Friday May 6, 2011

{about mothering and a giveaway}

Whoever said becoming a mother is like having your heart walking outside your body got it right.
And my four hearts. so different. so unique. stretched in age.
Makes my own turn liquid so often as it gushes in all directions.
Trying to meet needs. tenderly care. guide. love. comfort. teach.
do what’s best and right by each individually.

Mothering isn’t a assembly line. It’s careful handcrafted quality time and effort for each~
but it’s hard. and we get weary. and we constantly wonder, “am I doing it right?”


A friend and I were talking a few weeks ago about the struggle of feeling like a failure.
How every night when your head hits the pillow, and your heavy eyes close, they still see..
See scenes of the day. Rolling one after the other, like the pages of a book turning in the wind.
From nowhere it seems, the winds come. so quickly. unexpected. one after the other, turning. turning.
And with each scene we question…

was I too strict. too lenient.
did I coddle when I should have stepped back.
stepped back when I should have comforted.
did I talk too much. listen too less. 
miss an opportunity to instruct. to affirm.
did I communicate in the right spirit.
discipline with the right attitude.
play when I should have been teaching.
teach when I should have played.
should I have made them finish their veggies.
not go out until chores were done.
did I cause permanent damage by letting them watch sponge bob.
or will they have to see a counselor someday because I yelled.

Yes. pages turning before us, over and over..
often leaving us with the feeling that, Failure, is splattered between the lines.

And I’ve been thinking of this the past several weeks.. no, years really. Like 13 to be precise!

then yesterday I go and read this. beautifully expressing what I have felt so often night after night.
And I realized if there is a book of failures each of us as moms keeps tucked in our minds,
then this should be the forward in the front~

“It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It’s what you do with it afterwards.”  

I stared at those words and felt their truth embossing the pages of doubt and insecurity.
Carving deep into those feelings that lay, so often unsaid, way down in the secret places of my heart..
creeping out at the end of each mothering day.

And then I thought too of what my own mother reminded me of recently~
this. that parenting is redeemable.

Because He is a Redeemer! That’s what He specializes in. Changing hearts.
And because of that, of Him, there is always hope.
When we get it wrong, we can make it right.

In mercy. He gives time a fresh start with every morning that dawns.
In grace. He writes new chapters in the pages of our lives.

Though I don’t think we will ever be completely past thoughts of failure –
because we will and we do.. but 
they do not define us. 
It’s not about always getting it right, but admitting when we don’t.
and to those who already know it best.

Those pattering hearts of ours that fill our home.  ~

Perhaps there was something more powerful to experience than a perfect Mother:
the wonder of a committed Mother who simply humbles herself. “

And I have to say, because whenever I talk of mothers my mind so quickly goes to those of you who aren’t.
Those of you waiting. longing. wondering. failure thoughts of your own creeping in.
…how I want to communicate to you that you’re not in any way less important. or needed.
I think every one of us, physical children or not, has the capacity to breed life and birth hope in those around us.

But yeah. I’ve stood where you are and I know..
know that all the spiritual sounding things in the world,
no matter how much you know them to be true
cannot fill empty arms and ease aching hearts.

i get it.

That part that doesn’t want to be strong or have one more ounce of faith deepened.
you’ve learned. you’ve grown. now. can I just have the desires of my heart, please!

To you here, I just want to insert a simple, I notice.
I see you over there walking this journey of hard. of circumstances you don’t understand.
God’s thinking. His plan. Some with many children, others with none.
Those who don’t want them seem to get them, and those who do, don’t.
No. I don’t understand either.
But I quietly applaud your courage.

Really. at the end of the day. when our heads rest on our pillows.. aren’t we all the same.
Looking to our Redeemer to change what we can’t. to birth new life within us.
To know that we know that we KNOW He is there. that He delights in us. that all is His love.

To feel Him as the Ultimate Parent soothe. comfort. quiet our hearts and rest our souls.
Standing us back up again and again. Mothers.daughters.wives.sisters.friends.women.
Brushing us off from the crumpled mess we are.. and setting us in a brand new day. fresh mercies.
And because of that. We put one foot in front of the other and keep going.

There is a Redeemer!

emma running by river


I’ve had this giveaway started for months.
And anyone who knows me will say, “typical.” :)
But there is occasional good in procrastinating.
atleast when it comes to giveaways,
because they just get better.
Now instead of only a wire market basket, there are actually things in it!

may days~ 255

may days~ 286may days~ 274may days~ 249

I finally finished Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts.
And what a huge impact it left with me!
When I first wrote of it I was barely a few chapters in.
And though my gift listing is still not consistent, the truths she shares resonate with me daily.

Even if you have the book, it makes a wonderful gift.
And this one is signed!
The cover alone is worth the added decoration to your home.;)

may days~ 296
may days~ 332

may days~ 308may days~ 317may days~ 315

Here’s what else comes in the basket~

blue journal and word, faith
may days~ 210

may days~ 219may days~ 224may days~ 228

anthropologie stick pencils {tea towel in basket also from anthro.}
may days~ 132

may days~ 135may days~ 207may days~ 159

pewter bird {that looks slightly frightened.. but i think he just wants a home in warmer temps!}
may days~ 181

complete basket
may days~ 350
may days~ 375

And since I can’t give only one thing, there’s a 2nd and 3rd prize as well.

may days~ 631
may days~ 723

may days~ 405may days~ 434may days~ 402
may days~ 429may days~ 407may days~ 748

I want this to be open to everyone, not just mothers..
to enter simply leave a comment naming 3 things you’re thankful for right now in life.

you can enter more than once by linking up elsewhere {up to 3 entries only}. you know how all that goes.

The giveaway will close Monday at midnight. Or something like that. :)

This is my first giveaway here on the new blog –
and may He continue to give us all the where He has us now!

Thank you to every one that takes the time to read and share here.

Happy Mother’s day. Happy Weekend.

·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`♥ amber


234 thoughts on “Friday May 6, 2011

  1. Abbiegirl

    This is awesome.

    I’m SO thankful for Chris, who’s overseas, Serving our Country.
    I’m thankful for my Family, I know I’m going to miss them greatly, when I move overseas to be with Chris.
    I’m thankful for God, who’s always there, never gives up on me, never leaves me, never forsakes me. Loves me, not matter what.

  2. baileyandme

    YOU ARE SO GIVING! this giveaway is so super pretty… and of course i`d like to win. :) especially digging the basket, 1,000 book, and the cool pencils.
    ~i`m thankful for a helpful and affirming husband– he is so wise and such a gift to me.
    ~i am thankful for my sister who gave me BAGS of RARE perrenials yesterday and saved me a bundle of money… so nice.
    ~ the sun is shining! i have a little tan. it`s so beautiful. (the sunshine, not my tan. haha)

  3. srheam

    Your thoughts are awesome.  Your give away items are amazing.  Count me in!!  (I’ll try to rec. this also…not often I have much luck…Uhhh)

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  4. appalolly

    Oh, oh, my! I would love to win.

    But what I love even more is how you share your heart on your blog. Time after time I come away from reading what you wrote…inspired, encouraged, understood!  Thank you for that, and for your sweet heart!

