14 thoughts on “Friday November 16, 2007

  1. mrsbiddlebugs

    I remember piling in a car full of Brook manor girls with someone without much driving experience at the wheel and nearly getting killed pulling out of that gate… I remember a group photo in front of that door… I remember a red car pulling by with a lady wildly waving and swerving… :) And much more… :)

  2. Z_Beth

    Haha! I doKNOW that place but I’ve never been there. Dad has many a picture outside those doors….with oodles of men in suits and ties usually with  Mr. Gothard on the right side! Good picture!

  3. Big_J_III

    Hey isn’t that the staff center at headquarters?
    Well the surgery was a very minor surgery. So it wasn’t quite so bad. It was a bit painful at first but once the nurses gave me some pain meds I was ok. The pain is mostly gone. Only if I twist sharply do I ever have any pain (or lift something I shouldn’t). Oh and this is Taiwan… so there could very well be missing or even extra parts in there somewhere. But no worries… if there is a situation like that… well I’m not dead yet… so it must be ok! =D
    We miss you guys too!! Hugs to you and the family!

  4. missions_on_mind

    Yepa! =) I saw all your cute pictures on your last post, but as it’s late and we have church tomorrow I shall wait to read it and comment on it lata. But the pictures are VERY cute!!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! That is a post that I’ve actually been debating about posting for a while. And finally did it, had a good cry with my Daddy, and felt a WHOLE lot better and happier. But I have to say that you were the one who made me finally decide to post it. Your post about being real. As Christians we all need to know how to encourage and pray for each other. And keeping everything happy go lucky and not showing or saying when you are in pain or need encouragement or prayers isn’t very real. So, thanks! Love you tons!!!!! Miss ya lots! *HUGS*

  5. kellsabells

     Ha ha Amber, I never did make it to Headquarters other then a tour once at the age of 12.  I do know what it’s like to have a building etched in your mind because it was once home.  I could still give you a very acurate tour of the DTC including all nooks and crannies.  Ah, funny how I loved being there, loved what God taught me while there, yet so thankful to be HERE now!!!

  6. Mommaof6

    Dear A~

    I really agree with this post!  True~ we will never agree with others (even our dearest friends) 100% of the time, so we must administer “Grace” in relationships!  “Agree to Disagree”, and still have respect and love for each other!  How true “our circles become very small”  if we can only befriend those who agree with us on every issue!  Good men  (& women) will  differ on many issues!  Years ago, I realized  I must “eat the fish and spit out the bones” if I would ever have friends! “Live and let live”, as some choose to say!

    No man has “all knowledge” and 5 minutes after we enter heaven, all our wrong beliefs/doctines/practices/etc. will be corrected by a God who has shown us such great love and mercy during our journey here on Earth! God gives us “free will”, so why do we, as they say, hold each others feet to the fire!? (pride~ in thinking we know it all, we have all the answers!)

     I want to be a person that is full of HIS grace for others…..this is a choice not a feeling!  God freely gives to me each day an abundance of grace, so I, in return, must share this grace with others!

    Mr. G will always hold a special place in my heart for so many reasons!  First, I would have no children if he had not confronted the teaching of the day in my early married life! Praise God someone cared enough to show me the way of the scriptures on this issue!  (Children are a rich blessing~not a curse as our culture teaches!) Second, for giving me “Wisdom Booklet”s to teach my children in the ways of rightiousness!  A  practical tool (in my hands) to share with my children to help pass on my faith!  Third, for Training Centers for our kids (as they grew and matured), sometimes good experiences and some times bad~ but still~ he tried and God didn’t waste any of it!  We grew, and learned from each experience! There are so many others, ….I will always be grateful for the training at the Basic and Advanced and all the helpful information at all those conferences…..this year is our 24th  year in A.T.I.A., and this is my last year! P.T.L.!  It has not been easy or a  piece of cake! I am grateful for the experience but also glad this is my last year! (where is the gold watch and retirement dinner!) :)   It’s been a long and tiring road!  Some good things, some horrible things, but praise God~ HE got us through~ and most importantly~~~ it was not Mr. G. I was crying out to everyday in the “trenches of homeschooling”~ it was a Living God who is my saviour.  I choose to think on the good instead of the negitive, bad experiences!  I have met many bitter homeschooling moms, and I don’t want to be one!

    I think people have put Mr. G. in a place that he was totally unaware of~ like a “high place’, kind of like Idolatry….worshipping him as sort of a mini-god…..he is just a man who makes mistakes like anyone else (oh- did I just say that?!)  YES, just a person like you and me… A good man, a man of God who walks with God, but can and does make mistakes from time to time!  And when he does,   I choose to show him grace like my heavenly father shows me on a daily basis….now, I said it!  It doesn’t make me think less of him to know he is just a human being like me, that he is not Jesus, that he can & does  make mistakes….He is just a man and not Christ! I still respect him and appreciate all he has done to help me and my family….  He is kind of like the Apostle Paul of our day…but he would be the first to say “don’t put me in a high place~don’t worship me, give all your worship to God!”  So there, I said it!  Grace, Mercy, hope and love, I choose to walk in these rather than judgement, and a critical spirit!  I have enough to worry about besides judging others!  If I can keep myself walking in the right way, I have enough to keep me busy for a life time!  Sorry I posted so long, but I guess I had a need to express myself on this issue!  :)  Love you, Mrs. B


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