new york city. part two.


sunday morning we woke to the slow jersey sun filtering through the thick hotel curtains.
we got up and took our time getting ready..
curling our hair and putting on make up as we sang along to alicia keys,

Now you’re in New York!
These streets will make you feel brand new,
Big lights will inspire you,
Hear it for New York!
(New York, New York, New York)

i think i was most excited for this day~
we were headed to a matinee showing of Wicked and kate and i both absolutely love musical theater!

the show started at two and we had planned on leaving in plenty of time to grab a light lunch beforehand, however when we went down to the lobby the usual shuttle to penn station was gone and wouldn’t be back for an hour, said the lady at the front desk.

at first we thought we’d walk the few blocks to the station. but later realized, and glad we hadn’t, since it was more than just a few! next, we decided to call a cab, but when i inquired further and was told it would cost 90 bucks we said, no thank you! so we decided to drive ourselves. but by the time we got to the station, found parking, couldn’t find our train, went to the wrong platform, and halfway up an escalator realized it wasn’t the right one so ran back down!! {do you know how difficult that is? running down an up escalator!! and in heels!!}}

it really should be an olympic sport.

by now we were beginning to realize there’d be no light lunch beforehand.
we were just hoping to make it to new york at all that day!!

finally, someone pointed us in the right direction.
and funny how we always seemed to get directions without really having to ask..
people would just walk up to us and ask where we were trying to go.
guess it was pretty obvious we weren’t from around there!


by the time we made it to the platform we were supposed to be at, on the other side of the station, the train was already completely loaded and we knew that meant it would be pulling out any second.

i scrambled to find the transit card we’d purchased the night before {and here we thought we’d be so prepared!}, shoving it into the ticket slot and pushing my leg against the bars as it rolled around and i onto to the other side, handing the card back to kate who was behind me…

she did exactly the same. except when she pushed on the turnstile, it didn’t budge. she tried again. still nothing. we heard someone saying something over the speakers about last call and knew we had no time to purchase another ticket.

“just jump!” i told her.

she hesitated.

“just do it. hurry, babe!! we’re going to be late!!”

so, bracing herself on either side she kicked her legs up in one sweep and over.

about midair i realized i had forgotten one slight detail. the fact she was wearing a dress!
and the fact that an entire train car packed of people were facing dead on our direction.
but before i could come up with another plan, jesslyn was doing the same. legs flailing in the air!
and if you know jesslyn, that’s a whole lot of legs!!

now, three of us through and that left jo, who was sticking the ticket in and out still trying to get it to work.

“you’re gonna have to jump too,” i was telling her as i headed towards the train with the girls. i saw her start to boost herself up and it appeared she had cleared it.. but once on the train when i turned to look out the wide open window, where everyone else was looking too there was jo, just kinda awkwardly straddling the turnstile with one leg this way and the other that and apparently her dress was caught and i moved forward, not sure whether to go help or stay and just when i thought we’d surely pull away and poor jo would be stuck like that forever, she made one last attempt that sent her sprawling forward as dress and purse and phone went flying in all directions. the conductor was saying something else and i heard the brakes release underneath and just at the very last possible minute it could have been jo was up with her phone and purse in a heap and squeezed in pretty much as the doors closed behind her!

the train car of business clad men and suburban moms and young twenty something year old’s all sorta let out this collective, quiet cheer that she had made it and then jo looked at them all and throwing her hands in the air said, “oh, go ahead and laugh. it’s okay..!” and several did and we did too. and we laughed till we couldn’t stop. and this little jamaican lady from behind us said through her thick accent, “be glad you’s was wearing panties. believe me, we’ve seen much worse!” and then we laughed more and well after everyone else had stopped and i’m sure didn’t find it amusing any longer.

we still laugh about it. and wonder if there’s any wanted posters for the “turnstile jumping bandits.”
although to say, “jumping,” is a probably a stretch.

when we finally exited the subway we were still 5 blocks from where we needed to be!
so we hailed our first ever new york city taxi as all four of us crammed in the backseat and when we asked the driver to please hurry and he grinned at us through the mirror it suddenly felt like we were in one of those scenes from the movies where the taxi guy is driving all crazy and reckless and practically on the sidewalk.

yeah, like that!

but it was worth it.
and we piled out in front of the theater with all of five minutes to spare!!

