20 thoughts on “Saturday December 16, 2006

  1. missions_on_mind

    Looks like so much fun!!!! Wish I could have been there! I was so excited that ya’ll called me! Totally made my day! I was rather homesick feeling and then you guys called!!! I do have to admit that I almost did cry when talking to Beks and Nati, but didn’t cause everyone would have heard and yeah… lol Love you bunches! Miss you so much! :-D

  2. Hutch5

    Yeah, Mrs. Curry.. there were a few more there. Some running around outside. Some upstairs w/ our kids watching a movie. :) And Shayne.. who climbed on TOP of the entertainment center to take the picture!!! All my Christmas decorations will never look the same! :) But, so worth it. Fun night of games and praising God for all His goodness in the last year…

    So, this is what it would be like w/ a few more kids, eh? Hmmm… :)

  3. thejbub

    Thanks so much for all the time, effort, and love you put into the program! Everything went great! I love you ….enjoy being able to sleep at night! ;-)


  4. mhabookworm

    Man! I sooo should have come to that….!!! But I already had told my friend from school that I would come to hers…and then I was going over to my other friend’s house to spend the night with her and another friend I hardly ever get to see, and then was going to see a movie with them…even so….I wish I had…


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