Friday May 9, 2008

*P i E C e S* from my week~

!summer hair – – – ~

dropped kate off at the salon w/ her daddy while i went w/ the other two to run a few errands. left a detailed description :) of how i wanted her hair to be cut. barely up to the shoulders. slight bang. undercut. etc. when i saw her it was a bit shorter than i had planned. but kate had that huge adorable grin on her face so all i could do was hug her tight and tell her i loved it!

i really do now. it’s super cute. will be cool for summer. and her hair grows like those miracle head plants! so – it’s a fun change for now. i think she looks older~

_MG_5504    IMG_5446

she was watching her brother on the swing – and then started giggling at him…

_MG_5518    _MG_5520


!our discovery – – – ~

i have some ferns sitting in planters on my patio that aren’t planted yet … started to do that this wk. and found these under one…


the mama had a fit when we were looking – as soon as we stepped back she came right in – didn’t seem to mind us so close at all. didn’t have my zoom lens just my 50mm…

_MG_5372 _MG_5370

any idea what kind of bird she is?



!dance time – – – ~

went to a ballet performance w/ kate. here we are being leaving.. fine tuning our own dance moves. :)

_MG_4326    _MG_4327

_MG_4328    _MG_4329

and the REAL dancer – our friend Judith. so beautiful and graceful. way to go girl! you ROCKED. ;)


judith  _MG_4680

Curious… how many of you took ballet? and what do you feel were the benefits of it? thinking of starting kate this fall~


!Rainy date night – – – ~

enjoyed a peaceful night at the river. talking… i kinda like it sometimes when we haven’t had much of a chance to talk throughout the wk. then when we do it reminds me of the days in the beginning of our relationship where we would just talk and talk and talk nonstop… or rather I would, and he would listen! ; ) some things never change. ha!

_MG_5580 river in the rain


it started to rain.. rather than run for the car which was quite a ways back – we just enJOYED!


i made this one  big so you could see the little family of geese heading home out of the rain – – there’s babies in between them if you squint really hard. :) didn’t realize they were there till i saw this shot.


it was a muggy night. the rain was refreshing –  i like how you can see all the drops on the water…

_MG_5649   _MG_5667

the heart shaped rock i found. i look like a drowned duck~



!my little mimic – – – ~


emma started doing this thing this wk. whenever i take her picture.. she puts her finger up by her eye and starts making a “ch-ch-ch” sound. “wook wite here mama..” she says. “jus one moor..”

yeah – she’s heard that a few times. :)



So – – these are just a few *P i E C e S* of what went on around here this week.

hope your weekend is fantastically wonderful! ours looks to be filled w/ bridal showers. b-day parties. out of town friends.  church. and of course – MOTHER’S DAY! of which i wish all you sweet mama’s out there a very happy and totally blessed one!


“Children are not like coloring books. You don’t get to fill them in with your favorite colors.”  – The Kite Runner

happy it’s Friday,

amber~ *

22 thoughts on “Friday May 9, 2008

  1. fwren

    Yeah, it is a Carolina Wren ~ you are privileged to have them!  Wrens are about my favorite birds ~ I love to hear them sing.  I have a House Wren which build a nest in my new wrenhouse this year ~ plan to post about it one of these days.

  2. purpleamethyst76

    The pictures are so beautiful!  My goodness you got a lot of comments on that bird!  LOL

    I never took ballet, but I think it’s lovely, the pictures you took make me want to grow 5 inches, loose weight, and put on a tutu.  LOL

    That last one of your son is great.  It should be on a card with a funny caption. 

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother’s Day!~

  3. chix0rgirl

    Kate does look so grown-up… scary, eh? ;) She looks beautiful! :) Love the cut. She looks like a slightly younger you. I love how you dress your family (and yourself) – so classy yet fun and comfy. :) Look at baby smile! She knows she’s cute, hehehe. Love the rainy date pics – very “The Notebook” (except you’re hotter). You’re a great mama, love.

  4. cherylyn_p

    I didn’t know that was a wren, but she sure is a pretty little thing!

    Judith’s form is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I studied ballet for a while, but it was at a very serious professional studio (Bing Crosby’s daughter, Mary Francis, was in my classs) and it was about supreme discipline and perfection. It wasn’t much fun for me.