    The list of what we question about ourselves as Mothers, can totally relate.  Should I have done this or that instead? How will it affect my kids in the long run?  Such difficult stuff.  I had read Ann’s blog yesterday too, and loved it!

  5. trufflequeen

    Three things:

    1. TIM!!!
    2. My patient & understanding mother
    3. God’s abundant grace
    4. TIM!!! oh wait. That’s four. :)

    Thanks for sharing from your heart, Amber.

  6. SpazzyMommy

    Oh my goodness. Your blog on mothering is so heart touching. Deep breathe….deep sigh….deep thoughts. :)

    I’m thankful for so much right now.

    1. I get to work from home to support my kids financially

    2.I have someone in my life supporting me emotionally and lovingly

    3. My son is building me a pergola as a Mothers day gift. :))))) <3 Yay!

  7. deansgal

    Beautiful giveaway! Love all of it.
    I am thankful for:
    -a faithful husband who is willing to work VERY HARD to support me and the girls.
    -friends who will listen to me talk about anything and everything.
    -spring…and all the outdoor beauty it brings…i just can’t drink it in enough…i love meeting God through nature.

  8. Suzyquekau

    How do you have time to get together give aways?! Amazing! As always, I love your posts.

    1. The ability to see God’s hand so clearly as I look back over my life.
    2. Our five amazing children who have turned out better than I ever could have hoped in spite of me!
    3. SPRING!!!

  9. wj3km

    OH, Amber, I love this post – describes what I have been feeling and thinking about for a long time – thank you, I think I’ll print it out and reread when I’m facing those feelings of failure.

    I just ordered the same book from the library after another friend recommended it :) And, last weekend I went to n antique store looking for a basket just like the one int eh giveaway – didn’t fine one, so I would love to win this ;)

    I am sooo thankful for a redeeming God – who has redeemed my husband and marriage!
    I a thankful for SUNSHINE today :) sooo rare this Spring – like one day of sunshine every 10 days :(
    I am thankful for church family – encouragers, prayer warriors, and the grace and wisdom of pastors!
    I am so very thankful to God for creating flowers – they cheer me up like nothing else! – flowers in bloom, cut flowers, even the flowers that weeds produce ;)

    Hope you have a very, very happy Mothers Day!

  10. mother21

    Wow! That book has been on my wishlist for awhile. I would love to win! I am thankful for many things but to name only three-1.Isaac 2. Jacob 3.Hadassah=)

  11. danishlass

    Beautiful giveaways and thoughts.

    My three things:

    1 – Doctors found out why I was dying, gave me the right treatment, and I’m not dying anymore.
    2 – Buttery oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.
    3 – Wearing an outrageous ensemble of purple, red and turquoise and feeling so cheery in spite of much rain.

  12. fruitloops115

    oh my I want to win this one Like everyone else

    I am thankful for warmer temps these days. And sunshine too. After a month of rain.
    For my dear little daughter and the child I have yet to meet.
    For spring time. It is in my top 4 of favorite seasons.

  13. grits204

    aw, this post brought tears to my eyes.  maybe because just 15 minutes earlier i was sitting on the side of the bed, apologizing to my four year old for getting so impatient with her earlier today.  she looked up at me with her big blue eyes, smiled reassuringly, and said, “that’s ok, mom.”  aren’t little kids so forgiving?  thank God. 

    i’m thankful …

    1.  for a certain birthday card i just got in the mail.  thank you!  i felt so loved!!!

    2.  for my amazing husband and 3 awesome little people God has blessed me with.

    3.  to be alive… not just physically… but emotionally and spiritually.

  14. twinklingcandle

    came across your site through ….really like it! I am thankful for so many things right now but the top 3 would have to be:

    – precious “alone” time with my Father (I love HIM! :) )

    – purple flowers

    – safety on the road as my family travels a lot

  15. Anonymous

    What a sweet, grace-filled giveaway …. I have now added One Thousand Gifts to my purchase list, that’s if I don’t win it. ;) And that beautiful mug!! Is that from Anthropologie too? Three things I’m grateful for right now, my amazing husband who sent me a real sweet text message this morning, that tonight we get to go on a DATE, and being able to take care of some computer work (and read blogs) in the warm sunshine. :)

  16. clearlyhis

    1. So thankful there are Woman of Grace like you who post such inspiring and God inspired posts.

    2. For life and health.

    3. To be a mom to 3 precious miracles of Life!

  17. Elizabethmarie_1

    I read that too lastnight!  Thank you for your post. It is encouraging to know that other Moms feel like failures when they close their eyes at night! But you are right…He redeems. and kids, they are easy to forgive. =)

    LOVE the giveaway. I know it sounds selfish…but I REALLY want that first basket!!!!!
    Three things I’m thankful for right now.
    1. Jeff and my kids.
    2. 1/2 price frappuccinos at Starbucks!
    3. The nice day today…65 and sunny! Finally! Windows are open!

  18. greenblurr22

    your post inspired me….thank you soo much for sharing your heart!!

    I am thankful for…. my wonderful husband, three precious children and my Heavenly Father that has blessed me with soo much more then I could mention here

  19. christinasdavis

    today I am thankful for:
    1.the times that God has come to our defense when we have chosen to trust Him rather than defend ourselves.
    2. the freedom to homeschool my children.
    3. for Air conditioning – because it already SOOO hot here!! :)

    Happy Mothers Day, Amber!!

  20. Anonymous

    I just loved your post and how you described so perfectly the daily struggle whether or not we handled each situation right and how we feel like failures so often!

    I am thankful for:

    Grace & mercy of my Redeeming Father God

    My family-and am thankful that God gave me a Down’s child… because my child has helped me understand God so much more.

    The joy of helping my daughter ask Jesus to come into her heart just last night! 

  21. celebration_of_life

    I’ve been wanting to read Ann’s book and the baskets are beautiful~
    Thankful for~
    school years that end:)
    relaxing days to be refreshed
    sun that makes the garden grow…
    Have a lovely weekend, Amber~

  22. lachica4him

    Thankful for …
    1. Grace–I’m learning so much about it and have so, so much more to learn!
    2. Soft little kisses from little girls
    3. Mother’s Day

  23. Anonymous

    1. My home, so many people lost their homes last week during the Southern tornado outbreaks.
    2. My parents, they will soon celebrate their 24th anniversary!
    3. God’s love and patience. I am so undeserving, and yet He is always there.

  24. LavishSweet

    Wow, a giveaway worth entering in. I’m thankful for: my wonderful husband and sweet little girl, health, and a mother who just arrived to help me sew some wedding clothing. I’d love to win!

  25. LatteLuv

    1.Im thankful that i have the oportunity to be a mother to 2  of the most wonderful kids ever.

    2. Thankful for the love of my life.

    3. and Thankful to God for making all this possible.

  26. pettybunch

    Having crossed the threshold from “in-house” mothering to counseling when asked (hopefully), I remember those days of worry and concern with a bit of wistful longing.  I did just as you described – laid in bed at night, wondering whether I did right or wrong – and the Father indeed gave me courage to try again the next day!  And now, as I see my precious children and their families, I can be thankful – yet there is still that temptation to be worried and concerned.  Mothering really never stops, but the joys are incomperable!

