Friday February 24, 2006

More Prayers Needed.

Today our nephew, Darcy, get his bone marrow transplant.

Pray for wisdom for doctors. Strength beyond himself for Darcy. and comfort for his parents.

Lord, we lift our hearts to you. Thank you that when words don’t come easy you are there making intercession on our behalf. We trust your will and rest in your grace. amen..

12 thoughts on “Friday February 24, 2006

  1. Hutch5

    Darcy did fine. They won’t really know for sure until the end of the week if the transplant “took”. Jordan didn’t even know he had done anything. :) (He was put to sleep, and they simply draw the blood from the bone with a huge needle).  I think Blayne and Jen are relieved it’s over, and now… more waiting.

    Thanks for ALL the prayers and thoughts. I’d like to do a sunshine card/ box or something for them. I would love for them to know of everyone’s care and concern. I think that would really bless them…


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