{life for monday}

hey you..

yes, you! on the other side of the computer screen.
looking, maybe like i do today.
hair a mess. day old mascara smudged under your eyes.
feeling like there’s never enough days in the weekend,
and monday came round again way too fast.

maybe you’re a bit overwhelmed as you look at your week ahead.
a bit tired. burdened about something.
dealing with health issues or conflict in your home.
a relationship that has caused you pain.
circumstances you don’t understand.

maybe your mind is racing. your heart unsettled.
the negative thoughts flooding in faster than you can take them captive.
or, maybe even all that talk of taking thoughts captive..
of battling the enemy and holding up the shield of faith makes ya want to go crawl back in bed.
just not feeling much like the warrior maiden today.
the strong one. the spiritual one.
super mom or barbie wife.

maybe you’re feeling crushed under expectations..
all you’re supposed to be. want to be. what others think you should be.
feeling a bit blah! flabby, ugly. not as young and nimble as you once were. :)

well, i was reminded of something when i woke up this morning..
and wanted to pass on the reminder to you also.
that it’s not about how well i’m holding onto Him today~
it’s the fact that He never stops holding me!

that is how we get through.. whatever it is we need getting through.
this season of life. this conflict. this math test. this health issue. this relationship pain. this week. this day. this moment.. this.

He is holding us.

“the eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” deut. 33:27

i especially like that word everlasting.
my strength fades. my faith quivers. my grip loosens. and my arms give out.

His. never.

and that thought blows a fresh breeze of grace across the big and little of this, yet another, mundane monday.

i hope it does yours as well~





























56 thoughts on “{life for monday}

  1. fruitloops115

    it’s that kinda monday here. an emotional two-year old who feels like being high-maintenance, and a grumpy mommy who isn’t nurturing her needy child. blech. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. homefire

    Thank you!  Another thing to be thankful for today.  :)

    A verse that jumped out for me this week:  The LORD of hosts has sworn saying, “Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand.”  Isaiah 14:24

    He has it all under control.  Rest in Him!

    Pretty iris! 

  3. Anonymous

    psalm 34:8-10.
    Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! Blessed is the man who takes refuges, who trusts, in Him! Oh fear the Lord, you his saints, for those who fear Him lack nothing! The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

  4. allilaney

    Thank you Amber, for this post!! And thank you for the comments on my Luke story. When it happened, I thought about you as well as Alyssa, Abby and others that have been through a similar thing! It was crazy scary, but God is so good!

  5. bakersdozen2

    His “Daddiness” :)

    I love and rely on my Abba Father. When I see my husband interact with his children (most especially his daughters), I love that my heavenly Father loves His children like that (and more so)
    Given my nature that I know so well, it’s an aspect of Him that I really cherish.

    Love you, Amber!!

  6. wj3km

    “… battling the enemy and holding up the shield of faith makes ya want to go crawl back in bed.
    just not feeling much like the warrior maiden today.
    the strong one. the spiritual one. “
    super mom or barbie wife.
    This is sooo me today- this weekend actually – held it together, tried hard to stay strong, positive, cheerful, a good example to my complaining, grumbling kids and hubby all week, but I broke down and cried and cried yesterday – in a way it was a relief, a way of giving it up into the hands of Jesus. My mind races, becomes cluttered, trying to remember all the right things to think, say, and do. My heart desires to do right, capture all these negative thoughts and make them right – feel like all I do is fight the enemy, temptations, etc. Not much joy in that :(

    I love to come here just to hear the first two songs on your playlist :) My life is hidden with Christ, my God, my savior. The second piano solo is sooo soothing and calming!

  7. appalolly

    Your timing on this was awesome…I just spent yesterday going around and around with some issues with Jeremy and I. A lot of pain and hurt there and struggle.  Thank  you so much for sharing!!

  8. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    good reminder…yep. sounded like you were describing me with your intro.
    something about the Lord that’s getting me thru?
    and knowing that All is in His mighty hand even when it feels outta control.

    happy monday friend!!

  9. totallycherished

    Just spent some good quality time with my counselor this morning….sorting through junk I’d rather have go away.  And then, walking away, knowing God put her in my life, to be a reminder of His holding me.

    You know what I just canNOT wait for?
    When we all join each other in Heaven and can just sit and worship….all of the hard stuff behind us!
    Cannot wait for that day!!!!

    Happy Monday, Amber.

  10. down_onthefarm

    who…me? are you talking to ME? what do you have? a secret spy camera aimed my way? ;)
    or…ya just know how it is or can be on mondays. that must be it. 
    the breeze that came this direction with His words that you shared…totally blew my hair back.
    which is fine. it still has that slept in it look! 

    words that He has been sharing with me lately…are about His face. and Light.
    and just this weekend Ps. 37. when the desires of my heart are not being met?
    He is going for the heart of my desire. His glory and my destiny are at stake…

    happy monday! <3

  11. seekinHISwisdom

    These words are so comforting Amber! He does carry us, and that thought means everything to me this morning. Thanks for the reminder!

     Do you have any idea what an encourager you are through your blog, and your life?

