but can we trust Him?

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there’s this story of a boy who made a kite with his dad…

“with wood glue, poles, and newspaper, we fashioned a sky dancing masterpiece. red, white, and blue, and shaped like a box. we launched our creation on the back of a march wind. but after some minutes it caught a downdraft and plunged. i tightened the string, raced in reverse, and did all i could to maintain elevation. but it was too late….

envision a redheaded heartsick twelve year old standing over his collapsed kite.
that was me.

envision a square bodied man with ruddy skin and coverall placing his hand on the boy’s shoulder.
that was my kite making dad.

he surveyed the heap of sticks and paper and assured, “it’s okay. we can fix this.”

i believed him. why not?
he spoke with authority.

so does Christ.

to all whose lives feel like a crashed kite He says, “we can fix this. let me teach you…

let me teach me how to handle your money, long mondays, and cranky inlaws. let me teach you why people fight, death comes, and forgiveness counts…

but most of all, let me teach you why you are on this earth.”

don’t we need to learn?
we know so much, and yet we know so little.

the age of information is the age of confusion:
much know-how, hardly any know-why.

we need answers.
Jesus offers them.

but can we trust Him?
only one way to know.

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human wisdom tells us to get as much as we can.
believe only what we can see.
enjoy pleasures and avoid pain.

God’s wisdom tells us to give all we can.
believe what we can’t see.
enjoy service and expect persecution.

trust makes all the difference.”

{excerpts from 3:16 by max lucado}



“the foolishness of God is wiser than men, and the weakness of God stronger then men…” 1 cor2:8

if we can’t trust Him what other option is there?
where else can lives be anchored and hope secured.

i’ve not walked with Him as long as some but i’ve walked with Him long enough to know –
we can trust our ordinary lives into the hands of an extraordinary God.

there is no other way to peace.


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29 thoughts on “but can we trust Him?

    1. amber Post author

      yes!! i hear you.. and all those words in between the words you’re not saying out loud too. love you friend. and trusting Him right there with you next week. back to school time here.

  1. Nina Petty

    Words of comfort to this Mommy heart, too. You may or may not know of my Dannye Reigh’s loss of her hoped-to-be adopted daughter, YanZi, but it has been one of the most difficult things for me – to be 7000+ miles from Dan as she deals with the death of one she already considered her daughter. Can we trust Him, even in this place? Yes, we can! (Psalm 34)

    1. amber Post author

      oh, nina! i didn’t know. that just makes my heart stop. for her. for you. love to you both and boy, i need to catch up on your life!! kids start school tues. so there should be some more quiet time here during the days to do more of that. love you friend~

    1. amber Post author

      and you me, girl. want to get over and get caught up and back into reading your blog… love being connected on instagram though. so fun! xo

  2. Cindy

    I haven’t read anything by max for awhile… so it was time. and this was good. thanks amber.

    I get understanding and trust mixed up. as if understanding brings peace… when any relief that THAT offers is “short lived.” and “soon your mind is gearing up again: searching for understanding (mastery), instead of seeking [Him] (your Master). love how what you share is so timely. so frequently. <3

    1. Mary Jo

      I liked your comment. Confusing understanding with trust is something I never thought of that way but how true. Mastery vs.the Master – I will remember that!

  3. Mary Jo

    Dead on what I was needing for today. I have issues over trust from betrayal when I was young but God is teaching me to again open my heart to others and most of all HImself. Thank you for this word today!

    1. amber Post author

      i know when trust is broken in human relationships we can see it’s difficult to trust a relationship with a God we cannot!! praise Him for His healing in your life – He never stops working in us ALL!!

    1. amber Post author

      thanks, friend. the days have summer have been so packed and i seem to fall into bed at night just pooped w/ nothing coherent left to write or share. ha!! as much as i hate to see school start again and will miss the kids, i’m kinda secretly glad for routine and structure again… and getting back around to my girlfriend’s blogs!! ;))

  4. Carla

    You’re back! I didn’t know where you’d gone, only that you’d left Xanga. Ran across this site on your fb page.

    But it’s not just that “you’re back” in the physical interwebs sense, but oh! how this post reminded me of some of your earliest ones!

    I’ve long loved your heart, dear friend, and I loved this reminder that “where shall we go? Thou hast the words of life!”

    Love you, sister-friend. <3

  5. Jo-Ann

    There’s an old song that says “Trusting is believing that God will keep his word. Trusting is believing your every prayer is heard. Trusting is letting God know that you’re depending on Him. It’s feeling His forgiveness within. Trusting is believing that God could care for you. Trusting is believing just as a child would do … it’s like giving your hand to Jesus and knowing He won’t let go … I’ll trust Him because He loves me so.”

    If only we would learn that simple truth!

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