a bit about me

hey, guys! i’m amber…
and i’m so glad you’ve stopped by.
i love meeting others here and walking a bit of life together across
the computer screen in what we share.

this space has changed alot for me in the ten years i’ve written publicly,
but my main goal is/ and has always been, simply to encourage others.
whatever it is you’ve been through,
or whatever it is you’re walking through right now,
please know, you’re not alone.

i hope you sense that in reading some of my story.

i’m passionate about marriage and parenting
and the people that fill those spots in my life.
shayne and i have been married for 20 years
and have 4 amazing kids!
we moved back to canada {where my husband is originally from} 6 years ago –
it has been the hardest six years of my life, and the best.
and i think many of you will get that with me.

it’s an ongoing process of learning to trust in a God who’s plan is eternal.
but grateful for the grace.to.be every step of the way as i cling tight to His hand.
so hold on with me.
you are welcome in this space

black & white family

“i trust in your unfailing love. my heart rejoices in your salvation. i will sing to the Lord because He has been good to me.” ps.13

if you want to contact me, feel free: amber@gracetobe.com