  12. Carsonsmom2

    Thanks, Amber. This brings tears…it’s been one of those days/weeks/months. Trying to hang on to His promises.
    So glad I read this today.

    Been hanging onto this verse…”Cast thy burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee.”

  13. ABAHM

    So so thankful He is holding us! Beautiful words of encouragement Amber.

    Lately the Lord has been speaking to me of His compassion. He has compassion for us. That is comforting too!

  14. inanorchard

    He’s my rock. The One that doesn’t change or shift beneath me when everything else seems to be spinning. It’s true. Emotions always seem to run a little high on Monday :)

  15. Mymom1

    In this was the love of God manifested toward (me) that God sent HIS only begotten son into the world that (I) might live through HIM. . .in this Love not that (I) loved Him but that HE loved (me) and sent HIS son to be the propitiation for (my) sins ~ I John 4:9,10 ~ now that is LOVE. 

    Was good to see you all yesterday :o)

  16. mrsbiddlebugs

    Can’t I just sit and talk to my invisible friend, Katie, in the mirror all day? ;) Miss you… glad you made it back safely. Sorry we didn’t have more time… :( Happy Monday to you.

  17. houseintheprairie

    Today has been a terrible day and I have been struggling……thank you!!!! so glad for the reminder of God’s everlasting arms. He is there always….it’s me who has moved.

  18. TrentTribe

    I read somewhere that Sunday evening’s are the day of the week with the highest suicide rate.  The experts think that depression peaks at the prospect of facing another week, the “Monday dread”.  Praise God we can run to him!  He absolutely holds us!  Thanks for this beautiful reminder. 

  19. JsSteph7

    God’s goodness always gets me. I like the verse “the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance”. It does. It keeps me straight. He does daily load us with benefits, answering prayers sometimes before I’ve even prayed them and giving me things I want and don’t think I should ask for. : )

  20. Anonymous

    There was a real valley to walk through last week, and the current word to me was 2Tim.2:13 “If we are faithless, He remains faithful; He cannot deny Himself.” Love that unchanging truth! And God knows just the right ingredients to allow in our lives to bring us to what He knows we really long for. I am currently rejoicing in God’s faithfulness to my husband and I, to take us deeper with Himself. We do really want it, regardless of the process.

  21. frostysnowmom3

    Thinking on these thoughts today:

    realizing that it’s important to be discerning about what comes into the personal parts of our lives.”Everything is permissible”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive.” 1Corin.10:23


  22. DanishDoll

    Thank you for the reminder. I am so glad God holds me! I think it is His faithfulness that really humbles me. He takes such good care of us, and even when things are looking grim, that truth shines through. He has been faithful. He will be faithful!

  23. lifeisadance

    That is beautiful… and precious… and speaks so much HOPE. His faithfulness is something that has been huge to me – financially, relationally. Other people can say what they want to about me, and even think what they want – but the fact of GOD’s LOVE for me does not change. That is HUGE to me right now…

  24. Cluesy

    Thank you Amber! I needed to read that :) I always seem to need to read what you write and share
    Thank you for using what you go through to be of such an encouragement to others

  25. smilesbymiles

    Ahhhh, *satisfied sigh.* I haven’t been ignoring you, it’s just been crazy, crazy busy here the month of April. With things to do but also way, way too many emotional happenings. Exhaustion was the new hip look around here. :) This was just what I needed …. to come here and read the last five or six blog posts I’d missed. I feel inspired. I love the way you see truth … the way you perceive beauty in life even when you are surrounded by ash dust … the gorgeous photos …. So thanks for the pick up …………… Miss you!

  26. ata_grandma

    His faithfulness, always His faithfulness. Today is Thurs, not Mon. but I need His strength today. Thanks for the reminder that He is holding me.

  27. Dana

    “my strength fades. my faith quivers. my grip loosens. and my arms give out.”….YEP…everyday…all day! I’m sure God often thinks, “I am right here, I never left..why won’t she lean on me???”. Thanks for the reminder. Yes..”everlasting” is such a comforting word. Have an awesome Monday!

  28. Shanda

    Amber-dear, HELLO! I think I remember this post from before, so that gives me extra blogging friend-points, right? ;)
    You can help me figure out wordpress, maybe? I’m trying to figure out how to follow you?
    Also, just a friendly note, it’s probably my own fault, but it is really hard on my eyes to look at your site? Perhaps you would consider darkening your font a tad? Of just punch my arm and tell me to get my eyes checked? LOL

    1. amber Post author

      so good to see you here, friend~ i’ve missed the closer contact of xanga.. it’s like we all left high school for college and now we’re trying to find each other’s addresses and keep up. ha!! you’re right about the font – a friend of mine did my site for me and i already mentioned to him once that it was hard to read {it had been smaller}. he darkened it but i think it needs to be more. i told him the same thing – – i’m sure it was the font and NOT my eyes!!! ;)))

  29. deborah

    i found myself here in this today, amber,
    and i’m just so grateful for His loving arms … holding me … holding my family!!
    … those loving arms that never lose their grip …
    thank you … i so needed this encouragement for such a time as this!
    blessings to you, my friend!


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