    I appreciate your care and concern for those wishing to be mothers – one very close to me is longing and praying even now for a baby of her own as she watches her friends and loved ones having their second or even third.  The Lord upholds her, but there are times she doesn’t feel it – just trusts He is there.

    ~ I am so very thankful for my friends, Xanga and otherwise, who have supported and cared for me during my time of loss.

    ~ I am so very thankful to be moving back to my own home and caring for my own little family now that my other responsibilities are complete.

    ~ I am so very thankful to know without a shadow of doubt that the Hope of Glory gives me confidence that my Mama and Daddy are not gone forever, but are simply waiting for me in heaven!

    Thank you for always encouraging your readers to look to the Lord!


  27. JsSteph7

    Oooo I wanna win too!!! lol I am thankful for my kids, my own mother and good things to aspire to! : )

    I am going to rec you and link on facebook. hee hee.

    Oh and I was asking my hubs last night if he feels like a failure sometimes when he lays his head down and looks back over the day. Crazy. I have to think about how hard I’ve tried and was it the best I could do and sometimes that helps. sometimes. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

  28. Anonymous

    I have read your blog for a year now, and have felt inspired by your love of the Word, and your family. This post was another blessing! With the giveaway on top, doubly so. Thank you dear sister.

    Thankful for cancer free results, His tender mercy, and children that have easily forgiven my many failures.

  29. LydiaPetersheim

    Beautiful words…beautiful giveaway.
    1. My healthy family whom I’d daily give my life for!
    2. Springtime and new life
    3. Hot coffee and something sweet to go with it. :)

  30. r4valilswitz

    Thank you for posting and for putting this neat giveaway!!!
    I have yet to win one of these give aways but I enjoy reading others thankful lists:))
    So here is mine!!
    1. My Husband & boys & the fullness they bring to my life!
    2. A sewing room complete with Berninia, Juki serger, two iron board setups and a cutting table!!
    ( I sew a lot and it is so nice to not have to pull everything out every time i need to work!!)
    3. The friends I visit with each day online!!!

  31. twofus_1

    I’m thankful for a woman who is incredibly busy, but takes the time to mentor me giving me perspective and encouraging growth.
    That the mustard from my sandwich landed on the seat belt instead of my shirt. ;)
    Experiences that are showing my desperate dependence on God.

    A sweet giveaway!! I’ve wanted this basket for a long time!! :)

  32. Anonymous

    WOW- what a beautiful blog! I saw it for the first time today and i’m hooked ;o)

    i’m thankful for…

    GOD’S grace in this journey of life, even during this rough time of my husband not having a job

    my 3 precious little guys, who just got done soaking each other with the hose on this beautiful spring day… never boring!!

    good friends to share the journey with ;o)

  33. beauty_after_rain

    I’m thankful for –
    1.My little family God has given me {the love of a good man and our beautiful babygirl}
    2.His love & grace & health

    Awesome giveaway btw. :)

  34. Anonymous

    1. the yummy pineapple/chedder yumminess dip i’m munching on right now.  :)

    2. your blog – so divine. thanks for the chance to enter.

    3. my three sleeping kiddos (yeah, all down at once!) and their hard working daddy at the office.


  35. minniedelight

    love that book and am doing the 1000 gifts this year!!! This is a great giveaway and I enjoy your blog and I am not a mother but would love to win this.

    Things I am thankful for

    Health and alive

    Loverly springtime 

    I have a job

    I lost my Mom due to accident 2009 and this is the second mothers day without her. I miss her more this year than even last. Hope and pray you have a Super Mothers Day weekend.


  36. babybreathblossoms

    Thanks so much for the post. I have been thinking alot about those things.

    (1) I am thankful for my husband, he is my rock. Esp living so far from my family. (2) I’m thankful for my friends, I’ve been blessed with so many great ones. (3) And most of all, this weekend esp, I am so thankful for my son and the little bean on the way. They have totally changed what life is all about for me and I know I couldn’t make it without them.

  37. mrs_ande

    Would love to win!
    I’m thankful for a recent break through with a child. And sure signs of his maturing
    Farm fresh eggs and
    The freedom of religion we experience.

  38. madisonsmom2

    I love this post, especially the part about fresh starts and new chapters! Right now I’m so thankful for those! I’m also thankful for my little family and this beautiful sunshine.

  39. lwstutz

    I am grateful for
    1. my wonderful husband, who is also my best friend
    2. my amazing kids, who drive me to tears, but give the best hugs
    3. my Heavenly Father who has never left me nor forsaken me, not even once

  40. lifeisadance

    Oh wow, you are so kind!! This is one of the most beautiful giveaways I’ve seen! Whoever gets one of these will be a happy girl! :)
    My happy things right now: 1. quietness while both girls are napping 2. the grace and mercy of God, as I’m reminded of afresh by your post this moment, at a time when I desperately need it  3.  the weekend is coming!! :)

  41. ariemichelle

    SO thankful for a loving Savior who will always love me. My beautiful children and wonderful husband. For the two days of sunshine in a row! Its been wonderful!

  42. rugbana

    Love the giveaway! Elizabeth – I am feeling a little selfish myself b/c I SO want that book….. The rest is wonderful as well but that book is on my list. I have no x-tra book budget right now. So this would be perfect! Pick me!

    Thankful for…
    1. Lilacs in the window sill (see blog entry)
    2. An early morning chat with a friend on FB that encouraged my heart
    3. God’s peace and comfort when life goes chaotic

    I loved what you wrote. So much truth…which is why I have to add a
    4. Fresh Mercies

  43. wweaveman

    Ohhh, it would just make my day to be a receiver of one of your give aways ;) Three things I am VERY thankful for are;
    1. A Heavenly Father who watches over our family and answers the prayers of needs we have had recently. I just feel blessed.
    2. My wonderful husband, who treats me like a queen ;) I really do feel honored.
    3. May is my favorite month. Mothers day and my birthday, The children always go WAY out of their way to serve me. They cook all the food do all the dishes, take care of all the house work :) I really truely am a very blessed woman! And it only gets better as your children get older.
    4. Thankful for 7 healthy energetic children.

    Woops you said three things ;)

     Have a wonderful day~

  44. lin789

    those questions you wrote. the ones that you think when your exhausted head hits the pillow. Amber, those are all my questions. how did you know????  :) my number one question that gets me every night is–should i have been more understanding? should i have been tougher to prepare her for the battles of life? i never ever know what i’m supposed to be!! and i love that quote, “It’s not that you’re not going to blow it…..” i loved that writing. because that was me. looking with terror at my firstborn. not unbridled love and excitement.

    super generous giveaway, my dear!! would love to have it all!!

  45. LKJSlain

    I am truly thankful for those who love me regardless of my insecurities, failures, and the hardship that I might cause.
    I am truly thankful for my husband and who he is, and how far he’s come (he has aspergers, and was formerly an atheist, now a wonderful man of God)
    I am truly thankful that I am blessed with a place to live and dwell. I love my small apartment. :)

  46. natover

    Beautiful post. I’ve been reading your posts for some time even though I don’t know you. I am a sister to Kristy & heard her talk about you & it made me want to check out ur blog. =) Love all your pictures. And would like to win this basket. It’s so cute!