_MG_7916_MG_7895IMG_3941_MG_7904_MG_7648 (2)

the show was unbelievable. absolutely riveting from start to finish.
the storyline is one of my favorites~
so clever and witty and yet an underlying seriousness throughout as well.
to me those are the very best kind of stories…
the ones that have layered meanings and allow you to draw your own conclusions.
that leave you mulling it over long after it’s finished.

and also the ones that leave you wanting to throw your arms wide out and go singing and dancing down the street as if you’re barbara striesand.. until your sixteen year old reminds you, you’re not! ;)

from there we just walked around and had fun trying on hats in the hat shoppe and walking into the trump hotel through a bit of a side door and coming out through the lobby to the front entrance and having the doorman totally think we were staying there when he asked, “will you ladies be walking tonight?” i was so tempted to put on my best british accent and tell him that no, “charles was bringing round the car.” but i wasn’t sure what we’d do when charles didn’t show so we just nodded politely and said yes, and kept right on walking!

we saw a movie being made and sat across the street on a bench trying to spot the celebs filming but finally gave up and went for a stroll in central park instead just as the sun was beginning to set.

i wished we had went earlier so we could have had better lighting for pictures but there is something magical about central park at night~ and all of the city for that matter as we then made our way, with nowhere in particular in mind, down the streets… admiring shop windows and horse drawn carriages and quietly walking through a candle lit cathedral, whose architecture was incredible.  then walking more until everything was near closed and our feet were ready to fall off and finally landing in a place that looked like a good spot for dinner ~

so we sat and ate and rested and reminisced the day and laughed and sipped hot tea until midnight.


then we headed back to our hotel the same way we’d come flying down 57th that morning..
in a yellow cab.
and i didn’t think i could possibly love this city anymore than i already did…

but it wasn’t tomorrow yet!



27 thoughts on “new york city. part two.

    1. amber Post author

      thanks parla! you’re too sweet~
      need to get over to your blog and see how that new little one of yours is doing…
      watch out, he’ll be sixteen before ya know it. ;)))

    1. amber Post author

      blushing, YES!! it’s one of those times in life you just know there’s not a thing you can do about it.. it’s done and over and is what it is. but we were ALL glad to get off that train, finally!! :))

      and there’s nothing in the whole world like a broadway show. it has to be one of my absolute favorite things in all of life!!!!

  1. Jenny

    I read both days,and just enjoyed your great way of telling all about it. What fun. The subway is both a blessing and a great confusion, isn’t it? The airbnb we stayed at outside the city ,was quite the shock, very shabby (and not in the chic sense). I wish I had your way of telling about it. Our host was very kind though, and gave us his cell in case we got lost, separated , or otherwise confused. It is so good to laugh when we have these adventures! We got stuck hoofing it ” a few blocks” to where our bus tour left, and those blocks do not add up to “FEW” anything. I finally had to stop and rest, while Bob asked a transit bus how far away it was, the driver took pity on us and gave us a lift …a long way :-) no charge. They must feel sorry for the poor tourists.

    1. amber Post author

      haha.. “those blocks do not add up to a “FEW” anything…” so TRUE!!!! they’re the longest blocks in the world. and the subway.. ugh. it mainly just freaked me out. if we could have afforded it i would have much rather have taken a cab – – i think i’ve seen too many movies.. i was convinced everyone was carrying a gun and ready to mug us! ;)

  2. fauquet

    it was a unforgettable day in New York for three elegant young women . What a class !
    Your photos of people and buildings of New York city are always so beautiful.
    I noticed the boutique Louis Vuiton! Luxuous !

  3. Elizabeth

    Laughing at the train funny!
    Love this post..can’t wait to see more. The pictures are amazing…Radio City Music Hall…Oh, my dream was always to sing there one day! Yeah, I’m sure it will still happen. ;) Looking forward to your next post!!! Make it soon. ;)


    1. amber Post author

      well when we have ffe nyc you can stand on the street corner outside and sing away.. i bet you’d make some money. seriously. i’ll be sure to bring the hat! :))

  4. jennie zimmerman

    oh my word! I held my breath for your friend…SO GLAD that she made it on to the TRAIN! Whew!!

  5. Christy

    AAAhhh, so much fun to read this. I can never get too much NYC. It sounds like you would be a super fun travel partner–planning in the places you want to see, but also leaving room for spontaneity. The story about getting onto the train was TOO funny! So glad your friend made it, and you had such good laughs from it. Those are the moments that make the best memories later one.

  6. Cindy

    turnstile jumping?!!! i think that running a marathon sounds easier. :) that’s so hilarious. maybe your friend who took off her cover up shorts at the pool, only to remember that they weren’t a cover up layer that day, would also enjoy this story. ;) i have loved every bit of your nyc adventure!


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