    On the other hand, I was a born natural tap dancer. I still *feel* music run through my body and into my feet. I even taught tap, ballet, tumbling, and jazz after moving here to Oklahoma City.

    All in all, dance taught me confidence (performing in front of large theater of people will do that) and ballet taught me to appreciate those that endured the lessons. It was just too much seriousness and discipline for me. I remember the one teacher’s French accent and her beating our hands with her stick (wicked wand???) and telling us our hands look like claws on a bird!

    Tap was much better. I’m not sure if it was my mother or dance training that caused me to have good posture!

  5. resolved2worship

    The hair cut is darling on her! yes, an older look~ we did some more haircutting around here as well this week – Morgan got her first! Three inches off her waist length fairy tale hair was hard! But it’s healthier and pretty – Kate looks very happy about her’s !

    I wouldn’t had a clue on the bird — for your sake, so glad so many folks did ;) I know birds like peacock, chicken, ostrich, eagle, red bird, blue bird, sea gull… stuff like that ;) :)

    rainy date night ~ ah, just wonderful moments I’m sure~ I like the pics – and white dresses on water are always a winner~ good for you taking pictures while out together.

    On ballet ~ LOVE LOVE LOVED IT. Took when I was three and didn’t stop for good until 15. I still have dreams where I am not doing anything but dancing. It is a wonderful character builder – posture builder, weight control, builds confidence and poise – to me it’s also something that is very feminine – graceful and beautiful ~ I took a few years of ballet before my teacher told my parents, I was really meant for gymnastics – but once I got to a certain level in gymnastics competing and such, ballet was required and I always enjoyed that aspect of gymnastics as much as the power sport.

    Morgan loves dancing (just this week she dressed up almost daily as a ballerina! I will post pictures maybe sometimes) — she is so shy though that I think I will wait until she is older to begin – every girl is different – some do well starting young and others do just as well or better starting older.

    Sweet practicing the dance moves with daughter! I think dancing is a wonderful and needed* element in family development :) :) seriously ~ !



  6. tildystar

    i took ballet for many years as well, and could even be found doing plies last night in my room!! .lys~* summed up my thoughts on the subject of ballet and dance.

    loving all the bits and pieces you shared. kate’s haircut is cute. love emma’s little outfit. and the date pictures!!!

    can’t wait to hear “the plan”!


  7. tildystar

    and btw, the last photo you posted, of judith’s legs?? gorgeous. just wells up a bunch of love and memories of ballet. you could sell that as a print.


  8. trulytaken

    YES, everyone is right… You have a beautiful Carolina Wren! And she is my favorite bird! My grandmother was an avid bird watcher and this brown beauty was always her favorite! Back home (in North Carolina where I grew up and where my grand parents were also born and raised) they are fairly common but else where they are rather rare. I was so delighted to discover that I have one who summmers here in our back yard in Missouri every year! She is like a gift from heaven to remind me of my grandmother… I keep watching for her to come back this year. Should be any day now…

    So enjoy her! She has a lovely little song!

  9. Daniels1wife

    Happy Mother’s Day to you too my friend!! And I love the hair too. I wish my girl’s would part with some of theirs. I’d love to go shorter for the summer. Three heads of below-the-waist hair to comb every day is rather overwhelming some days. :o)

  10. thejbub

    Awwwww!   Great shots…    I had fun with you today!      “…pass it to the right…now left…left some more….right! right! RIGHT!!!!”   -hilarious!

    Love ya!


  11. redladybug18

    I love Kates hair so cute and stylish! I love all the short little news like posts! Hope your having a great weekend. Happy Mothers day!
    If you don’t mind me asking, is your hair naturally wavy?

  12. missions_on_mind

    I LOVE the summery colors!!! Kate’s hair cut is REALLY cute!!! There’s a picture where she’s standing looking to the side and she looks so much like Audrey. I’ve never taken ballet, but wanted to when I was younger. It always seemed so graceful! The pictures of Judith are great! Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!!!

  13. momof6awesomekids

    Amber, I love the rain pictures because I love your spontenaity; it encourages me to be less boring and look for something fun!  Of course the ballet pictures are fabulous (a beautiful subject!).  Could I have the one of her legs?  It would make a great page in her scrapbook!


thanks for stopping by! <3