    1. I’m thankful for a REDEEMER

    2. My husband & children

    3. Chocolate chip cookies made with healthier ingredients so I can enjoy them. =)

    4. And I know you said only 3 but I have to add this one yet. The weather today! It’s gorgeous here!

  47. lin789

    i linked on facebook. and what i’m thankful for?
    1. true blood family that i can talk to for hours on the phone.
    2. my little rosemary herb plant that has thrived for a whole month now!!
    3. our vacation jar that now has $180 in it. someday, baby!!

  48. tea_lady

    Lovely, lovely.

    Today I’m thankful for 1. a light bulb moment in fractions,2. that God knows my heart when I struggle with indignation and 3.a husband who has a heart that is for real and not veneer.

  49. Anonymous

    i would love to win!

    i’m thank filled for,
    my children’s laughter
    my husband’s unconditional love
    my Saviour’s mercy

    thank you for the giveaway.

  50. aprescott

    Oh, warmer temps??? That’s down here!!!
    1) My Savior who continually loves, sanctifies, and cares for me as HIS own.
    2) My hard-working, dedicated, kind-hearted husband
    3) My dear mother who has sacrificed so much for her own children, and the example she is to me.

    Really, just 3??? ok, but I see where this could lead me!

  51. Anonymous

    So thankful for:
    1. The large pile of laundry that patiently waits to be folded because it reminds me that..
    2. I have a husband to love and we have clothes to wear and that…
    3. There’s Energy, Health, and Grace to accomplish the duties for today.

  52. ABAHM

    wow, a really exciting give-away! Everything in those baskets looks so pretty Thanks for the chance.

    “It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It’s what you do with it afterwards.” OH, YES! Looking to God for forgiveness and change, asking forgiveness from my kids or hubby, it is transforming, and it does make the difference.

    1. Thankful for my dear hubby,3 sons, and 2 dear Daughter in loves, and sweet grandson!
    2. Thankful for God’s grace every day!
    3. Thankful for spring mornings!

  53. Anonymous

    I’m so thankful for the faithfulness of God, even when we are faithless…
    Forever grateful for His heart towards us… and so thankful for His Holy Spirit to keep and guide us when the way is fearfully dark at times, bringing us always out into the sunshine of His great love.
    I am learning more all the time that the love of God to me/us does NOT depend on our not being failures, or on our just-right performances. Good post… and your gifts baskets are adorable! :) Happy Mother’s day to a real sweet honest-hearted lady! God bless you!

  54. MartinTreehouse

    What a gorgeous basket!! Wow! Today I am running over with thankfulness and I love the feeling… I’m so thankful that I got to spend the day with friends driving around Amish country while eating fresh hot cinnamon rolls, juicy fresh strawberries, and chicken salad sandwiches made on homemade croissants. I’m thankful for the FIVE GORGEOUS flower baskets my husband bought to put on our front porch… beautiful. I’m so thankful for my funny little girl.

  55. kafekotka

    What an amazing idea! And what a good post too. This is linked to FB but I am kafekotka on here. Three things I am thankful for 1. God’s faithfulness. 2. After seven months, many tears, fasting, praying my wandering son returned home. Best mother’s day present ever! 3. That God allowed me to be the mom through adoption of three fantastic kids.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Amber!

  56. joynpaul2005

    Love this post! How could I say it better?  As for 3 things I’m thankful for , I don’t know how to keep it at 3, but here are some of the top ones:  my wonderful husband, our five precious children, and my dear parents. Because of God, life is awesome!

  57. mytoesareblue

    Dear Amber,

    Thank you so much for this post. While I’m not a mother, there are often nights that I also struggle with a ‘book of failures’…and my heart is heavy with ‘how can i make it when i keep messing up’. thank you for the reminder that he IS the Redeemer both of our souls and grace giver. there are so many aspects of this post that I found my head nodding along with. Thank you for sharing something that obviously is so deeply meaningful and personal to you.

    last year I had three friends lose their dear little ones…it ripped at my heart like i didn’t imagine it would. it has often been a struggle for me to see people longing to hold little dear ones in their arms and not having their prayers answered in that way,a nd then hear stories of or see in real life the lives of people that I can’t believe have kids and i’m praying that those kids will have people to come along and LOVE them…cause they haven’t had the best life. its something that i don’t get…but I liked what you wrote about that. it made me think and i’m thankful for that. a reminder that God hears, he knows, he sees, he loves…his plan is being worked out…even though it may stretch our hearts, burn into our souls, etc.

    yesterday my friend and i were talking about the difference between the idea of mothering and parenting. Not that when you are doing them you necessarily set out to do them differently, they often overlap…but it was refreshing to read this post on what mothering looks like and just hear echoes of your heart.

    and Oh MY Goodness…those baskets had me drooling…literally drooling with their goodness ;) I am so excited for whoever wins.

    I am thankful for:

    1) the Lord never giving up on me
    2) chai tea and a good book on a rainy day
    3) the smell of cut grass after its freshly cut ;)

    love you Amber!!!

  58. Anonymous

    Beautiful giveaway!
    Right now I’m thankful for:

    My Husband & girlies

    The beautiful fresh green color of spring!

    My Mom! Funny how much more I appreciate her & her wisdom now that I’m grown & have kiddos of my own!

  59. mytoesareblue

    wow i just saw that this entry recieved 101 comments…sounds like you really hit a chord with this entry (and people really want some pretty prizes in their homes ;)!!!)

  60. HopeWithinReach

    1) I am thankful that my mother was as amazing as she was. God Rest Her Soul.
    2) I am thankful that I am able to survive on my own in his world, because of her.
    3) I am thankful to be blessed with my niece in my life, who I love and cherish for all she is worth, watching and helping her grow has been such a blessing to me, she is so much like me, and I’m so proud of her.

  61. Cluesy

    Beautiful words Amber! You so need to write a book!
    Thank you for sharing the link to that blog.
    Wow did that hit home.
    So true!
    As a mother I am thankful for each and every new day and that I can say
    I am sorry.
    I am so far from perfect but kids don’t need a perfect mom.
    They need a real mom who can forgive herself, learn from her mistakes, love them and move on.

    Such lovely giveaways. lol..too funny how that bird is wanting a warmer climate :)
    Happy Mothers Day!

  62. ladybuglyd


    1. My Jesus who give me 2nd chances, even when I least deserve it..
    2. My faithful loving husband, who loves me unconditionally..
    3. My 4 dear Miracles from Heaven.. they show me where I need to change and let me be their 
    mother.. Although they might wish to be in their friends’ families at times..

    I NEED to say, Thank-you for the words you have written about Mothering.. They are soo truthful and I needed to read them.. God Bless You!
    And such a lovely and sweet giveaway! Some people can put such simple things together!! Its a gift from God..

  63. seekinHISwisdom

    Beautiful post Amber. Reading you blog again blessed me. But above and beyond all the picture with the tiny words “run to Him”  touched me until I got teary. I was a little girl, alone in my little world…..I had a dream……in the dark from wounds…..I asked God whom I’m supposed to be….I had a dream.

     What a treasure you are giving away. I’d be thrilled to win! :)

     1. Sunshine.

     2. Hope

     3. a wonderful mother.

