{life for monday. his love}


yesterday morning getting ready for church shayne was telling me about something he had heard the day before regarding the love of God and we started talking back and forth from the bedroom where he was ironing his shirt to the bathroom where i was putting on my make up about it all and what it meant in our lives…

“ya know,” he said, “i don’t think we doubt that God does indeed love us. we know that. but i wonder how often we believe it’s more the future version of us He loves, rather than the current. satan is so good at deceiving us into thinking that in order to fully know His love we have to first get it all together, when the truth is, He loves us right now! whatever state we’re in!”

his words hung in my head all day. and i woke up with them on my mind this morning.
and then this thought just started singing over and over in my heart – –

He loves me RIGHT now!
He loves ME right now!

end of summer~ 199

He proved that by coming! for me. to me. when i couldn’t get to Him. when i was at my lowest. when i had no desire to follow Him. He came anyway. He didn’t wait. He pursued. He sought. He laid down His life on a cross. in humility. taking my sin and guilt and exchanging it for redemption and eternal life. and all.. all for only one reason. “for God SO LOVED…”  

that love. true love. His kind of love. the only love that loves that way~ unconditioned and without prerequisites or pretense. a love that loves no matter what i am or where i’m at in life. simply because i’m me.

that’s why He loves!

not the me i’ll be in the future. not the me i’ll be when i get it all together. when i read my bible more and lose my pateince less. when i do a better job at sharing about Him and become more selfless in my serving…

no. not then.
but now.
in this very moment.

whether i’ve read my bible, lost my patience, felt ashamed, or held on too hard to self – His love never decreases. it never even flinches. it never runs out. it never gives up. and it never, not one single time, stops!

He has loved me from the beginning of time.
i was His idea.
He delights in me.

and on this rainy, fall, dreary and damp monday morning..
well, that just makes me feel like the sun is shining straight on my face!

my heart will sing no other name, Jesus
the riches of your love will always be enough
nothing compares with your embrace.

… and oh, i’m running to your arms. 
{take some time to click on the link in the sentence above and listen}

end of summer~ 123


17 thoughts on “{life for monday. his love}

  1. wilma

    My kids and I blare the song by Jesus Culture, Your Love Never Fails in our house! :) I continually pray for God to help me see myself and others through His eyes of love – cause it’s so easy to get caught up in comparing, condemning our own hearts, loving conditionally. Praying for God to bless you this day! Miss you!!

    1. amber Post author

      crazy that you linked that song cause i’ve actually been singing it all week since writing this post!! ha. love that one too~ and miss you too, friend. xo

    1. amber Post author

      thanks, friend. and i’ve been loving that thought this week too.. even today when i was getting discouraged about some things this post came back to mind and i found myself encouraged that He loves me NOW! :))

    1. amber Post author

      yes.. even when i feel unlovable. ugh! that’s the toughest one for me – especially when pms makes me extra unlovable like this week! haha! ;)

  2. Tessy Fuller

    I love this post :-) I have been quite moved lately at how dearly loved I am. It is hard for me take in or grasp. So glad that it is not He loves us when.. but He loves us right now.

    1. amber Post author

      i kinda feel “behind the times” if that makes sense as a christian that it’s only now that i seem to really be beginning to wrap my brain around His love~ and find COMFORT in the fact that He does!!

  3. Mae Jones

    Hello! I have missed you, too. I did bookmark your new place, and have been trying to get over here. As you know, I am not very computer savvy, but you are such a special person, Amber, and I don’t want my life without you in it — at least in some small way! Pray you are all well. May God give you wisdom and strength for whatever is ahead. Love to you!

  4. amber Post author

    aw. your comment just brought a huge smile to my face! you have been a mentor of mine from across the miles. thank you, mae dear~ love you!

  5. Clarita @ Skies of Parchment

    I’ve thought of this so much, since reading it a day or two ago. Even when I’m having a hard week with kids with attitudes and teething issues, and when I’m not at my finest, His love for me never changes. That is such a powerful reality, and one I want to learn to live in so much more than I do now… xoxo

  6. April

    What an amazing thought. So simple and really not new… but it feels new. He loves me right now. Not some soon-t0-be-improved-upon April. This April. The broken one. What lovely and freeing thought!

  7. Cindy

    I feel like i’m still in preschool with a lot of things. and then especially when it comes to God.
    and yet… it’s okay. maybe that’s also why I don’t have a game face! I’m just a kid, and the simplest things surprise and excite me!!!
    He loves me. HE LOVES ME!!!
    no matter what “grade” i’m in. :)

    I read this and had to find my journal. It was the middle of September when I was overwhelmed—AGAIN—with the very thing that you wrote about
    here. and realizing how often I view circumstances as a measure of His love and attentiveness. when REALITY is, “I love You Cannot be Said a Better Way.”
    (http://www.metrolyrics.com/a-better-way-lyrics-downhere.html —one of my fav songs. there are hundreds of first place favs though. haha. and I love the one that you shared here.)



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