Monday October 31, 2011

{fake family}

“Do you have a fake family? I do. It’s the one I made up in my head and it gives my real family an impossibly high standard to reach. My fake family never fights during game night, they sweetly try a few bites of everything on their plates, and they never leave their dirty underpants on the bathroom floor…”

full post & link here.

september breeze~ 037

i found it hilarous and sobering..
great perspective for a monday.

i’m thinking there’s like a whole neighborhood where our fake families live. ;) but…

“I suspect one day our kids will not recall the laundry piled on our couches or every little time we blew it, but I hope they carry into adulthood the security that they were wanted, they were adored, they were cherished, and they were loved. So very loved. Parents, we might not get it all right even seven out of ten times, but failure is not a deal breaker inside the safety of a family. I pray one day we launch our kids into this world whole and healed, redeemed by the touch of their Savior and transformed simply because we loved and we stayed…imperfectly and beautifully.”

do i hear an amen?? :)

now, off to make some soup or something warm for my sickies, all home from school today.

gotta admit i kinda like it though…
it feels like the old days!!

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23 thoughts on “Monday October 31, 2011

  1. Anonymous

    So sorry you have sick kids, today! Hope they are better very soon! I really don’t mind having kids home sick, either. It’s a good excuse to slow down and put the “list” on hold and just enjoy quiet.
    Love that Fake Family post!

  2. ABAHM

    Yes, both a fake family and a fake mom. The perfection thing does get less as you age, hopefully wisdom, not just being worn out
    Hope your sickies feel better. I just took a bowl of cream of wheat to mine. It is always a good sign when he is still hungry!

  3. H0LDfast

    the dirty underwear on the bathroom floor …. that made me smile : ) so did your little girlies. good post.
    sorry for the sickies. good mom you are in soup making!

  4. redladybug18

    that’s funny about that idea of the fake family :P I don’t think the kids live there :P I think you’re only added to the neighborhood when you’re old enough to pick up after yourself and be a perfect person. :P
    poor kids-all sick. I’ve had a cold lately too as well. The yummy sweet food I’ve been eating probably hasn’t helped either :)
    Happy Tuesday to you!

  5. TinyTotsMom

    Great thoughts Amber. So often we have fake families, fake marriages, fake Christianity….. It does neither us nor our friends, family, neighbors any good. How blessed my life has been by real people, with real struggles and real failures who are willing to be transparent and humble themselves so I can learn and change!

  6. down_onthefarm

    i didn’t know it was fake. until now. thanksalot. ;)
    i thought it was for real and that doggoneit it is high time to start acting like it.

    you know i’m kidding. kinda. but i’m just saying that i wanted the charts to work.
    and the chore jar. and the happy read their own Bibles everyday sorta kids. because someone
    could you know, decide The Why for my What. and gasp. i would be misjusdged and misunderstood.
    and we can’t have that!

    with all of my sarcasm ^^^, you have a loud and sincere amen from me.
    great thoughts. great link. thanks amber… and hope that everyone is feeling better!

  7. down_onthefarm

    and… btw. darling little incognito hutch girls.

    you offered a trip down memory lane with that fun picture. my friend and i bought glasses just like that in jerusalem…
    and we wore them at the airport! ha. those were the days. i still have ’em… and i’m thinking that if we ever fly together as a family?
    i may need to keep them handy. really. because my fake family won’t be along. and the real one can get embarrassing ya know? :) ha.

  8. Hutch5

    @down_onthefarm – haha! yes~the glasses would come in handy, i think. i had bought us all a pair several months back at the dollar store and thought it would be funny for christmas pics. then. totally forgot and half were broken, etc. a friend is re shooting our pics this weekend, so.. hmm.. now, i’m thinkin! ;)

    of course. just always love your thoughts. you crack me up along with causing me to sigh at the serious i hear/ know too. love you


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