  64. holysmoke4

    Great post! I needed to read that! Love the giveaway! You have great taste! Today I am thankful for:

    1) Our baby boy that is due May 14th. I can hardly wait to meet him! And thankful for all our other kiddos of course!
    2) The fact that it is finally starting to feel like spring.
    3) My husband who loves our family and works so hard to support us.

  65. mlt10202002

    1) i just passed the written part of the driving exam in the process of renewing my license. =)
    2) the marriage marc and i have been blessed to build.
    3) you and my other kindred souls i met last july.

    what a cool giveaway.

  66. BettyGermil

    Hi Amber ! Your giveaway is amazing!!

    I´m thankful… so thankful!!

    !º The friendship of my daughter.
    2º The smile of my son
    3º My work, sing

    BICOS(I´m so thankful too for my Xanga´s friends)

  67. grams53

    I am thankful for young mothers who are dedicated to the Lord and their families, SO thankful for my children who are so supportive, and that God has been my “husband” since the death of my beloved spouse four years ago! 

    Oohh, I could go on and on!!  Thankful for your post too!  And that little bird would sure get warmer weather down here!  :)

  68. myhopeisinjesus

    What a wonderful post! We have an “empty nest” at this stage in our lives. I’m the mother of two sons and one daughter and I made lots of “mistakes” along the way but they still love me!! (<:

    I’m thankful for my 89 year old mother who’s mind is good and who is in fairly good health.
    I’m thankful that God allowed me to be a wife to an amazing man and a mother to three beautiful children here on earth and one in heaven with Him.
    I’m thankful that I have two beautiful grandchildren to love and encourage.

    Happy Mother’s Day, Amber!!

  69. littlehomeonthehill

    Even if I don’t win I want to thank you for the wonderful blog….. you blessed my life today!

    a WONDERFUL husband, two gorgeous daughters, and a home full of love n joy – and KAZILLION other things! :)

  70. inanorchard

    As always… love hearing the words from your heart. The baskets are thoughtful and beautiful, but then again, I would expect nothing less from you :)

    Three things I am thankful for in no particular order

    1. The amazing woman in my life

    2. Eliza’s perfect pink cheeks

    3. Goodnight kisses (even when they are a little sloppy)

  71. happyhouseful

    Who doesn’t love a fun give-away!? =) I’d love to win too. I am so grateful tonight for God’s grace and patience with me. For seasons that WILL change, because God says they will. And for the imagination to dream big and conquer the impossible.

  72. foreveranoatneygirl_n2Hisown

    what a sweet and tender post. just read Ann’s blog the other day too, and that post REALLY hit home for me as well…and, her book. oh, her book. i’m reading it for the second time around, and it just gets me. right here♥. i’ve shared it with 2 friends and have one more i intend to share as well, but if i win =) i can find another to also share with!
    what a generous soul you are to do not one, not two, but three!! prizes!!
    pick me?! ;O)
    1.good health for my family and especially my children.
    2.a Godly husband.
    3.the faithfulness of the Lord.

    love ya, sweet friend!

  73. thegrabertribe

    1.  My 4 precious kids & their amazing Dad.

    2.  For my Mom.  All that she did from the time I was born until now…she just keeps giving & I am so thankful for her.

    3.  Blogs like yours!  And giveaways!!

  74. sewhappymomma

    This week I have been reminded how blessed I am to have healthy, happy children…

    I am Thankful for the 6 children we are blessed with

    I am Thankful for the loving, faithful, patient husband my Lord has blessed me with

    Most of all I am Thankful for Jesus my friend who died for me, who loves me, who cares for me, He understands when I feel like I can’t take anymore burdens, He carries me!

  75. ToLiveLoved

    Beautifully written, Amber. I’m going to have to use that quote. “It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It’s what you do with it afterward.” That’s something my heart has/is coming to but have never been able to articulate it so well.
    Okay what I’m thankful for:
    1. The promise of eternal life
    2. My sweet family
    3. Freedom

  76. richlyblest

    1. I am thankful for my husband and daughters.

    2. I am grateful that God is a God of second chances.

    3. I am ever so glad to have seen the sun today, even though it did rain some too!

    What a great giveaway! I would love to win, esp. the first basket- I’ve been wanting to read One Thousand Gifts but haven’t had opportunites to read much lately, so I haven’t bothered to get it yet :)

  77. ma_an_pa

    This post struck a cord in my heart. Beautiful words. Thank you!

    Tonight I am thankful for:
    1. my 4 children and their wonderful Daddy who love me and keep forgiving in spite of all my failures and their sweet notes they constantly give me to reassure me of their love.

    2. A secret friend who gave a gift card for my favorite restaurant and arranged babysitting for us so that I could enjoy a lovely amazing date night with the love of my life.

    3. warm spring days

  78. itsayoderworld

    Your writing has touched my heart. I’ve been feeling like an utter failure in the mothering realm… The quote, “It’s not that you aren’t going to blow it. It’s what you do with it afterwards.” Wow. I need to post that up on my mirror, my fridge, my washer, the dashboard of my van….!!
    Tonight I’m thankful for: *Wade, the son who made me a mother; the one who stretches me and makes me lean on God for wisdom *Kendric, the peacemaker; the son who has a sensitive spirit and who loves on me when I mess up *Ariana, our miracle gift, our sunshine; the one who brought healing to our hearts after the heartache of multiple miscarriages and infertility
    I have so many other blessings to thank God for…both good things and “bad” things…they all are gifts from His loving hand.

  79. smilesbymiles

    Oh, fun! Three things I’m thankful for:

    1. Faith in God. The ability to see light and truth in the midst of darkness.

    2. David. Adam. Liam. And the baby I am convinced will come someday. :) (See point #1).

    3. Spring Time. (Just pretend I yelled that so loudly you could hear it all the way up North) to fully get it’s impact. :)

  80. xianggang

    The clinical research (meaning the research that involves people and not lab animals) into daidaihua dangers is still on-going. Hopefully, this research will address issues such as drug interaction and medical conditions. Because it affects blood sugar, diabetics should talk to their doctors before taking this product.

  81. Indigo__Dreams

    Love the line: “…when your head hits the pillow, and your heavy eyes close, they still see..”
    Great reminder that our failures do not define us!

    Just read a few of Ann Voskamp’s blogs… amazing! I would love to read her book.

    Thankful for:
    My beloved husband who is traveling abroad and I miss very much
    Our 3 little walking hearts (actually the smallest can only sit and flap his arms :)
    My parents who are graciously hosting us while daddy is away.

  82. country_gal_91

    Your blog has inspired and challenged me. I am not a mother but i am a nanny to 3 children M-F. This was such a challenge to me.
    1. I am thankful for my Saviour who still loves me despite my failures.
    2. I am thankful for my mother. She has been a inspiration to my life.
    3. I am thankful for kindred spirits!
    I will also say that I am thankful for this giveaway! God bless you for being willing to share and bless others! ~ Rachel ~
    P.s. I use my sisters xanga sight

  83. H0LDfast

    1. all the kids are in bed.
    2. a date tonight.
    3. you.

    not that i’m trying to bribe affection or anything : ) it’s true.
    giveaways have a way of turning up my greed levels …. great stuff you’ve got there!

