’d say we’ve all been rescued a few times by our mom’s,” I answered.

The look on Shayne’s face told me he was recalling a time or two himself just then. :)

Where would we be without our moms!

(well… Ben would surely be choking on the floor by now)

Ah, where indeed!


SOCKS (Please remove!)

This evening I could not get Emma to go to sleep, as she usually does so systematically, and quite happily.

After being up and down the stairs so many times I have to eat a whole other meal… due to the fact I burnt the first one, and then some, completely off! And after moving her to different spots – ones not wet from her slobbery cries, blankets on, blankets off. Soft music playing. No music playing. On my last attempt I thought… “guess she’s just going to have to cry this one out!”

When I had one final thought…

I reached under the covers and pulled her socks off. Like magic she rolled over, cozied down, and went to sleep!

“Well,” I said to myself. “Guess she just needed someone to pull her socks off for her!”

How many times are the needs of those around us so simple… so easy to meet. If we’ll take the time to really show concern, and think of what might bring them comfort and peace!

Aren’t you glad for all those who noticed when you needed your socks pulled off!!

BROTHERS (The true friends)

Jeffrey, Nate, and Danny went out with our little clan today. I’m always amazed that these three strapping, fine looking guys are not “ashamed” to run around with their big sis, her husband,  and three kids in tow.

They are so patient as I go here, there, and, “oh, just one more place!” They don’t mind Kate sitting on their lap in the crowded van. Or, Ben jumping on their back. They love holding Emma, and don’t even seem to mind the drool spots on their shirts!

 And, they never seem to notice the sometimes funny stares from people, I’m sure, trying to figure out how we all go together….

Am I a girlfriend? Could I possibly be all these kids mom? Are they the dad? Who exactly is the dad? ;) Are we some kind of huge typical homeschool family and I’m the older sister raising all these kids? ha! 

At any rate… they seem legitimately happy to hang with us.

I think it’s pretty cool when your family members are your best friends, and the people you enjoy being with more than anyone!

Pretty cool indeed~

(love you guys)


have a happy day!



16 thoughts on “those little random blessings.

  1. godspinkmnm

    My family drinks a lot when I try to invent new recipes…hmmm…

    And unless its -20 F., who really likes to sleep with socks on???

    (perhaps your trips up & down the steps burnt off that cake you ate last night..)

    love ya, M

  2. natibug3

    Yeah well MY family RMS too!!!!!!!!!  And so do like a bazillion others.

    You have such a cute family. Ben sounds like a bundle of joy and questions.

    KEEP ON PRAYIN JESSICA( for thoughs of you who have read jody’s post)

  3. missions_on_mind

    Families are the best! Looking back over the years I find it so funny how when I was youger we used to fight so much and we couldn’t hardle stnad each other. Mom used to always tell us that someday we would all be best friends. And we would look at her like “Are you crazy?!?!?! Me best firends with them???? Haha! Thats a joke!” And now she was so right!!! :-D And I must say that I’m very glad that she was right.

  4. kimochiigirl

    amber – those stories are so cute – can you guess who this is??? it’s ANITRA – yep – look me up – i’m kimochiigirl…it’s been ages, lady!! you have a darling family – truly blessed!!! :)


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