{caught red handed}


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happy weekend everyone.

may you get a little time to ESCAPE and do something adventurous!!!



35 thoughts on “{caught red handed}

  1. aSeriesofFortunateEvents

    Oh boy. I always feel anxious about the climbing out of the crib time. I mean, I really sleep good knowing they are contained in the bed. It’s like, goodbye good sleep again until they get used to the other bed. Oliver has not tried that yet. He still sits there and hollers at me to come get him. ha!

  2. pettybunch

    That is the cutest thing!!!  You know, not one of my three ever climbed out of their crib!!!!  Nathanael and Dannye used to climb INTO Pamela’s crib when she was a baby, but they always stayed in their own. I wonder if I was that mean, or if they were that contented to wait?? I don’t remember, so it probably means I was mean!

  3. grace_to_be

    @aSeriesofFortunateEvents – i have a feeling one of her older siblings showed her how to do this.. though no one is owning up! :/ yep. it’s like having a newborn all over again~ except one that can get up and walk around. we found her downstairs playing the other night at like 2 in the morning!!!! ugh.

  4. lightnindan

    I like that kid. She’s gonna go somewhere in life! You, on the other hand are gonna have a lot of worrying to do ’til you get her raised, at least if this captured moment indicates anything about her personality.
    I think I’d name this series, “It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission.”

  5. grace_to_be

    @pettybunch – the only other one that ever climbed out was ben! and that was how many years ago now?? ;)) somedays i think i’m either getting too old for this, or i forget what all the other kids were like at two! it’s probably both!! haha.

  6. zanyzeal

    Awesome that it was “caught” I will never forget when I walked in and Avery had somehow got into the crib with Ryan (who before that had been napping) Wish I would of seen that little dare devil get in. Escaping out of the house to some fun Christmas parties this weekend…

  7. A_Full_Half_Dozen

    Love how you captured this.  Hopefully it won’t be a recurring event.    Hey, send some cold weather down here.  I’m sure you wouldn’t mind trading snow for some 60s-70s weather. 


  8. redladybug18

    looks like she’s got something grand cooked up to do :) As a babysitter I love the video monitors where you can catch them in the act :) Technology has been good and bad for kids/parents :P

    Me on the other hand, I think I’m doing lots of cooking, and some babysitting-which I’m sure will be adventurous since I’ll be babysitting a 5, 2, and 2 month old

  9. down_onthefarm

    way way cute! love that you caught her in action. when jacob started taking his crib apart. yes. apart. then it was time for the big boy bed…which was actually just the crib mattress on the floor. which happened tooTOO soon.

    love to you on this sunday night…talk soon.

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