  84. Pickwick12

    1. That God protected me today when I thought I was going to have a car accident.
    2. For days of decent health.
    3. For the gift of writing.

    Thanks so much for this wonderful post.

  85. DanishDoll

    You have put together such a lovely collection of goodies there! You just have such a knack for being artistic and creative. I do admire that! I am thankful for YOU! I am thankful that indeed, there is a Redeemer! Oh! I would be in BIG trouble if there were not. I am thankful for the gift of each new day — new mercies, forgiveness, strength, joy and peace. What a wonderful,loving God I serve! Blessings to you and your dear family. Hold them close.

  86. chuckschic

    awesome give away. I have not read the book yet, but heard soo much good about it! I’m thankful for: AC’s in the hot/humid season, a country that we can go to church and its still legal and for my family!

  87. marleylove2010

    “If you have food in your fridge,clothes on your back, a roof over your head and place to sleep, you are RICHER than 85 of the world.
    If you have money in the bank, your wallet and some spare change, you are among the top 8% of the world’s WEALTHY.
    If you woke up this morning with more HEALTH than SICKNESS, you are more blessed than the million people who will not survive the week.
    If you have never experience the danger of battle, the agony of imprisonment or torture, or the horrible pangs of hunger,
    You are LUCKIER than the 500 million alive and suffering.

    You are more fortunate than the 3 billion people in the world who cannot read at all.”

    Not an answer, but this post reminded me of that quote. We should be grateful for everything. We definitely take things for granted and have no idea how lucky we are & how great we have it.
    But 3 things I’m personally thankful for right now?

    1. I’m always thankful for having such an amazing beautiful, healthy daughter. I’ve definitely been blessed. <3
    2. I’m thankful to have such a wonder Mother in my life, and for the fact she’s still here with me. It’s Mother’s day tomorrow and it saddens me how many people don’t have Mother’s in their lives or whose mother’s have passed on.
    3. I’m thankful for Google. My daughter just coloured in our brand new beige lounges with green and red texta, & good ole’ Google once again, told us that Baby Wipes take texta stains from Microfibre material =)

  88. jomegs

    1. Spring!!! It’s been a long time coming this year.
    2. My growing baby in-utero. We hopefully will find out the gender next week!
    3. The grace if a kind Lord who draws me to Himself.

  89. MaranathaAcres


    1- SO THANKFUL for a plan of redemption that my precious Jesus bought for my sinful soul!!!!!

    2- SO THANKFUL for a HEALTHY family!! (friends of our had a son hit by a car last Sept…they are facing a new life with trumatic Brain Injury)

    3 – SO THANKFUL for sisters in the Lord!!  the ones I can see around me and the ones I “see” in the web world!  Such a source of encouragement!!!  Been facing some biggies and my “sisters” have been lifting my hands…LITERALLY!!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!!

  90. Anonymous

    What you shared brought tears to my eyes! I had never seent the site you shared but I bookmarked it to read regularly now. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thankful for the sun shining today, the flowers my kids brought me yesterday, and Carol, who shared the message of salvation with me 32 years ago.

  91. down_onthefarm

    i linked on fb…and that’s as far as i got for now. i’ll be back…
    but gotta say, i already feel like a winner :)
    just reading your words celebrating Our Redeemer.

    happy mother’s day dear friend. i love you.

  92. redladybug18

    Loved this post girl! I’m not married or have kids but I think everyone has thoughts of failure, or at least I can relate to you with the “laying in bed wondering if what you did/said was right”. It’s crazy how those words take so little time to say but you can play them back for hours.
    now for the thankful things….my mom, God’s grace, beautiful spring days
    love the giveaway items…just pick me ok? :)

  93. lonnasjoy

    I got to say that this post really spoke to my heart right now!  I can so identify with these feelings, and am so thankful for the God of redemption. 

    1. I am thankful for my husband my best friend.  He completes me! 

    2.  For my darling 3 children, Jenson, Marcus, and Karina

    3.  Mostly I am thankful for my Saviour.  I could go on and on about Him, but mostly I am so thankful for his friendship at this time in my life I need Him more than ever be for

  94. Anonymous

    I don’t know if I can pick only THREE! But here is what came to mind first- 1.This beautiful day (after weeks of rain it is supposed to hit the 70’s) 2.My miracle baby, Gracelyn. 3.A godly man that loves me and provides for our family.

    To single girls who might be reading this, it IS worth the wait! I was 31 before God brought my husband into my life. I often wondered if there was anyone for me and grew discouraged as I watched friend after the other marry and have babies. I don’t feel it was until I became “okay” with being single the rest of my life, that God finally met the desire of my heart! I heard someone share recently that God will often withhold our desires, until it is HE that becomes our ultimate desire. May He give you grace to believe His word and hope in His truth!

    God bless you, Amber! You have a wonderful blog that is uplifting many. Happy Mother’s Day!

  95. InHimWillITrust

    Hello Grace to be,  I am visiting via my friend Liz, whom I adore, she is a ruby among women.

    You have a wonderful blog and I will be back often to visit.  Thanks for the encouragement, I go to

    through my day pondering those same thoughts, lifting them to God’s perfect will for correction.

    One of my frequent prayers is “Lord, can you make something good come out of my mistake today?”

    He is my bright morning star. 

    Three things I Love,

    1. The love and forgiveness, the fresh start of a new day with Jesus. 

    2.That first morning smile from my Husband and children each day.

    3. That wonderful feeling that I’ve put on my tightest jeans, and look, they are TOO BIG in the waist. LOve that.

    Thank you for entering me in the drawing for your fabulous baskets.  The Lord be with you.  By His Grace, Cindy

  96. Anonymous

    Appreciated what you shared! Praise God we can walk in HIS strength and not have to rely on our own!

    I am grateful for so many things…..
    my Saviour
    my beloved Keith ~ a man of conviction and godly character ~ and a kind, gentle and forgiving husband!
    my three treasures ~ Elias, Jelehna and Aniah

    The Lord bless you ~ Happy Mother’s Day friend! Love ~ Kirsten

  97. leasejw

    Wow! You’ve gotten a lot of comments! : ) Your post was very encouraging to me! Ok, 3 things I’m grateful for right now: Gracious friends, a faithful and godly husband, and praying parents. I’ve got lots more, but those are the ones that immediately came to mind.

  98. mlandis1975

    What a wonderful giveaway! 

    I’m thankful for:

    1.  A fun fourteen month old.  I love when she lays her head down on my shoulder and puts her arms around my neck.  Even though she’s my fourth, I cherish it!

    2.  I love that we have AC here in the hot deep south!

    3.  I am so thankful for blogs!   I have so much fun reading them. 

    Thanks for your writing and may God bless you! 

    Mary Landis

  99. whisperofwings

    My Mother- who traveled 10 hrs to spend time with me this weekend
    My dad- who gave me a treasured compliment
    My Friend- who is a “mother” to my children ( the list could go on and on-

  100. onehappymomma

    Amber, you are so generous with this beautiful giveaway. I can’t tell you how my heart leapt at each and every item like they were hand picked for me! Well, I guess I did just tell you. Anyhoo….
    I am thankful for…..God’s abundant grace and mercy in my life, my amazing marriage to an amazing man, and my healthy, happy, wonderful sons.
    I will share a link on Facebook and a “recommend” here on Xanga for a couple more opportunities to win this awesome giveaway. Thanks again!

