mom was once a “tid” too.


the other day i was washing dishes while the little girls sat at the kitchen table colorig.

emma began trying to sharpen her crayons in the sharpener that comes on the back of the box…

after awhile her shoulders slumped and she sighed, “it’s not working! ”

“oh.. those things never worked,” i said from the sink, “even when i was a kid.”

reese, who had been coloring intensely suddenly stopped and looked up wide eyed –

“YOU were tid, mom?”

“yes.” i laughed, “i was!”

“emma!!” reese said, excitedly slapping her sister’s arm and leaning in close to her face, “did you hear dat? MOM WAS A TID!!!!!”

and i laughed more. and reese repeated it a few more times to emma in amazement. and i washed the rest of my dishes.. watching as their ponytailed heads turned back down to their coloring. emma’s tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth like it does when she’s concentrating on staying in the lines. reese coloring everywhere but in the lines. and when i was done washing, instead of drying and putting them away as i planned, i left them on the counter to drip dry and went and sat down at the table.

the girls looked up at me.

“mind passing me a few crayons?”

they smiled.

yeah, we as moms were once “tids” too.
and sometimes.. sometimes we need to remember that we were!

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