world changers.

on the way to church yesterday i was scrolling through my Facebook.
after a highly charged political weekend it was FULL of emotions.
i have quite a diverse group of friends so there were opinions from every side.
i was reading some of them out loud to shayne and by the time i got to church
i just couldn’t turn my brain off.
our pastor was preaching a message titled, “living in babylon,”
which felt very fitting.
i dug in my purse for a pen and paper and couldn’t find anything except the babies-r-us registry
i had printed the day before for a friend’s shower.
so between the medela harmony breast pump line and bamboo muslin swaddle blanket,
i started scribbling thoughts as my mind swirled…

i was thinking of the unrest i feel coming from my country.
this sense of something so much bigger than me, and what am i to do about it?
what’s my part? how do i contribute?

i’m not sure i’ll ever be able to do much to actually change policies in washington.
but i do know i have influence with the lives within my own home.

i can teach my son to respect women. to be honorable and polite.
and if you haven’t had a blunt, lay it out conversation with your boys of what
exactly “objectifying women” looks like, you need to.
from loose locker talk after the game to every version of porn {which is the real issue we should be raging war against!} at their fingertips at every turn.

i try to tell ben, “don’t participate in any way when the guys are talking rude about a girl..”
don’t laugh. don’t listen. walk away.
it might be the “norm.” but it doesn’t have to be you!
be known for treating women well.
and how you treat women is how you view women.
and how you view women is based on the condition of your heart!

being a guy who strives for purity is not an easy thing in our society.
i totally believe moral responsibility is individual.
you cannot blame anyone for your lack of self-control.

but, i also want to teach my girls that beautiful does not equate sexual.
you can be attractive, love your body, embrace your sexuality without
having to have it on display.
your confidence comes from so much more than what you look like
and true worth is found in what cannot change.
no one can take the power you possess as a woman unless you give it!
we were created equal, but we can choose to serve.

men and women ARE different.
{and thank God we are!}
different is good!
we are not limited by our differences but strengthened
because there are certain things each brings to the table.
there are different roles to play, and that’s okay. that’s cool. that’s to be celebrated.

how society wants to define us is not the sum of who we are.
men are not sexual beasts any more than women are sexual objects.
we are so much MORE!

and this – God’s design is not bondage or anything to make excuses for.
God’s design done God’s way is freedom – Ultimate Freedom.
recognizing who i am. who i was created to be. and what i have to offer.

it’s easy to look around at the unrest or animosity in our country
and wonder if we can truly do anything to have an impact or bring change.
some feel they are to storm the castle of washington.
to rally and march and lift their voices with thousands of others.
those things have their place, and every one is entitled to their opinions.

but there is another arena. a quieter arena.
one with less pomp and pizzazz.
with no banners or signs or special t-shirts.
there’s no news report to broadcast and most will never know exactly all you do.
but you better believe a castle is being stormed nonetheless and voices lifted.
a battle is being raged and the trenches are deep.
we might not march shoulder to shoulder but we are in this together.

you might not see it now.
and you probably don’t feel it most days..
maybe you’re tired. a little overwhelmed.
but listen to me, women. moms. you ARE world changers!!
and in the most important place we need change
right in our own homes!
in the hearts and lives of the next generation.

don’t ever think for one second that because your voice isn’t as loud,
it is any less powerful.
or your work so mundane that it isn’t significant.
that wiping bums and chopping veggies and folding laundry and
kissing owies isn’t kingdom work.
it matters.
it’s important.
and you hold so much power {more than you know} to truly make a difference.

“if you want to change the world, go home and love your family.” -Mother Teresa

so, carry on warrior mama’s.
our country needs the work you’re doing.

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