  101. tripley3

    HI, I came on your page as a recommendation from Elizabeth marie…

    You have greatly inspired me ~ touched me deeply that you remember all the ladies who LONG for children and still have empty arms~ along with those who are Mothers and have their platters very full… I was empty armed for a long time , but Praise the Lord, he blessed us with 2 beautiful children through adoption and my arms and heart are filled!!!  :)  Your post was beautiful and blessed my day! Thanks!

    I am thankful for:

    1 . My dear Jesus , who has taught me so much about Love…

    2. My great husband and 2 great children

    3. A good, hot cup of coffee, good book, scrapbooking, friends, and I could go on and on, guess I was supposed to stop at 3!  :)

    Have a good day!   Love, Mary

  102. perfect_head

    1. Your blog (I love your pictures!)

    2. My blog (what a wonderful way to share life)

    3. My Family (God has richly blessed me beyond my deserving, in husband, son, parents and siblings).

    Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  103. Byers7

    Just finished reading the book. LOVE it! Actually giving my Mom and Mother-in-law a copy of the book and a journal for Mother’s Day! Everyone would be blessed to read it! Would love to give your copy to my sweet sister!

    3 blessings that i am thankful for:
    1. tender mercies that are new every morning.
    2. changing seasons
    3. a wonderful husband and house full of children to love!

    Thanks for sharing the goodies and your sweet heart

  104. fwren

    Throw my name in ~ cuz I LOVE the bird stuff included!    I’m thankful for Jesus and His redeeming love, for my family and right this minute ~ beautiful music ~

  105. TrentTribe

    I am aching to read that book.  Maybe I’ll win it?  lol

    1.  My husband and daughter home (they were away for part of the week and how I missed them.)

    2.  God’s mercies are NEW every morning.

    3.  He loves me no matter how unworthy I am. 

  106. The_Carpers

    3 things … Only 3 things…

    1: Jesus … without Him> I would be nothing, I would have nothing.

    2: This Little Dinky, often annoyingly nosey, small community I live in, If it weren’t for these people here, I would have been a SCARED momma after child 2 meandered off yesterday. He was returned safely to his daddy with only a phone call from someone who I don’t have any idea how they knew to call me!

    3: My house … that we have a place to live, to make our home,dream, let our 4 kids be country bumkins.

    I really am blessed beyond words and I don’t know why I take the liberty to complain~

  107. floridabreze

    Today I am thankful for good health, a living, loving Mother and the best hubby and kids that God could give me!! :) I am truly blessed! :)

    Oh, and I would love to give that little pewter birdie a warmer home!! ;)

  108. alwazdreamin

    I found your site through a friend who linked on fb. As I was reading your paragraph to those who long to be Mothers and are not meet the hurting place in my own heart and arms and I cried knowing that someone remembered and cared enough to acknowledge the pain that this holiday brings. We are currently on the waiting list with several adoption agencies waiting for an infant. We know this is the Lord’s plan for our family but the wait and the journey has been long and we are weary.
    I am thankful for:
    How the Lord meets our needs in unexpected places
    The beauty of warmth and sunshine after a long winter
    The many women who have “mothered” me

  109. Izzysgal

    Amber, I’m so happy to see this….fun to remember our time with Ann ;). So thankful for all my brilliant tulips, a special day out with friends, and a fun week to look forward to with my cousins. I loved that blog yesterday, and I’ve been thinking of it ever since. It’s true…..I don’t think okay, I know I’m not gonna make the “PerFecT” list, but God help me I can make His “lived by GRACE” list, and thank Jesus, He can redeem our mistakes and carry my kiddos thru life with victory.

  110. portraitsbygrace

    thankful that Jesus is about having real, deep relationships—no surfaceness for Him.
    thankful to hear the truth from spiritual leaders (your bro Jeff led a great study last night at uprising =])
    thankful for going barefoot all day

    love you much girl!

  111. missionofmercy

    1) My precious little boy.

    2) My ever loving and supportive husband.  Without him I would have never survived the last two challenging years as a mother.

    3) Blogs like yours that encourage me and help me see that though my life is full of imperfections I have a God who loves me and uses life to bring me closer to his beautiful perfection.

  112. jeffnshort

    I love your site and read every single post!! I’m cricket79’s sister. I am so thankful for so many things i dont know if i can narrow it down to 3. =) 1. my dear loving husband. 2. my sweet girls 3. my amazing God and awesome family         -Sherri G.

  113. Anonymous

    I am thankful …. that grad school is almost over; for the beautiful testimony of two Christian friends who got married today; and for a faithful and loving Father, even when I am faithless and hateful.

  114. angiearmour

    Oh, oh, oh!!! I am sooo glad I happened on here tonight! What an awesome post AND giveaway.

    I am thankful for:
    1. My husband of 4 years (as of this week)
    2. My two beautiful boys
    3. Our REDEEMER (I’m with you Amber, I love that quality of our God!!! He has redeemed so very much in my life.)

    WARM hugs to you!

  115. singingrachel

    by the time i got to reading this i clicked on your 185 comments button and was like “WOW”….  I really am slow these days.  :)  Way to go girlfriend.   Also just loved what you shared here and love the gift baskets too.

    3 things:

    1. Knowing we will SOON be meeting baby dear in person and that my ankles will soon be back to normal. :)

    2. my new living room furniture that arrived today….

    3. just for life itself.  love it.

  116. momofjkn

    ~ Thankful for three little men that call me “Mom”

    ~ Thankful for the love that my hubby continually gives

    ~ Thankful for the promise that HE will carry me through!

  117. Anonymous

    thankful today for my mom, for the sunshine, and the promise of mercy every day has.

    i love your blog. thank you and have a blessed mother’s day.

  118. liz324

    Beings today is Mother’s Day I will say my mom and mother-in-law first of all.

    My husband and kids.

    That we have been blessed with a job all winter long when sometimes we don’t.

  119. kyprincesss

    Understand your feelings about motherhood! Seems like the ‘failure’ thing has been heavy on my mind since weve entered the ‘terrible twos’!!

    Oh!OH! I just love your basket! And hope Im the winner:)~~Im very thankful for my precious lil man who has made mothers day special for me! Thankful for my wonderful hubby who makes breakfast for me:) and for friends who support me when the going gets rough!

  120. parresia

    How can I pick just 3 things to be thankful for? My 1000 Gifts list keeps growing! I soo want to read Ann’s book!

    Today, thankful for…

    God’s provision, even when I am still fretting, and not trusting
    Chinese takeout for Mother’s Day dinner
    hugs, kisses, smiles, “I love you’s” from the four little ones that make me a mother

    bonus… holding the hand of the man who helped give me four little ones! :)

  121. soldierslove2005

    I am thankful for my husband, not only is he a wonderful provider, father, and husband. He is a HERO! He is a soldier and loves his country! No matter the sacrifices, he is willing to go and fight for his country.

    My children, many days I may like you say question many things I do. For someone who was once told that I wouldn’t have any, God blessed me with two precious and wonderful blessing from above! :)

    I am thankful for a wonderful and faithful father! Jesus is our faithful father, our rock in times of trouble. Many times as an Army wife, I rely on him! When those days that my husband is deployed and I cannot talk to him. I have to run to that fortress to help me hold onto faith that God is protecting him and will bring him home safe.

    Thanks so much Amber for this! :) How sweet of you and perfect for Mother’s Day! :) Happy Mother’s Day to you!! :)


  122. Anonymous

    The 3 Things I’m Thankful for: 1. A beautiful mother’s day 2. My children and husband who helped make it that way 3. My Lord and Savior.

  123. Anonymous

    Amber, this post was moving.. you have a way with words!

    I am grateful for the gift of life and all the other thousands of gifts He’s given that could never be summed in only three.

    Blessings to you,


  124. A_Full_Half_Dozen

    I’m thankful for:

    1) A close-knit family (even though we’re hardly all home at the same time..haha!)

    2) A wonderful job close to home.

    3) A Savior who competely and WILLINGLY paid my sin debt. 


  125. mysweetpeas

    You did such a great job putting that basket together!!

    my 3..

    My husband and children
    Warmer weather
    My adopted Mom who fills an empty void in my heart!

    Happy Mothers Day Amber

  126. msluz

    Thankful for:
    1. God’s redemptive power
    2. The community of believers I’m blessed to be a part of
    3. The welcoming neighbors we have found ourselves next to

    P.S. don’t think I’ve ever seen your blog before. Stumbled acroos it through a facebook link. Love the way you write.

  127. jonnysmommie

    Amber, every time I come to your page I am blown away with your words. Jesus speaks right through you to us Moms across the world reading looking for some sort of hope for the day. YOu continue to remind me of Jesus’ love for me and how he will carry me through ALL things in my life. You are truly gifted in your writing. I hope that I will be able to meet you one day in Heaven, where you will still be beautiful writer!! Thank you, Thank you, you inspire me daily!

    The three things I am thankful for today.
    1. My REDEEMER!!
    2. sweet sisters in Jesus who are used as tools to encourage others
    3. My sweet children, who are truly a gift from God. Ive been praying for another for a while now, and sometimes the answer “no” is so hard to grasp, but it helps me to appreciate the two beautiful gifts I do have even more.

  128. Anonymous

    thanks, Amber. encouraging. again, as usual! :) you have such a gift with words and hearts! 3 things: that God would save and use me!, bedtime, sunshine…:)

  129. Anonymous

    Only three?! I’m having a hard time narrowing it down but here goes: my health, my family and a steady job that I love. I enjoy your posts and this is such a nice thoughtful giveaway! :)

  130. afieldsday

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your thoughts about motherhood! I learn so much from you! You’re like my long distance mentor of sorts. Thanks for taking the time to blog and blessing us all with the things God encourages you with. =) ♥

  131. barriechick


    The thankful journey….where am I on mine….

    1. 10 years of wonderful marriage to an amazing man.
    2. Skinned bloody knees and skateboard mastered.
    3. Anxiety that has for the moment been overcome.

    Amber, your words are inspirational, continue on your journey and know that you are inspiring others to start and continue on theirs.

  132. maria286

    I so enjoy your blog Amber. :)

    1. I am so thankful for an amazing husband that takes care of us all.

    2. I am thankful for my beautiful children, that are healthy and, most importantly, saved.

    3. I am thankful for a wonderful church family.

  133. wj3km

    One Thousand Gifts must be a popular book – I’m # 87 on the hold list at the library :) Maybe I could win it here and not have to wait as long for it.

    With all the destruction in the south I am thankful for a dry, safe home to live in
    I am so very thankful for our three children – they light up our life!
    I am thankful that I’m not in control of my life – I am only a vessel for God to use for His glory.

    Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend!

  134. mellibella

    How beautiful are your words and your heart and the giveaway!  You are so awesome. : )

    Three things:

    1) my family

    2) you (and no I am not trying to win…) you have no idea how you have inspired me.  Really.

    3) Grace.

  135. teacupsandtractors

    Only three? This is what I am most thankful for at the moment….

    #1 the encouragement and wisdom I receive from reading your blog.

    #2 a Saviour who loves me and cares even about my little problems, though I deserve nothing.

    #3 seven years with my amazing husband and five precious children. =)

  136. afieldsday

    Since I guess my Facebook link to this giveaway was entered, I might as well list 3 things I’m thankful for:

    1. A blessed Mother’s Day yesterday.
    2. God’s provision for our needs and the extra blessings He throws in.
    3. That God has given me the privilege of being a wife and mother.

    LOVE your blog Amber! ♥

  137. Anonymous

    I enjoy your blog… I don’t get much time to stop in… but enjoy it when I can!

    Three things –
    1. Gods grace “For his mercy endureth forever”.
    2. My husband.
    3. My wonderful children.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  138. curlygurl18

    That’s really sweet of you to do a giveaway :) umm…3 things i’m thankful for?!? that’s tough…i have so much to be thankful for…lol :)
    1. Knowing God and having Him as a part of my life
    2. My family, relatives and friends
    3. The chance to visit Tennessee last fall. :) It was wonderful and I want to go to Tennessee again!!

    May God bless you and your family. I ALWAYS love to read your blog!! :)

  139. shemla

    Hmmm, can’t say that I don’t feel a little guilty leaving a comment to maybe win a prize from you… especially when I read from your blog often and feel like I know you, and yet you have no idea of who I am… yea, somehow that doesn’t seem right…. :)

    Three things that I am thankful for:
    (again, hmmm…)
    For my husband (for his courage to risk “it all” with his wife and tell her of the nine years {out of thirteen} of our marriage that have been full of Infidelity)
    For our Savior (for how much He loves each of us! And to think about forgiveness and what it really means… to realize that how many things on this earth that want to grip at my heart, but won’t matter one bit in eternity!! So, let it go!!!!)
    For my eight daughters (the privilage it is everyday to love and care for them… that thought alone leaves me humbled!)

  140. seasoned_to_taste

    Awesome giveaway, Amber! You’re a creative thoughtful gem! Yikes! Had a busy weekend and I almost missed it! :)

    I’m thankful for coffee, my family, and 70-degree sunshiny weather.

  141. Anonymous

    1) My husband

    2) My kids

    3) My friends

    There are many, many other amazing things in my life that I am thankful for, but we will stick with these for now :)……………

    thanks for hosting such a beautiful giveaway (pick me!)

  142. comfort_my_people

    Don’t know if I’m too late or not…

    I’m thankful for:
    ~ my Jesus, so merciful and tender and strong
    ~ my marriage, both of us broken and healing
    ~ my two miracle boys, beautiful beyond words

    Thanks for the inspiring read!

  143. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the journey of infertility that the Lord has given me, there are so many lessons to learn from the longing to hold a little one in my arms!
    I am thankful for this Beautiful day in NW Pennsylvania after a very long, cold winter!!!
    I have been blessed with a wonderful husband who loves me deeply!!!
    Thank you for your words of wisdom and blessing,

  144. grace_to_be

    @ada – hi ada! you’re one of the winners of the prizes from the giveaway.. please message me your address so i can get that out to you. thanks for entering & congrats on winning! :)

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